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Altoshipping:Life as a Guardian (PG)(REUPLOAD)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by THOSANDJosh, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. THOSANDJosh

    THOSANDJosh Member

    Altoshipping:Life as a Guardian (PG)

    Due to technical difficulties, the old thread was closed. Here's chapter 1 to celebrate.

    Life as a Guardian

    It was a beautiful day in the island city of Altomare. The sky was clear, and the temperature was just at the peak to warm you but not make you sweat.

    The only noises that could be heard were the rustling of laves in the wind and the gentle flowing of the crystal clear water in the canals. It was truly a day to relax.

    However, a certain pokemon was much too riddled with grief and stress to obliged.

    Latias was once just about the most hyperactive girl in the world. She would always have a blast with her brother and Bianca despite their duties as guardians of Altomare.

    When she was upset, her brother would know what to do. A game of tag, or a game called hide and seek with Bianca and Latios.

    During those times, she never thought how dangerous the task of guardian was, due to the fact Altomare was as peaceful as peaceful could get.

    Or to mourn at the fact that her brother was the last family member she had left. Sadly, after certain events, Latias not only lost her brother, she also could not help but notice that other than Bianca and Lorenzo, she was alone.

    But this was not the only thing that was bringing her down; she was also depressed over the fact that it had been nearly three years since she had seen her savior and first love.

    At first, Latias simply saw him as a potential friend to play with, but after her rescue from that same person, that friendship grew into a heavy infatuation, and by the next day, full blown love.

    Everything felt so right with him, his presence alone made her overcome with joy and worry for the dangers that could come across the boy during his travels.

    She knew that this love would always remain one-sided though as a human and a pokemon just could never be. And other than a kiss on the cheek, she left her feelings unknown to him.

    She had decided to leave from the small bell room in the museum and visit her friend Bianca. Surly she could cheer her up.

    Latias zoomed like the wind through the underwater canals until she reached her destination; a large wooden workshop, she then materialized into view disguised as Bianca and went through the large wooden doors that went to the garden.

    She could not find her friend in the garden, so she went back in the workshop and opened the door that lead to the kitchen of Lorenzo’s house.

    Latias ran up the stairs to Bianca’s room and knocked gently. “Who is it?” came from the other side of the door.

    “Guess Who!?” Latias exclaimed happy to find her friend.

    “Oh come in Latias, I’m just cleaning up.” Latias ran in and gave her friend a hug.

    “Need anything Latias?” Bianca worryingly asked as she noticed the sadness in her eyes.

    “Actually, I need to talk to you about something I’ve been keeping bottled up for too long now…”

    Part 2 will be up tommorow or when I have more time. RAWR 4 WINRAR EVERYONE!!!
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2010
  2. Chargirl

    Chargirl Ultimate Fire User

    Yes, I might actually see the ending! I've been stuck trying to think up my own ending of this(thinks about having writer's block in EVERYTHING) since I realised that the thread was closed for this!
  3. THOSANDJosh

    THOSANDJosh Member

    Chapter 2: Secrets Revealed and New Faces

    Rawr! Sorry it took so long, I was wrapped up in allot of crap. Here's part two...
    NEW AND IMPROVED!!! (A little)

    “Latias… why didn’t you tell me this sooner? You need to tell him before its too late.” Bianca said calmly.

    "But… I think… I think it’s been too late.” Latias said crystal-like tears beginning to flow down her face.

    “Don’t say that Latias. I mean… you never know. After all, Ash is so dense; he might like you without even knowing.”

    “Maybe you’re right. Ash is dense as lead after all.” Latias said giggling at the thought forgetting her misery.

    “I wonder if Ash has to wear floaters while swimming so that way he won’t sink!?” Bianca said giggling. Soon both were laughing hysterically at the mental image painted in their minds.

    After a few minutes of laughing, Latias said happily “Thanks Bianca, I knew you could cheer me up.”

    “Hey, it’s no problem. Well, I need to finish up here. You might as well go teach the little latis how to properly shape shift.”

    “Yeah… I should. Three years and they still can’t get that down!” Latias said giggling.

