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All Things Bright And Beautifly! (289)

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Advanced' started by Serebii, Oct 23, 2004.

  1. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    All Things Bright And Beautifly!

    Almost at Rustboro City, Ash & Co. meet a couple of trainers who are practicing for something called a Pokémon Contest, It is where you show off Pokémon's attacks and beauty and so forth. However while there, Ash learns about the Rustboro Gym Leader's Special Attacks and decides to teach Pikachu how to use Iron Tail. Can he do this?

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  2. I love this episode! Pikachu learns Iron Tail in it!!
    It was funny when Jessie enters the Contests and gets 0! Why was she telling Seviper to use Sacred Fire? lol.
  3. Shiny May

    Shiny May Guest

    I enjoyed this ep a lot
    Good introduction of contests on the show. Jessie getting 0 points was funny and her using all those attacks like Sacred Fire, Blaze Kick etc. Funny XD
    It was good to see May that happy since she ever joined the show. I think it's the first time she's ever been that happy with something. Also that Beautifly was really good, May could learn some of those moves to her own Beautifly now like Flash!
    And of course Pikachu learning iron tail, Ash was a bit too confident when he told Pikachu to use it on Team Rocket. :D
  4. because seviper doesn't know any good contest moves so jessie wanted to win and didn't because she didn't know what moves it kewn.
  5. DarkerShining

    DarkerShining Well-Known Member

    I can't believe Jessie ordered Seviper to use sacret fire! Lol!
  6. DANdotW

    DANdotW Previously Iota

    OMG, a black Jynx. Call teh police *feigns crying* This episode was one of the first Advanced episodes I missed. :(. But it still looks good. I always thougt I remembered that Jessie had used Seviper in one contest, and now I know which one. Is it me, or do all of the group get contest pass's here. Or were those cards something else?

  7. vulpix

    vulpix Guest

    it was funny when Jesse entered the contest and got a 0,i thought that was so funny!
  8. wobbanut

    wobbanut Team Awesome

    It was so weird when I was watching this episode last night, and I saw they didn't have Vivian as the announcer. I guess she must have been introduced in the next contest episode. I guess I got so used to her being the announcer that I forgot there was ever another one. It's also strange not seeing Drew, or May competing, or any of the other things we've seen in the contests since.

    Jessie was definitely great in this episode. I liked when she kept trying to get Seviper to do different moves, but Seviper didn't know any of them, and started sweating a river. LOL :D It's interesting too how Jessie got the perfect 0 score, especially right after I watched the contest where she got the perfect 30 score.

    Overall, it was a great episode, and I'm glad May found her purpose in this episode and the following ones. She's become pretty good at contest battles, despite a few missteps, that's for sure.
  9. Phantom_Bugsy

    Phantom_Bugsy So hot he's on fire.

    NO ONE'S MENTIONED CHAZ. What the hell.

    Chaz is hot. Really hot. And he has a nice butt. <3

    ....oh, and I haven't actually seen the ep yet :D
  10. Aptenodytes

    Aptenodytes Well-Known Member

    i liked this episode because finaly pikachu learns an attack that is not thunder something. overall it was fun to watch. 7/10
  11. SpongeBoblover

    SpongeBoblover < She's preaty

    Very great episode because there are two reasons why this is the great episode.

    1. Beautifly is very cute & beautiful
    2. It was very funny when Jessie entered the contest AND GOT A ZERO. LOL
  12. Dark Aerodactyl

    Dark Aerodactyl i am not a spammer

    haha. Jessie want to her Seviper attacks with surf,Sacred Fire,Shadow Ball I think
    So stupitt. Today was that episode in Croatia. On the 4 on morning
  13. Ashy Boy

    Ashy Boy Paul's #1 Rival

    The highlight of the ep was seeing Jessie get humilated and when she wanted Seviper to do some ridculous attacks.
  14. Umi Mizuno

    Umi Mizuno ☠ one girl army

    ROFL @ Jessie getting a 0 for a score. It's hard to believe how much she improved so fast in the next time she entered a contest.

    Chaz and Janet make a pretty good team, thankfully they taught May about the contests or else I'd be sitting here, boring my eyes out with fillers.
  15. Ashy Boy

    Ashy Boy Paul's #1 Rival

    Yeah and yet Jessie still loses despite bragging about being top coordinator.
  16. Russian May

    Russian May Well-Known Member

    This episode was really cool. Maybe all thanks to Jessie! Telling Seviper to use Sacred Fire, Blaze Kick, Psywave and Luster Purge was soooo funny!
  17. alexvanbussel

    alexvanbussel New Member

    Good episode.
    i really like this one

    JONNO.FRESH Well-Known Member

    A pretty good epi. Pika learns Iron tail which was suprising and kool and May learns about Contests.
  19. Didn't expect for Pikachu to just learn Iron Tail. And LOL at Jessie in the contest
  20. Battra

    Battra Well-Known Member

    A very good episode. One of the things I love about the Hoen season is Ash starts actually teaching his Pokemon different moves that they might not know such as Pikachu and Iron Tail it goes to show you can teach and old Pokemon knew tricks. Loved that this episode is what sets May down her path of becoming a Pokemon Coordinator though it would have been interesting to see her do some gym battles. I'm surprised they never brought Janet back to face off against May seeing as how she's responsible for May actually getting into contests, it would have been nice to see them both face off. Interesting that Jessie has a Hoen contest pass and we don't get any back story as to why she has one and what she was doing in the Hoen region previously, I got a laugh at her ordering Seviper to do a bunch of moves it would never know. The writers must have have been doing some experimenting with this episode and May's first contest since Vivian isn't hosting and in this episode the contests are called competitions. Lastly I managed to catch one mistake at the beginning when they're showing different Pokemon the Slugma they show has Macargo's voice.
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2008

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