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Altoshipping General Discussion

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by wayc, Sep 28, 2008.

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  1. wayc

    wayc Latias Fanatic!!!

    Must try one final time to revive interest in this ship before I decide to give up forever. For new people, this is the ship between Ash and Latias from the 5th movie, Pokémon Heroes.

    Proponents of this ship agree that Latias kissed Ash at the end of the movie, while opponents argue that it was Bianca. However, the point of this thread is not to restart the argument of who kissed him and debate it with inconclusive speculation until someone cries. Let's just assume that it doesn't really matter WHO kissed Ash and focus on the fact that Latias in her true form (meaning we know it was her) and Ash showed each other much affection throughout the movie and even saved each others' lives (or at least from serious injury), several times throughout the movie.

    This is also a thread to share your fan works of Altoshipping that you've created or have seen on the Internet and can point other Altoshippers to. We all know it's out there, especially me, since I have a huge folder full of the stuff.

    I also wish to use my one fanfic plug here because it is relevant and I posted the story in the hopes that people might check it out as I update it every day. Perhaps you will rekindle some of that old Altoshipping love you used to feel, or if you never did, perhaps I can convert you. It's called True Love Never Fades and it's currently in the Shipping Fics forum. If you're too lazy to look for it, shoot me a PM, and I'll link you to it. (I'm not sure what the rules are on linking to other parts of the forum at this point. I've been scolded for it before, and other times have not.)

    Now, what does everyone else think of this beautiful ship? Is it sweet, is it creepy, is it too canon, is it not canon enough? What drew you to clicking this thread?

    Here are my thoughts on this pairing:

    Latias seemed drawn to Ash from the very first moment she saw him. There were thousands of people gathered together to witness the Tour De Altomare that day; denizens and tourists alike. How come it was Ash who caught her attention? Did she feel something for him, perhaps know he was special and capable of something bigger than life?

    She decided to help him win the race before big brother came and took her away. This showed a cute but mischievous side of her, an almost immature side that suggests she was more interested in being noticed than staying inconspicuous and being a nascent Guardian of Altomare. She also probably wanted to be noticed by Ash himself. However, she knew she'd get in big trouble and compromise the island if she did anything too risky.

    Her kind heart was shown when she saved him from smacking into a brick wall, probably feeling guilty too that she was the reason he would have. As the movie progressed and she showed her kind heart again, turning on the water for Pikachu, she spotted Ash again and something drew her to examine him up close before running away.

    Latias began to see Ash's true nature when he later saved her from Annie & Oakley. I think this was her first step in maturing. Her mild infatuation for him turned into a deeper more mature one. By the time she had him follow her into the Secret Garden with her, she was still intent on being playful, but she wanted to pile as much affection upon Ash as possible.

    Later, as danger started to become imminent, as the Soul Dew and Latios were in jeopardy, she began to become a little more mature and started depending on Ash for support. She was no longer quite as playful and reckless as she had been and having seen evil in the world, I'm sure she began to trust and attach herself to Ash even more, knowing how special he truly was to her.

    I think one of the most deciding moments of Altoshipping for me is near the end of the movie, shortly before Aerodactyl began chasing Latias and Ash. Ash had fallen into the water and Latias decided to gently push him along in the water on his back under the twilight. Despite being terrified about her brother's safety and her own, she still managed to look into his eyes full of trust and love and almost seem happy, as if they were the only two in the world for that one very moment. The whole scene just seemed very romantic and telling to me.

    With the final scenes being her confused feelings over losing her brother and unsure of her new place in life, but leaning against Ash for support in her sorrow and (very likely) giving him that kiss, there has never been a doubt in my mind that Ash and Latias would make a wonderful pair. They complement each other so nicely and have such a deep compassion for each other and the world. :)

    What about you? Any thoughts? Comments? Disagreements? Go ahead. I don't bite. ^^
  2. Undead_soul

    Undead_soul What's the matter?

    Altoshipping hey? ive seen the movie and it was great. And it was sad that Latios died. *sniff* .okay back to topic.

    I disagree with this. im not saying this becoz i support Advance i just don't see it happening. like with bodyslamming shipping with bayleef and Ash. all though i have read a few fics about this shipping i find it werid that a pokemon has a feeling for a human who is super dense at love. i just don't see it.

    I'm sorry if i don't support this ships but i do have to say i like reading the fics. they are much different to shippings like advance and poke.

