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Alola Pokedex Discussion Thread

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Most likely. We got a higher than 540 BST Pokémon in each generation since Gen IV.

Gen IV-Togekiss

Gen V-Volcarona, Archeops(whose average BST with Defeatist is actually much lower)

Gen VI-Florges

(Arcanine doesn't really count, since it got its current BST in Gen II).

There's also Slaking- but who's stats are hindered by Truant... Seems each generation since Gen II has it's non-pseudo big-hitter.
Question is.... Is it a pokemon we've already seen? Or one yet to be revealed?

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Hello Dex babs

I am back, and have actually decided to start compiling again. Can someone do me a favour though? In the Japanese trailer with the Ultra Beasts, in the scene in the Japanese inspired town, there's a purple Pokémon. I'm presuming Nidoran due to the other Pokémon there being Kanto Pokémon but I'd like a second opinion?


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Hello Dex babs

I am back, and have actually decided to start compiling again. Can someone do me a favour though? In the Japanese trailer with the Ultra Beasts, in the scene in the Japanese inspired town, there's a purple Pokémon. I'm presuming Nidoran due to the other Pokémon there being Kanto Pokémon but I'd like a second opinion?

It's way too small and pixely for me to make out the details. It could be Nidoran-F, but the body shape doesn't quite seem to fit if you ask me

Trainer Yusuf

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Is it just me or is Type: Null's National Pokedex Number likely to be somewhere in the 800's?


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Well it definitely could be, but is there anything in particular that makes you think that?

Because of a semi-legendary feel in Type: Null. Besides, I predict a final total of 130 new Pokemon to boost the overall total to 851 Pokemon. I'm thinking about somewhere between #831-#841 for Type:Null. I already predicted #846 Solgaleo, #847 Lunala, and #849 Magearna.
Just gonna post the Pokédex List before tomorrow for two reasons:

1) Transfer it from my iPad to my phone.
2) Ask for peer reviewing to see if I've missed anything out or need to change.

EDIT 1: Updated list, Rockruff evo to be added added once officially revealed.

Confirmed & Highly Likely Pokemon


Rowlet (Grass/Flying)
Rowlet Evo (Grass/???)
Leaked Rowlet Evo (Grass/???, likely Flying)
Litten (Fire)
Litten Evo (Fire/???)
Leaked Litten Evo (Fire/???, likely Dark)
Popplio (Water)
Popplio Evo (Water/???)
Leaked Popplio Evo (Water/???, likely Fairy)
Pikipek (Normal/Flying)
Pikipek Evo (???/Flying)
Pikipek Evo Evo (????/Flying)
Yungoos (Normal)
Gumshoos (Normal)
Grubbin (Bug)
Charjabug (Bug/Electric)
Vikavolt (Bug/Electric)
Cutiefly (Bug/Fairy)
Cutiefly Evo? (Bug/Fairy)
Bruxish (Water/Psychic)
Togedamaru (Electric/Steel)
Drampa (Normal/Dragon)
Rockruff (Rock)
Rockruff Evo (???)
Komala (Normal)
Salandit (Poison/Fire)
Stufful (Normal/Fighting)
Bewear (Normal/Fighting)
Mimkyu (Ghost/Fairy)
Wimpod (Bug/Water)
Bounsweet (Grass)
Comfey (Fairy)
Mudbray (Ground)
Mudsdale (Ground)
Fomantis (Grass)
Lurantis (Grass)
Oricorio (Electric/Flying, Fire/Flying, Psychic/Flying or Ghost/Flying)
Minior (Rock/Flying)
Wishiwashi (Water)
Sandygast (Ground/Ghost)
Pallosand (Ground/Ghost)
Morelull (Grass/Fairy)
Pyukumuku (Water)
Turtonator (Fire/Dragon)
Crabrawler (Fighting)
Type:Null (Normal)
Jangmo-o (Dragon)
Tapu Koko (Legend?) (Electric/Fairy)
Solgaleo (Mascot Legend) (Psychic/Steel)
Lunala (Mascot Legend) (Psychic/Steel)
Magearna (Mythical) (Steel/Fairy)
Rugby Monkey? (Reliable Leak) (???)
Dolphin? (Reliable Leak) (???)