    “Tell you what, while don’t we play in Altomare later? That way they can work on their shape shifting, and see more of the place.”

    “That’s a great idea! I haven’t had any fun in a LOONG time. With trying to teach the little ones and all that.”

    “Yeah, I bet it gets tough trying to protect Altomare while trying to teach everything you know to a couple of little kids at the same time.”

    “Well see ya Bianca… and thanks again.”

    Latias left the room and closed the door behind her, then ran down the stairs through the workshop and entered through the door to the secret garden.

    She then turned to her true form and called for the little lati’s to come out.

    (If you haven’t seen the fifth movie, then this explanation will have a purpose. Well… here goes nothing.)

    :The little latis' were two very young pokemon who had arrived in Altomare as newborns just when Ash and friends were leaving.

    They could barley fly and the older Latios escorting the two younglings had told Latias of the task at hand.

    Both of the younglings knew that Latias wasn’t just depressed about her brother... so sometimes they left Altomare to find Ash.

    However, their attempts had proven futile after nearly three years of searching without success. After all, the little latis' didn’t even know where to look. :

    (In pokemon language) “Rose! Pepper! Come on out!” Latias yelled. Shortly after, a little latios and latias half the size of her flew in front of her.

    “He-hey Latias. What’s wrong?” Said pepper since Rose was too scared to talk. (f**ked up with the whole telepathy thing, they only use it when talking to humans or while shape-shifting.)

    “Pepper, I know you two left Altomare again. Why do you keep doing that when you know you’re not supposed leave?”

    “We're just umm… exploring!” Pepper said nervously.

    “Well… okay then. I have some good news for the two of you. Today, we’re gonna have some FUN!!!”

    Both of the little latis squealed in joy. “BUT…. First we need to work on your shape-shifting skills.”

    Both of their heads drooped down. “Well… we could have been leaving with Bianca already if the two of you would have focused and mastered this in the first place!” Latias said seriously but then began to giggle at the thought of how their foolishness reminded her of a certain someone.

    “Well let’s get started. First, just relax you’re muscles. Then, you need to think about who you’re going to change into.” Latias began to glow a bright blue light before changing into Bianca.

    “See? It’s as easy as that. Now you try it.” Both Rose and Pepper began to concentrate.

    After, both began to glow a shade of blue before Pepper turned into a very young tourist he saw walking around Altomare. While Rose turned into Bianca but as a little girl.

    “Hooray! You did it! Now let’s go get Bianca and we’ll explore Altomare!”

    After they all changed back to their true forms the three of them then zoomed to Bianca’s room and dragged the poor girl out.

    “Well I guess I won’t have to get you three now…” Sighed Bianca...

    Part 5 won't be on this site until next week since if I post two chapters at once it's considered spamming. Part 5 will be up on an other site tomorrow or Saturday. Well.. MMMMM.... RANDOM GUY AWAAAAAAY!!!!
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2009
  4. THOSANDJosh

    THOSANDJosh Member

    Chapter 3:Exploring Altomare

    I'm sorry this took so long. I got H1N1 (Swine Flu) and altough my docter (Dr.Maxwell) said my imune system is suprisingly fighting it well... I'm pretty much going up and down with the sickness. So while I can, here's part two.

    “So where do you three wanna go?” Bianca asked while running with the three disguised latis’.

    “Let’s go to the shopping area, I’ve never seen it other than from the sky!” Rose said bubbling with energy.

    "Yeah, then we could buy a lot of cool stuff!!!" Pepper shouted agreeing.

    “Oh sorry you guys, I didn’t bring any money with me. I didn’t think we would need any.” Bianca said sadly.

    “It’s okay. We could always window shop. Besides, seeing the sights is cool enough ” Latias said excitingly.

    “Alright then, I’ll race you all there!!!” Bianca shouted.

    “You’re on!” Yelled Latias…

    “I’m gonna win!” Blasted Rose…

    “No! You’re gonna eat my dust!” Happily yelled Pepper…

    “Hey I’m the only one who’s used to running on two legs instead of floating all their life!”

