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Alpha Pokémon that feel "Normal Size"


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As the title states, I'm curious in regards to Alpha Pokémon you've found that feel like they should've been the standard size to begin with (and therefore the Alpha should've been even larger to really feel like an Alpha).

From my own experiences, I've felt this way specifically about Alpha Gyarados, Alpha Onix/Steelix, and Alpha Staravia. They just seem too small to really resonate as "Alpha Pokémon," and their standard sizes in turn feel too small.

But, how about you? Are there any Pokémon you feel this way with?

Det. Viper

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When I first caught an alpha Basculegion I thought the 11’ 10” size was wrong since I have a regular Basculegion that’s 11’ 8”.


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Meh most Alpha's are like pokemon's on rage/steroids.

But my first encounter It was my biggest gaming mistake/gaffe i've ever done in a pokemon game. Within the first 3 hours i stumbled into the Alpha Snorlax in the Mirelands (if i'm correct) not knowing it was friggin lvl 40?
It was even before the Alpha/Enraged Kricketune mission where you actually learn what a alpha is. That fatso wiped out my whole team and made me rage quit/exit so i wouldn't lose contents from my satchel.
My only other mistake i've done in a pokemon game was going after the Ice Gym in Scarlet/Violet thinking that "the gyms wouldn't be overleveled" since it was the 4th one i targeted.
But Grosha's team is 50 to 57
While i was barely in my late level 36/45's on half of my team.
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Alpha Torterra is the correct size for Torterras