Charmander (Evolves into Charmeleon) (Fire) (In Kalos Dex, Choice)
Charmeleon (Evolves into Charizard) (Fire) (In Kalos Dex, Choice)
Charizard (Rideable Pokémon) (Fire/Flying) In Kalos Dex, Choice)
Rattata (Alolan Form) (Dark/Normal) (Not in Kalos Dex)
Ratticate (Alolan Form) (Dark/Normal) (Not in Kalos Dex)

Caterpie (E3 Stream) (Bug) (In Kalos Dex)
Metapod (Evolves from Caterpie) (Bug) (In Kalos Dex)
Butterfree (Evolves from Metapod (Bug/Flying) (In Kalos Dex)
Pikachu (QR Confirmed) (Electric) (In Kalos Dex)
Raichu (Evolves from Pikachu/Alolan Form) (Electric/Psychic) (In Kalos Dex, Regular)
Sandshrew (Alola Form) (Ice/Steel) (In Kalos Dex, Regular)
Sandslash (Alola Form) (Ice/Steel) (In Kalos Dex, Regular)

Spearow (Cinematic) (Normal/Flying)) (In Kalos Dex, Bred)
Fearow (Trailer Battle/Evolves from Spearow) (Normal/Flying) (In Kalos Dex, Rare)
Zubat (Trailer Battle) (Poison/Flying) (In Kalos Dex)
Golbat (Trailer Battle) (Poison/Flying) (In Kalos Dex)
Psyduck (Japanese Website) (Water) (In Kalos Dex)
Golduck (Evolves from Psyduck) (Water) (In Kalos Dex)
Meowth (Alola Form) (Dark) (Not in Kalos Dex)
Persian (Unconfirmed Alola Form) (Dark?) (Not in Kalos Dex)

Mankey (Evolves into Primeape) (Fighting) (Not in Kalos Dex)
Primeape (Trailer Battle) (Fighting) (Not in Kalos Dex)
Machop (Evolves into Machoke) (Fighting) (In Kalos Dex)
Machoke (Evolves into Machamp) (Fighting) (In Kalos Dex)
Machamp (Concept) (Fighting) (In Kalos Dex)
Slowpoke (Overworld) (Water/Psychic) (In Kalos Dex)
Slowbro (Trailer Battle/Evolves from Slowpoke) (Water/Psychic) (In Kalos Dex)
Poliwag (Trailer Battle) (Water) (In Kalos Dex)
Poliwhirl (Evolves from Poliwag) (Water) (In Kalos Dex)
Poliwrath (Evolves from Poliwhirl) (Water/Fighting) (In Kalos Dex)
Jigglypuff (Evolves into Wigglytuff) (Normal/Fairy) (In Kalos Dex)
Wigglytuff (Trailer Battle) (Normal/Fairy) (In Kalos Dex)
Vulpix (Alola Form) (Ice) (Not in Kalos Dex)
Ninetales (Alola Form) (Ice/Fairy) (Not in Kalos Dex)

Growlithe (Evolves into Arcanine) (Fire) (Not in Kalos Dex)
Arcanine (Trailer Battle) (Fire) (Not in Kalos Dex)
Abra (Evolves into Kadabra) (Psychic) (In Kalos Dex)
Kadabra (Evolves into Alakazam) (Psychic) (In Kalos Dex)
Alakazam (Trailer Battle) (Psychic) (In Kalos Dex)
Exeggcute (Evolves into Exeggutor) (Grass/Psychic) (In Kalos Dex)
Exeggutor (Alola Form) (Grass/Dragon) (In Kalos Dex, Regular)
Cubone (Evolves into Marowak) (Ground) (In Kalos Dex)
Marowak (Alola Form) (Fire/Ghost) (In Kalos Dex, Regular)