    “Alright!!! 3…2…1…GO!!!”

    They all dashed like a chicken with its head cut off. Due to the most experience with running, Bianca was in the lead.

    Latias was in second. With pepper in third and rose in last.

    However, like a freak of nature, Rose quickly zoomed past Bianca before they all could catch up.

    Pretty soon all four were neck in neck, before they all fell to the finish line laughing.

    “Well I guess all of us win then!”

    “Yeah Bianca, after all, we did make it to the finish at the same time!” Latias yelled happily.

    “Alright so we’re here, what do you want to do now?” Pepper asked.

    “I wanna see this place from top to bottom!” Rose squealed.

    After thirty minutes of exploring, the four all met at where the finish line was.

    “Check it out Pepper; they were giving out free stuff over at that gardening place!” Rose happily said holding a brown bag in her hands.

    “Hey Rose! Did you get… a ROSE!?” Pepper said jokingly.

    “Ha, ha very funny Pepper! I did get a rose. But you know what else I got? I got... a BELL PEPPER!!!”

    “Hey Rose? Did you know that gardening place is almost as old as grandpa?”

    “Wow really? That’s awesome!!!” Rose shouted.

    “What did you get Pepper?” Bianca asked curiously seeing a book in his hand.

    “Some free book that tells all these cool facts and shows pictures of pokemon from distant lands. Check it out!”

    “Oh wow, I’ve never even heard of a Piplup!” Rose exclaimed.

    “Hey Latias, what did you get?” Bianca asked noticing the paper in her hand.

    “Oh the post office was giving away free stationary, so I figured…”
    “Well I’m sure grandpa has some stamps at home, so I guess we could send a letter to family or a friend.”

    “Actually Bianca, I already have someone in mind.” Latias said with a dreamy look in her soulful amber eyes.

    "Alright then. Well I may not have had any money, but at least you all got something you wanted."

    “Hey Latias, I’ll race you back home!” Bianca exclaimed filled with determination.

    “You are so on!” Latias happily shouted.

    (This next part goes on to Ash. I know finally right!? Well this should make this the longest part in the story so far.)

    “Hey Ash, wake up!” Brock exclaimed to Ash.

    Although Pikachu woke up at this, Ash was still asleep.

    “Come on Ash, wake up!”

    Still no reply came from him.

    “Ash if you don’t hurry, you’ll miss breakfast!”

    Ash almost immediately shot up at this and yelled “Well why didn’t you say so!? Let’s go!”

    “Breakfast is like, top priority for Ash or something!” Dawn exclaimed.

    “Are you kidding? Ash would probably do anything for food!”

    “That’s not true! I wouldn’t give up Pikachu! Or give up on my dream!”

    “Alright, Ash would do ALMOST anything for food!” Brock said jokingly.

    After a massive breakfast, (Mainly Ash ate most of it.) Ash and the gang stopped by a Pokemon Center to make sure their pokemon were okay.

    “Everything seems to be okay, just make sure they are fed daily and get the sleep they need.” Nurse Joy stated with her usual happy attitude.

    “Okay, thanks Nurse Joy. See ya.” Ash stated before walking towards the door.

    “Hold on a second. I have a letter here for you that arrived this morning.”

    “Oh, really? Okay then. Umm… thank you.” Said Ash quizzically. He wondered who would send him the letter until he saw the address.

    “Hey check it out guys; I got a letter from Altomare!”

    “Altomare? I’ve always wanted to go there! But wait… who do you know in Altomare?” Dawn asked with a look of curiosity on her face.

    “Oh… a few old friends that I haven’t seen in a while. It’s good to know they remember me.”

    “Hey Ash, why don’t you read what it says?” asked Brock.

    “Okay now, let’s see…” Said Ash while opening the letter. “Alright, here’s what it says;

    Dear Ash,

    how are you? It’s me, Bianca. It took a while to find out where you were, but Latias was determined to send this letter. Speaking of Latias, she really misses you a whole lot.

