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All That Glitters (186)


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All That Glitters!

After cleaning his 4 Gym Badges, Ash is shocked to find out that they have gone missing. It appears that a flock of Murkrow have come and taken them like they do with all Shiny things. Can he get them Back?

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Factory Head Noland

Now this was a funny episode when everyone was trying to get the badges back lol. Those Murkrow just wouldn't give up! That's the annoying thing about Murkrow....


I hated this episode, those annoying Murkrow disturbing Ash and James, so when it seemed like they were going to work together to get rid of those Murkrow, Ash helps the Murkrow to get rid of Team Rocket. It was so frustrating. Why did he help the Murkrow? I don't still know why didn't Ash use Bulbasaur's sleep power to make the Murkrow fall asleep and then get the badges back. Always the hardest solution. TR didn't deserve to launch in this episode


Team Awesome
Except for James's obsession over his bottlecaps, which was really funny, and the murkrows doing a Three Stooges bit, this episode wasn't all that great. It was interesting how the murkrows kept outsmarting the twerps, and were able to turn around by the end of the episode, but otherwise the episode wasn't that great.
One of the the many not-so-exciting episodes where Ash "loses" his badges and spends the whole episode geting them back


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An okay filler episode wasn't to impressed by it, I noticed that Ash named Pidgeot and Scyther as Pokemon that helped him get his badges, yet those Pokemon don't belong to him the belonged to Falkner and Bugsy respectively.


I have returned.....
This episode here is funny because of how the Murkrow stole Ash's badges and even James' bottlecaps. TR sure doesn't know how to catch the flock of Murkrow by a net because they ended up catching a boulder and blasting off!(At first, I didn't know Brock had a Pineco, yet I saw it tied to a rope and get Ash's badges without being seen by the Murkrow.)


this proves once more that murkrow's are based on regular crows we all know (yes i know it's obvious, i'm just saying). somehow i think it's getting a bit the same, instead of making all these episodes where he ha to recover things that are stolen from him he should guard them better-_-


The Morkrow are very cool.
But Ash and co. tried to find the badges with hiding from them, better if they were try to face and battle them.


Grass Pokemon Expert
I thought the Murkrow were very smart. They proved it multiple times as they foiled Ash, Misty, and Brock's plans to recover them. I felt sorry for James too. It was sad that he had to lose his bottlecaps. I also didn't know that Bulbasaur had such a long range with its vine whip.


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Great, right after Ash beats Morty due to luck I think, he gets his badges stolen. He's always losing them, and their his most prized possesions.

I loved that the Murkrow, although they were incorrectly colored, stole the badges becasue they liked shiny things. This episode gave the whole species a bad name. Dark types are always the bad guys in the anime :(

I'm glad Ash and Co. managed to stop Team Rocket's Murkrow robot and that he got the badges back, in the nick of time. 5/10


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I really dislike this episode. The only cool thing was seeing Murkrow and its reputation for the 1st time. This felt like a really pointless filler episode. Another "badges stolen" episode. It was too slow-moving for me. I'm glad Ash got all his badges back at the end. The Murkrow were very clever.