Drowzee (Trailer Battle) (Psychic) (Not in Kalos Dex)
Hypno (Trailer Battle) (Psychic) (Not in Kalos Dex)
Staryu (Evolves into Starmie) (Water) (In Kalos Dex, Version Exclusive)
Starmie (Overworld) (Water/Psychic) (In Kalos Dex, Version Exclusive)
Magnemite (Evolves into Magneton) (Electric/Steel) (In Kalos Dex, Bred)
Magneton (Evolves into Magnezone) (Electric/Steel) (In Kalos Dex)
Shellder (Trailer Battle) (Water) (In Kalos Dex, Version Exclusive)
Cloyster (Trailer Battle) (Water/Ice) (In Kalos Dex, Version Exclusive)
Gastly (Evolves into Haunter) (Ghost/Poison) (In Kalos Dex, Rare/Bred)
Haunter (Trailer Battle) (Ghost/Poison) (In Kalos Dex, Rare)
Gengar (Trailer Battle) (Ghost/Poison) (In Kalos Dex, Rare)
Magikarp (Evolves into Gyarados) (Water) (In Kalos Dex)
Gyarados (Trailer Battle) (Water/Flying) (In Kalos Dex)
Pinsir (Trailer Battle) (Bug) (In Kalos Dex, Version Exclusive)
Tauros (Rideable Pokémon/Trailer Battle) (Normal) (In Kalos Dex)
Snorlax (Trailer Battle) (Normal) (In Kalos Dex) (Exclusive Z-Move)
Chansey (Evolves from Happiny) (Not in Kalos Dex)
Eevee (Trailer Battle/Pokédex Screen) (Normal) (In Kalos Dex)
Vaporeon (Eeveelution) (Water) (In Kalos Dex)
Jolteon (Eeveelution) (Electric) (In Kalos Dex)
Flareon (Eeveelution) (Fire) (In Kalos Dex)
Electabuzz (Trailer Battle) (Electric) (Not in Kalos Dex)
Kangaskhan (Trailer Battle) (Normal) (In Kalos Dex)
Lapras (Rideable Pokémon) (Water/Ice) (In Kalos Dex, Easily Accessed)
Aerodactyl (Trailer Battle) (Rock/Flying) (In Kalos Dex)
Ditto (Trailer Battle) (Normal) (In Kalos Dex)
Dratini (Evolves into Dragonair) (Dragon) (In Kalos Dex, Rare)
Dragonair (Evolves into Dragonite) (Dragon) In Kalos Dex, Rare)
Dragonite (Trailer Battle) (Dragon/Flying) (In Kalos Dex, Rare)


Ledyba (E3 Stream) (Bug/Flying) (In Kalos Dex)
Ledian (Evolves from Ledyba) (Bug/Flying) (In Kalos Dex)
Spinarak (Evolves into Ariados) (Bug/Poison) (In Kalos Dex, Bred)
Ariados (Trailer Battle) (Bug/Poison) (In Kalos Dex)
Pichu (Evolves into Pikachu) (Electric) (In Kalos Dex, Bred)
Elekid (Evolves into Electabuzz) (Electric) (Not in Kalos Dex)
Igglybuff (Evolves into Jigglypuff) (Normal/Fairy) (In Kalos Dex, Bred)
Crobat (Evolves from Golbat) (Poison/Flying) (In Kalos Dex)
Slowking (Evolves from Slowpoke) (Water/Psychic) (In Kalos Dex)
Snubull (Evolves into Granbull) (Fairy) (In Kalos Dex)
Granbull (Trailer Battle) (Fairy) (In Kalos Dex)
Espeon (Eeveelution) (Psychic) (In Kalos Dex)
Umbreon (Eeveelution) (Dark) (In Kalos Dex)
Sudowoodo (Trailer Battle) (Rock) (In Kalos Dex)
Misdreavus (Trailer Battle) (Ghost) (Not in Kalos Dex)
Murkrow (Trailer Battle) (Dark/Flying) (In Kalos Dex)
Politoed (Trailer Battle/Evolves from Poliwhirl) (In Kalos Dex)
Corsola (Overworld) (Water/Rock) (In Kalos Dex) (Noted By: Everlasting)
Sudowoodo (Overworld) (Rock) (In Kalos Dex)
Wobuffet (Concept) (Psychic) (In Kalos Dex, Rare/Catch)
Skarmory (Trailer Battle) (Steel/Flying) (In Kalos Dex, Rare)
Sneasel (Evolves into Weavile) (Dark/Ice) (In Kalos Dex)
Miltank (Trailer Battle) (Normal) (In Kalos Dex)
Delibird (Trailer Battle) (Ice/Flying) (In Kalos Dex)
Blissey (Evolves from Happiny) (Normal) (Not in Kalos Dex)