    It would be nice if you could visit, we haven’t seen you or your friends in a long time, and it would cheer Latias up. It would also be interesting to hear about your travels, and we have some new friends I want to introduce you to.

    Well I’ll cut this letter short by saying that we all wish you good luck on your journeys and that we hope your travels are good to you.

    Sincerely, your good friend, Bianca

    “Oh wow, I wish we could go. But I already have all eight badges, and the Sinnoh League is only a month away.”

    “Actually Ash, it’s different here from everywhere else. The Sinnoh League is more than three months away.” Brock said.

    “What!? You’re joking. You gotta be. I’ve NEVER been this early! This is awesome! Now we can go!” Ash exclaimed happily.

    “Yeah, it’d be nice to stay in one spot for more than a week. And it’ll be good to see them again.” Brock stated.

    “This is great! I’ve always wanted to go there! Wait… isn’t Latias the name of a pokemon?” Dawn asked.

    “Yeah… it is.” Said Ash preparing for a barrage of questions.

    “But wait… does that mean then…”

    “Alright Dawn… here’s what happened…”

    "Part 5 will NOT be written untill I feel better. The good thing is that this site will be getting part 5 at the same time as the other site. Well... MMMMM.... RANDOM GUY AWAAAAAAY!!!!
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2009
  5. THOSANDJosh

    THOSANDJosh Member

    Chapter 4:A Little Suprise

    In case anyone is wondering... the Swine Flu didn't kill me. I've just been caught up in alot of things and I have plans to write and finish Chapter 5 by Saturday or Sunday. So for now here's part 4.

    We find Ash and friends aboard the ferry docking at Altomare in the morning.

    “Well… we’re here. Altomare, the island city.” Brock said quietly.

    “Man… am I bummed.” Said Ash groggily.

    “Wow… it’s… beautiful.” Dawn said awestruck.

    After the ship was settled, the three walked towards the central area.

    As they were walking, Ash asked,” So… where do you guys wanna go?”

    “Let’s go to the Museum of Altomare, I heard it’s amazing!” Dawn said excitedly.

    “That sounds good to me. What about you Ash?” Brock asked happily.

    “Sure, I never got to see the place that well thanks to what happened last time.”

    “Well what are we waiting for!? Let’s go!!!” Dawn yelled while running.

    “Hey Dawn, wait for us!!!”

    Latias was happily waking herself up.

    She thought up a plan for what to do today. Today, she was going to take Rose and Pepper on a “secret” tour of the Museum of Altomare.

    Not only would the trio have fun, it would allow the little duo to practice on their light-refracting skills.

    (Again, in Pokemon language) Rose! Pepper! Wake up!”

    At first, nothing had happened. But then, two very tired little latis’ flew slowly in front of her.

    “Hey Latias.” Said Rose slowly while rubbing her eyes with her paws.

    “You two need to wake up. Because today, we’re gonna go to the museum!”

    Both of the little latis’ quickly woke up at this.

    “I knew that would wake you up! Well let’s get going!!!” Latias shouted before turning invisible and flying off.

    We find Ash and friends at the entrance to the Museum of Altomare.

    “Wow this place is huge! I can’t believe it’s a museum!” Dawn said surprised at what she saw.

    “Yeah, this place is awesome right? I remember the first time we were here.” Ash said with a look of awe on his face finally able to take in the details of the museum.

    “At least nothing strange will happen this time, right?” Brock said while looking at the fossils.

    “Yeah, hey Dawn check this thing out. This is the machine I told you about…”

    “Hey Rose, Pepper, check this out.” Latias said while looking at the gigantic machine.

    “Whoa! What is that?” Rose said in amazement.

    “It’s called the Defense Mechanism of Altoma…” Latias stopped noticing a familiar sight.

    “Uhh Latias… are you okay?” Pepper asked wondering what she was looking at.

    "Is that… no it couldn’t be. Their clothes are different, and that’s not the same girl. But that hair and that dress style." Latias said quietly before spotting the final clue she needed.

    “But there’s a pikachu on his shoulder, and there’s only one person I’ve ever met that does that!”

    “Who?” Both Rose and Pepper asked at the same time.

