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Alola! The First Visitation Day!! (967)


Bonnie stan


"Tis an honor to be recognized."


Bonnie stan


Bonnie stan
Tupp is voiced by Billy Bob Thompson (Greninja's VA), Zipp is Jake Paque (Prof. Sycamore's VA) and Rapp's is Lori Phillips (VA of Hoopa Confined in M18).

I like that their names all go consonant-vowel-p-p


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Ryu Taylor

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Rap is the worst genre of music as far as I'm concerned, which makes any track having to do with Team Skull my least favorite from the SM games' soundtrack. Therefore, I hope the dub never retains that junk ever again. Good thing the battle was great despite that. And that was neat of TPCi to give the Skull grunts names (although they weren't revealed until the episode after this one).

Considering the devoted (but short-lived) fandom Lana's mom gained because of this episode, I thought she'd have a bigger role in it. Oh well. It was all about Delia anyway. And speaking of families attending a school event, I'm surprised no one even mentioned Lillie's mom. Seriously, not even a "Where's your mom, Lillie?" "Oh, she's busy."?


I loved Hanako's interactions with Satoshi's Nyabby at the open house in this episode, especially how Nyabby kept making exasperated faces. Suiren's mother's face was kind of creepy from my point of view however, but I liked when the Skull-dan grunts arrived to cause trouble, although I wish that Hanako had fought them with Barrierd.