Surskit (Evolves into Masquerain) (Bug/Water) (In Kalos Dex)
Masquerain (Trailer Battle) (Bug/Flying) (In Kalos Dex)
Wingull (Concept) (Water/Flying) (In Kalos Dex) (Noted By: Endless)
Pelipper (Evolves from Wingull) (Water/Flying) (In Kalos Dex)
Makuhita (Evolves into Hariyama) (Fighting) (In Kalos Dex, Bred)
Hariyama (Trailer Battle) (Fighting) (In Kalos Dex)
Torkoal (Trailer Battle) (Fire) (In Kalos Dex)
Trapinch (Evolves into Vibrava) (Ground) (In Kalos Dex)
Vibrava (Evolves into Flygon) (Ground/Dragon) (In Kalos Dex)
Flygon (Trailer Battle) (Ground/Dragon) (In Kalos Dex)
Caravanha (Evolves into Sharpedo) (Water/Dark) (In Kalos Dex)
Sharpedo (Rideable Pokémon) (Water/Dark) (In Kalos Dex)
Nosepass (Trailer Battle) (Rock) (In Kalos Dex)
Luvdisc (Overworld) (Water) (In Kalos Dex)
Wynaut (Evolves into Wobuffet) (Psychic) (In Kalos Dex, Rare/Bred)
Feebas (Evolves into Milotic) (Water) (Not in Kalos Dex)
Milotic (Trailer Battle) (Water) (Not in Kalos Dex)
Bagon (Trailer Battle/Evolves into Shelgon) (Dragon) (In Kalos Dex, Rare)
Shelgon (Evolves into Salamence) (Dragon) (In Kalos Dex, Rare)
Salamence (Trailer Battle) (Dragon/Flying) (In Kalos Dex, Rare)
Beldum (Evolves into Metang) (Steel/Psychic) (Not in Kalos Dex)
Metang (Evolves into Metagross (Steel/Psychic) (Not in Kalos Dex)
Metagross (Trailer Battle) (Steel/Psychic) (Not in Kalos Dex)


Bonsly (Evolves into Sudowoodo) (Rock) (In Kalos Dex)
Happiny (Trailer Battle) (Normal) (Not in Kalos Dex)
Drifloon (Trailer Encounter) (Ghost/Flying) (In Kalos Dex)
Drifblim (Evolves from Drifloon) (Ghost/Flying) (In Kalos Dex)
Mismagius (Evolves from Misdreavus) (Ghost) (Not in Kalos Dex)
Shieldon (Evolves into Bastiodon) (Rock/Steel) (Not in Kalos Dex)
Bastiodon (Trailer Battle) (Rock/Steel) (Not in Kalos Dex)
Honchkrow (Evolves from Murkrow) (Dark/Flying) (In Kalos Dex)
Gible (Evolves into Gabite) (Dragon/Ground) (In Kalos Dex)
Gabite (Evolves into Garchomp) (Dragon/Ground) (In Kalos Dex)
Garchomp (Trailer Battle) (Dragon/Ground) (In Kalos Dex)
Riolu (Japanese Website) (Fighting) (In Kalos Dex)
Lucario (Evolves from Riolu) (Fighting/Steel) (In Kalos Dex, Near Mandatory)
Munchlax (Evolves into Snorlax) (Normal) (In Kalos Dex, Bred)
Weavile (Trailer Battle) (Dark/Ice) (In Kalos Dex)
Leafeon (Eeveelution) (Grass) (In Kalos Dex)
Glaceon (Eeveelution) (Ice) (In Kalos Dex)
Magnezone (Trailer Battle) (Electric/Steel) (In Kalos Dex)
Electivire (Evolves from Electabuzz) (Electric) (Not in Kalos Dex)
Probopass (Evolves from Nosepass) (Rock/Steel) (In Kalos Dex)
Rotom (Rotom Pokedex) (Electric/Ghost) (In Kalos Dex, Rare)