    “ASH!!!” Is all that Latias said before zooming towards him.

    “So that’s the DMA? It looks dangerous.” Said Dawn while staring at the machine.

    “No kiddin’.” Said Ash with a chill down his back remembering nearly being killed twice thanks to the work of that very machine.


    “What was that?” Dawn asked very surprised.

    “I think it was... Lati...AS!!!” Was all Ash could say before being tackled to the ground by an invisible force.

    Alright well then... I've gotta go. STAY THIRSTY MAH FRIENDS!!! But seriously, Part 5 is almost done. (I've been working on it in my spare time) Well... MMMM.... RANDOM GUY AWAAAAAAY!!!!
  6. THOSANDJosh

    THOSANDJosh Member

    Chapter 5: Disappearing and Reuniting

    Hello everyone! My computer died on me, so I had to rewrite Part five. This is actually 3/4 of part five, so part six will be 1/4 longer. Sorry it took so long, I had allot of stuff going on and I had little time to write this.

    "Previously on 24"

    “So that’s the DMA? It looks dangerous.” Said Dawn while staring at the machine.

    “No kiddin’.” Said Ash with a chill down his back remembering nearly being killed twice thanks to the work of that very machine.


    “What was that?” Dawn asked very surprised.

    “I think it was... Lati...AS!!!” Was all Ash could say before being tackled to the ground by an invisible force.

    "Dun" "Dah" "Dun" "Dah" "Dun" "Dah"(JK)

    As soon as Ash was tackled,he and Pikachu had disappeared into thin air.

    "Uh... where did Ash and Pikachu go?" Said Dawn while looking around for them.

    "I... I don't know. They were just here a second ago."

    "Well they couldn't have just vanished. They have to be somewhere around this city." Dawn said wondering what could have possibly have happened to them.

    "Well we can't just go looking for them. We could get lost ourselves or worse." Brock said concerned for their friends but at the same time for their own safety as well.

    "But we can't just wait for them either. There's gotta be a way for us to search for them without getting lost."

    "I got it! We'll use the city map! That way we can look for them without getting lost!"

    "Brock what would we do without you?"

    "I don't want to know." Said Brock jokingly before the two ran off to the city center to begin the search for their lost friends.

    "Whoa! Where did Latias go with that guy and his Pikachu!?" Blurred Rose.

    "Well, guessing by what Latias said, that was Ash and his Pikachu. And by the way they just disappeared like that, I think that she teleported them to the garden."

    "But... how did she do that!?"

    "She probably just learned how to do that herself. So we didn't know that she could do that. Well come on, we gotta go see what's happening over there."

    "Right." Said Rose before the two of them began zooming towards the secret garden.

    The moment Ash was tackled, he closed his eyes before he hit the ground to brace for an impact. To his surprise though, he found his impact to be very grassy.

    "Pi-ka pi?"

    "Yeah... I'm okay. But... where are we?"

    "Ash!!! I thought I was never going to see you again!!! Even after Bianca sent the letter!!!"

    "Whoa! Who said that!?"

    "I did silly!" Latias said giggling as she saw the shocked expression on Ash's face.

    "Wait... Latias? Is that you talking?"

    "Yeah! Well it's not really talking... it's telepathy!"

    "Pi-ka pi-pikachu!"

    "It's good to see you to, Pikachu!" (Ha! That rhymes!)

    "When did you learn that?"

    "I don't really know... I guess it sorta came naturally."

    "That's cool. But umm... where are we, and how'd we get here?"

    "Well... I teleported us to the secret garden!"


    "Yeah! I just learned how to do it a few days ago! It's really easy! All I have to do is think about the place I want to go to, throw a little physic energy in and... poof! I'm gone in a flash!"

    "That's awesome! But what are we doing here anyways?"

    "Oh... sorry. I don't know what came over me. I was so excited to see you two that I guess I just took us to the first place that came to mind. I don't even know how I took the two of you with me."

    "It's okay. But we need to go find Brock and Dawn before they get worried sick."

    "I thought you were traveling with a girl named Misty."