    So overall i don't support this ship but i like reading the fics about this ships.
  3. wayc

    wayc Latias Fanatic!!!

    Hehe, I enjoy reading fics about ships like these as well. They're a lot more interesting and different than what you would see most of the time. I guess I'm just a fan of the truly unusual. Thanks for your comments.

    I agree that this ship will very almost certainly never become canon, but that's what's great about this place. You can pair anybody with anyone and if there's enough people who like the idea, you can get really excited about it and share your thoughts and creations. :)
  4. the_eevee_breeder

    the_eevee_breeder Pokemon Breeder

    I don't know why........

    I don't really get why, but this is one of my favorite ships. I wish that I could find some cute fanart of it though..........Does anyone have any?
  5. wayc

    wayc Latias Fanatic!!!

    I've got a few I don't think it would be a problem with Sumnor if I share. She used to be queen of the Altoshipping here. *chuckles*

    Nuzzle by Sumnor

    Latias' Tackle Smooch by Sumnor, colored by Murgatroyd (I believe)

    A picture of Latias being sad... I don't know the names of these. XD By Sumnor.

    Ash and Latias under the Stars by Sumnor, colored by Murgatroyd.

    Sumnor's Deviant Art

    PM me if you want to know what other Altoshippy things I have access to.
  6. Marikunin

    Marikunin AuraBluePassion

    I wanna join this. I think the ship has always been cute.
  7. flaremaster

    flaremaster Active Member

    I really hope this thread lives!

    Where IS Sumnor, she knew how to really make the thread lively :)
  8. johnnyd2

    johnnyd2 UBER FLAMER!

    well, Altoshipping was the one ship that got me into human x pokemon to begin with. I initially felt weird about liking it, but i grew to accept it. Ash and Latias really make a cute couple. so yeah, I really am an altoshipper at heart. ^_^.
  9. Katsu Koneko

    Katsu Koneko 明日がある

    When I first saw the movie, I never even thought it was Bianca/Kanon who kissed him in the movie. All along, I thought it was Latias and it was strange for me to find others who thought the opposite. xD

    Pikashipping & Altoshipping made me explore the Human x Pokémon concept. <3
  10. Sumnor

    Sumnor Altoshipper!!

    Wow, it's great to see another Altoshipping thread around! I'll definitely try my best to stick around as long as I can!

    Thanks for sharing my Altoshipping fan art, wayc. ^_^ A lot of them are pretty old, so I guess I should start working on more Altoshipping art. =D

    I first started supporting Altoshipping when I watched the 5th movie. I thought it was cute that Latias adores Ash, and after thinking a bit about their interactions throughout the movie, I realized that they had a deep relationship. Although they only met briefly, they both have started to show a strong bond with each other. Latias shows her affection more openly, but Ash does return some of that as well, from chasing after her all throughout Alto Mare to saving her from danger even while putting himself in harm’s way. I felt that it was something truly extraordinary. =)
  11. flaremaster

    flaremaster Active Member

    Oh good, Sumnor's here! :)

    Anyways, Wayc, I got to reading your fanfic, and it was awesome, Can't wait for another chapter!

    Anyways, My website is still up, I should really get back to work on it X_X
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2008
  12. wayc

    wayc Latias Fanatic!!!

    This thread isn't as epic fail as it was last week! ^O^ Yaaaaaay. I knew I had a little bit more influence than that. Contacting Sumnor was a very very good thing.

    Sumnor - I really really hope you can stick around. I know you're busy with college, but you have such a huge effect on the morale of like 3 people here. Hehe. It would be WONDERFUL to see more Altoshipping pics from you. I miss them a lot.

    There's a Human x Pokemon story award thing going on right now in the Human x Pokemon thread if you want to check that out. You might even find time to write like some kind of Altoshipping story or poem if you wanted and submit it. ^^ The submission deadline hasn't been declared but is probably gonna be in late November or early December or something.

    Katsu Koneko - It's cool to think that Altoshipping helped bring you so strongly into the realm of pokemon x human pairings. ^^ I know you'll always be a Pikashipper at heart, but perhaps you can find time to contribute to this thread somehow once in a while.

    Eevee Breeder & Marikunin - I hope you two will both come back and contribute, yourselves. It is always fantastic to meet new Altoshippers and find what they can bring to it with their personalities and creativity and to find out all about why this shipping appealed to them in the first place. ^^

    Flaremaster - I kind of turned a blind eye to your site when you first showed me in 2007, but I'm joining it and your forum today. ^-^ Also, you should get in contact with Tiut on your site, who is writing Sky High and urge them to continue. It was really good and I loved how the author gave Latias some real personality by giving her a real attitude with her brother. XD She was so cute with Ash too in that story.