Lillipup (Evolves into Herdier/Trailer Battle) (Normal) (Not in Kalos Dex)
Herdier (Evolves into Stoutland) (Normal) (Not in Kalos Dex)
Stoutland (Ridable Pokémon) (Normal) (Not in Kalos Dex)
Roggenrola (Evolves into Boldore) (Rock) (In Kalos Dex)
Boldore (Evolves into Gigalith) (Rock) (In Kalos Dex)
Gigalith (Trailer Battle) (Rock) (In Kalos Dex)
Sandile (Evolves into Krokorok) (Ground/Dark) (In Kalos Dex)
Krokorok (Evolves into Krookodile) (Ground/Dark) (In Kalos Dex)
Krookodile (Trailer Battle) (Ground/Dark) (In Kalos Dex)
Trubbish (Trailer Battle) (Poison) (In Kalos Dex)
Garbodor (Evolves from Trubbish) (In Kalos Dex)
Emolga (Trailer Battle) (Electric/Flying) (In Kalos Dex)
Archen (Evolves into Archeops) (Rock/Flying) (Not in Kalos Dex)
Archeops (Trailer Battle) (Rock/Flying) (Not in Kalos Dex)
Tirtouga (Trailer Battle) (Rock/Water) (Not in Kalos Dex)
Rufflet (Trailer Battle) (Normal/Flying) (Not in Kalos Dex)
Braviary (Evolves into Rufflet) (Normal/Flying) (Not in Kalos Dex)


Fletchling (Trailer Battle) (Normal/Flying)
Fletchinder (Evolves from Fletchling) (Fire/Flying)
Talonflame (Evolves from Fletchinder) (Fire/Flying)
Furfrou (Concept) (Normal)
Pancham (Trailer Battle/Evolves into Pangoro) (Fighting)
Pangoro (Trailer Battle) (Fighting/Dark)
Sylveon (Eeveelution) (Fairy)
Carbink (Trailer Battle) (Rock/Fairy)
Klefki (Japanese Website) (Steel/Fairy)
Phantump (Evolves into Trevenant) (Ghost/Grass)
Trevenant (Trailer Battle) (Ghost/Grass)
Goomy (Evolves into Sliggoo) (Dragon)
Sliggoo (Evolves into Goodra) (Dragon)
Goodra (Trailer Battle) (Dragon)
Zygarde (New Formes) (Legendary) (Dragon/Ground)

Possible Pokemon (via Official Media)


Squirtle (Evolves into Wartortle) (Water) (In Kalos Dex, Choice)
Wartortle (Evolves into Blastoise) (Water) (In Kalos Dex, Choice)
Blastoise (Concepts) (Water) (In Kalos Dex, Choice)
Horsea (Fountain & Banner*) (Water) (In Kalos Dex)
Seadra (Evolves from Horsea) (Water) (In Kalos Dex)
Porygon (Porygon Hairdryer*) (Normal) (Not in Kalos Dex)


Chinchou (Banner) (Water/Electric) (In Kalos Dex)
Lanturn (Evolves from Chinchou) (Water/Electric) (In Kalos Dex)
Dunsparce (QR Artwork) (Normal) (In Kalos Dex, Rare)
Kingdra (Evolves from Seadra) (Water/Dragon) (In Kalos Dex)
Porygon2 (Evolves from Porygon) (Normal) (Not in Kalos Dex)
Larvitar (Evolves into Pupitar) (Rock/Ground) (In Kalos Dex, Version Exclusive)
Pupitar (Evolves into Tyranitar) (Rock/Ground) (In Kalos Dex, Version Exclusive)
Tyranitar (Battle Royale Decoration*) (Rock/Dark) (In Kalos Dex, Version Exclusive)


Slakoth (Evolves into Vigoroth) (Normal) (Not in Kalos Dex)
Vigoroth (Evolves into Slaking) (Normal) (Not in Kalos Dex)
Slaking (Seen on Motel*) (Normal) (Not in Kalos Dex)
Meditite (Evolves into Medicham) (Psychic/Fighting) (In Kalos Dex)
Medicham (QR Artwork) (Psychic/Fighting) In Kalos Dex)
Spheal (Banner) (Water/Ice) (Not in Kalos Dex)
Sealeo(Evolves from Spheal) (Water/Ice) (Not in Kalos Dex)
Walrein (Evolves from Sealeo) (Water/Ice) (Not in Kalos Dex)


Porygon-Z (Evolves from Porygon2) (Normal) (Not in Kalos Dex)


Snivy (Evolves into Servine) (Grass) (Not in Kalos Dex)
Servine (Evolves into Serperior) (Grass) (Not in Kalos Dex)
Serperior (QR Artwork) (Grass) (Not in Kalos Dex)
Axew (Evolves into Fraxure) (Dragon) (In Kalos Dex)
Fraxure (Evolves into Haxorus) (Dragon) (In Kalos Dex)
Haxorus (Battle Royale Decoration*) (Dragon) (In Kalos Dex)


Hawlucha (Riding Helmet*) (Fighting/Flying) (In Kalos Dex)

*However, Pokemon have been seen on objects when they aren't in that region's dex, such as Pikachu in Unova, and Milotic and Serperior in Kalos.

Possible Pokemon (via Association)


Bulbasaur (Evolves into Ivysaur) (Grass/Poison) (In Kalos Dex, Choice)
Ivysaur (Evolves into Venusaur) (Grass/Poison) (In Kalos Dex, Choice)
Venusaur (via Blastoise) (Grass/Poison) (In Kalos Dex, Choice)
Weedle (via Caterpie) (Bug/Poison) (In Kalos Dex)
Kakuna (Evolves from Weedle) (Bug/Poison) (In Kalos Dex)
Beedrill (Evolves from Kakuna) (Bug/Poison) (In Kalos Dex)
Magmar (via Electabuzz) (Fire) (Not in Kalos Dex)


Magby (Evolves into Magmar) (Fire) (Not in Kalos Dex)


Magmortar (Evolves from Magmar) (Fire) (Not in Kalos Dex)


Tepig (Evolves into Pignite) (Fire) (Not in Kalos Dex)
Pignite (Evolves into Emboar) (Fire/Fighting) (Not in Kalos Dex)
Emboar (via Serperior) (Fire/Fighting) (Not in Kalos Dex)
Oshawott (Evolves into Dewott) (Water) (Not in Kalos Dex)
Dewott (Evolves into Samurott)) (Water) (Not in Kalos Dex)
Samurott (via Serperior) (Water) (Not in Kalos Dex)
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Japanese trailer showcases Poliwrath, Chansey, Parasect, Scyther, Magmar.

English trailer showcases Cloyster.


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How many people do you guys think is going to nickname their Oranguru Harambe?

Trainer Yusuf

Japanese trailer showcased Swablu, Shroomish, Seaking and Magneton models.

Icons will be discussed below.