    I'm glad you liked my fanfic so much. I saw your post in it the other day. That was really kind of you to urge me to write more. ^^

    I will definitely be back in this thread to tell of when a new chapter is out or if I can find anything else Altoshippy to do and share with all of you, as long as I don't lock myself out by being the last reply to this thread.
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2008
  13. flaremaster

    flaremaster Active Member

    Thanks, and it's understandable why you turned a blind eye!
    Now I REALLY want it to be the place where Altoshippers can hang out. (in case this thread dies)
    Could you help me with that?, Give me suggestions and stuff?

    I will get into contact with him, thanks.
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2008
  14. Katsu Koneko

    Katsu Koneko 明日がある

    Yup~ I was like, "Aww they're adorable together." when I first saw the ENGLISH DUB version of the movie (which was darkened for some reason. o-o). I'll try to find time to contribute here. :3
  15. flaremaster

    flaremaster Active Member

  16. wayc

    wayc Latias Fanatic!!!

    I have a feeling this thread will go through waves, actually. Periods of activity and then dormancy. :(

    Might as well contribute a few more fan-arts that aren't by me.

    Found this on like Page 72 of the old Altoshipping thread last week. Haha, too cute. By Coshi-Dragonite.

    By Sumnor

    By Sumnor

    By Ryuko

    By Ryuko

    By S. Minaduki

    Artist Unknown

    By Uwanasora

    Here's an Altoshipping group on fanfiction.net. http://www.fanfiction.net/community/Altoshipping_Haven/27139/ Looks to have 11 stories and 23 subscriptions. I haven't read any of the stories yet so I have no commentary on this at the moment.
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2008
  17. Sumnor

    Sumnor Altoshipper!!

    Very cute Altoshipping pics! Just make sure to credit the original artists. It wouldn't be a good idea to post artwork without knowing the artist first.

    I'm not entirely sure Rosecloud from BGf drew the art you posted, flaremaster... I'll try to find the original artist, though.

    The first drawing you posted, wayc, is by Coshi-Dragonite. His gallery can be found here: http://coshi-dragonite.deviantart.com/
    The fourth and fifth art pieces were done by Ryuko, a former member here. Her website can be found here: http://kimyoshiko.byethost9.com/
    The seventh drawing is from here: http://www001.upp.so-net.ne.jp/route/top/illust.htm

    The Human x Pokemon story contest seems very interesting, wayc, but I don't think I'll be able to contribute anything. I'm more comfortable drawing than writing. ^^;
  18. wayc

    wayc Latias Fanatic!!!

    Thanks, Sumnor. ^^ Always good to have someone in here who knows their stuff. Man, I wish I could draw. Everyone wants to look at something instead of read it. =P

    Hey, because of Sumnor's diligent sourcing, I found this too: http://coshi-dragonite.deviantart.com/art/Ashchu-Valentines-77356889 =D By Coshi-Dragonite.

    And this one. http://coshi-dragonite.deviantart.com/art/Ash-and-Latias-11978121 XD

    And this. http://coshi-dragonite.deviantart.com/art/Meet-your-new-Daddy-53276884 XD-385!!! Ahaha, dang. It's funny how you repeatedly run into the same people when you're in such an obscure part of the fandom. Even saw you in the Bayleef/Ashachu pic of theirs, Flaremaster.
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2008
  19. flaremaster

    flaremaster Active Member

    I have a question for you all., Especially for the new guys!
    What is your favorite shippy moments in the 5th movie?
    What's your favorite piece of fanart shown here?

    that's all for now.
  20. cascade88

    cascade88 < go ask alice >

    What is your favorite shippy moments in the 5th movie?

    I loved the part in movie 5 when she and Ash are at the swing, and he sits down on it and she like stands up in the seat of the swing behind him. I dunno why, I just thought it was really adorable.

    Another favorite moment of mine is when she goes into their room at the Pokemon Center and then throws herself into a hug at Ash after he wakes up and approaches her. And then, shortly thereafter that, I like the whole sequence where he and she are trying to get to where Annie and Oakley are holding Latios, Bianca and Lorenzo captive.

    And I would say I love the kiss at the end, but I honestly still am not sure if it was actually Latias that gave him the kiss or not. ^_^;;
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