Poké Pelego: Rockruff, Pelipper, Spearow, Lurantis, Butterfree, Salandit, Cutiefly, Pikachu, Orocorio Pom Pom, Bonsly, Caterpie, Machop, Crabrawler, Eevee, Wishiwashi, Pikachu(again), Petilil, Hariyama, Parasect, Rockruff (again), Bonsly (again), Alolan Rattata, Alolan Exeggutor, Golbat, Pichu, Psyduck, Staryu, Butterfree (again), Pikachu(again), Butterfree (again), Metapod, Gastly, Carbink, Finneon, Pikachu, Machop (again), Staryu (again), Charjabug, Eevee (again).

GTS: Cleffa, Pikachu, Pichu, Clefairy, Staryu, Fletchinder, Feebas, Happiny.



Poké Pelego: Magikarp, Pikipek, Yungoos, Slowpoke, Alolan Meowth, Orocorio Pom Pom, Salandit, Finneon, Staryu, Absol, Pyukumuku, Passimian, Crabrawler, Passimian (again), Togedemaru, Lycanroc Midday, Mudsdale, Fomantis.
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The problem is that it's a bit of a catch 22. Either we overload the Dex so that more Pokemon are available, or we all but enforce the use of Bank to complete the Pokedex. We'd probably need three games to spread the availability around without over saturating one of them; remakes are good in this respect because the focus is already on older Pokemon anyway, but personally I'd rather they not become regular fixtures.

Or you could make a lot of them only obtainable in post game so the dex isn't overloaded?
I like that 4 of the 6 pokemon from my Yellow team will have new forms (Sorry Snorlax and Fearow).

I agree unlocking more post game or creating a refuge where pokemon not native to the region could live would be ideal. A Poke Reserve similar to Friend Safari or something. They always have some way to double or more the pokemon you can catch in each game usually after beating the Elite 4.

Trainer Yusuf

So, aside from the official confirmation of Clefairy and Golduck being in the dex and having no Alolan Forms, we have nothing new(from the old Pokémon).
I don't think this has been posted here yet, but the recent 'train on' trailer showcased the first part of the Pokedex. It also showed us the Pokedex numbers for Vulpix and Exeggcute. So, as well as factoring in what we already know (i.e. the starters placement, what was revealed in the earlier gameplay footage, Pinsir's number from the palaga paradise trailer, etc.), here's what we know:

001. Rowlet
002. Dartrix
003. Decidueye
004. Litten
005. Torrocat
006. Incineroar
007. Popplio
008. Brionne
009. Primarina
010. Pikipek
011. ??? Likely an unrevealed Pikipek evo
012. ??? Likely an unrevealed Pikipek evo
013. Yungoos
014. Gumshoos
015. ??? My guess: Ratata
016. ??? My guess: Raticate
017. Caterpie
018. Metapod
019. Butterfree
020. Ledyba
021. Ledian
022. ??? My guess: Spinerak
023. ??? My guess: Ariados
024. Pichu
025. Pikachu
026. Raichu
027. Grubbin
028. Charjabug
029. Vikavolt
030. Bonsly
031. Sudowoodo
032. Hapinny
033. Chancey
034. Blissey
035. Munchlax
036. Snorlax
037. Slowpoke
038. Slowbro
039. Slowking
040. Wingull
041. Pelipper
042. Abra
043. Kadabra
044. Alakazam
045. Meowth
046. Persian
047. Magnemite
048. Magneton
049. Magnezone
050. ???
051. ???
052. ???
053. ???
055. ???
056. Makuhita
057. Hariyama
175. Pinsir
253. Vulpix
254. Ninetales
269. Exeggcute
270. Exeggcutor

We also know that Gastly, Spearow, Drowzee, Cottonee, and Misdreavus were all used by trainers around the areas where Meowth and Makuhita were caught, so it's likely that they will all be taking up spots around those two as well.

So what do we all think?


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The whole Alola Regional Dex (and its sub-dexes) has been datamined.
If you want, you can check the first post of this thread (Beware: Heavy Spoilers).

Anyway, going by Gen 5 and Gen 6, the Dex order has always been indicative of their encounters.
The earlier it is listed, the earlier you can encounter it. The later it is listed on the dex, the later you might find it.
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