    "I was, but her sisters won second in a competition and won a trip around the world. And well... someone's gotta tend to the gym."

    "I also traveled with a girl named May and her little brother, Max from Hoenn. But after I finished the Battle Frontier, she decided to go explore the Jhoto reigion by herself, and Max is still too young to travel alone."

    "Oh, okay then. But where's Dawn from?"

    "Oh don't worry, she'll tell you herself when we find her."

    "Well we aren't going to find them by talking! Lets go!"

    "Look Rose! There they are!"

    "So that's Ash! I always wondered what he looked like."

    "Come on! Lets go talk to them before they leave!"

    "Alright Latias, I think they're still at the muesum."

    "Okay! Follow me, I know some shortcuts!"

    "Wait!!! Stop!!!"

    "Huh? Hey, who are they?" Said Ash as two little kids ran up to them.

    "Ash, I want you to meet Rose, and Pepper. They're gonna be the guardians of Altomare when they're older."

    "Umm... nice to meet you?"

    "So you're Ash right?" Pepper asked while Rose was examining Ash in a way that Latias did the second time she saw Ash.

    "Uhh... yeah. Umm... is there something you need?"

    "Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to stare at you like that. I'm Rose. And he's my twin brother, Pepper."

    "And I'm guessing you must be Pikachu, right?" Said Rose while looking at the large yellow mouse perched on Ash's shoulder.

    "Pi-ka!" Pikachu responded happily.

    "Nice to meet you to!" Rose joyfully said.

    "Well now that we're all here, let's go find Ash's friends." Said Latias.

    "Good idea. I think if we wait any longer, they might call the police."

    "I think I saw them heading towards the city center." Pepper said recalling what they saw while they were flying to the garden.

    "Okay to the city center!!!.... if I only knew where that is." Ash said jokingly.

    "Relax Ash, we'll take you there. Besides, I want to meet your friends first." Pepper said.

    "Well, lets go! To the city center!" Rose shouted while running.

    "We better hurry before we lose her to." Pepper said sighing before they all ran off to catch up with his sister.

    Last edited: Jan 10, 2010
  7. Chargirl

    Chargirl Ultimate Fire User

    Another good chapter! It's awesome how you gave Latias the ability to teleport in my opinion. Also, cliffhangers aren't all that bad...

    Looks like chapter 6 is late, but when it comes out I probably won't be angry about it. (If every other chapter is this good, I'm not going to complain about it!)
  8. THOSANDJosh

    THOSANDJosh Member

    Part Six: Come Together (Right Now)

    Sorry it took so long, I am very busy at the moment. But, here it is, 1/4 longer than I intended it to be. And sorry about any errors, I spent all night typing this on my IPHONE straight into the document box. I do NOT own Pokemon or the Fallout series, but I do own the Juggernauts and the Lone Wandering Potato so... back off (Unless you have my permission, then it's okay.).

    As the Enclave troops surrounded the potato, Colonel Autumn said "Your a persistent one , but your efforts are futile, for soon this soil will once again belong to the American government." Suddenly several more vertibirds landed and pretty soon there were well over 300 Enclave Tesla & Hellfire troops surrounding the Jefferson Memorial and the brave little potato. Colonel Autumn then added "Well, what are you going to do now? Daddy can't save you and neither can those fools in the power armor who call themselves heroes." At first, all the potato did was let his googly eyes move around, but then he pulled out two scoped .44 magnums and said with a batman style voice "If there's anyone who needs saving, it's you and your friends.", and prepared for the final stand between the salvation of the Capital wasteland... or the total devastation of ALL life in it...

    "ROSE!!! Wait Up!" Pepper shouted as the three tried so desperately to catch up with with the speeding young latias.

    "She had to eat at least ten pounds of sugar or something to be that fast on legs!" Latias said as they were slowly losing distance with the speeding Pokemon.

    "Okay, that's it, I know it's dangerous to do this in public, but it's six in the morning and no body's out and we need to catch up!" Pepper said as he stopped and transformed back to his true form.

    "Okay, we're here, now what?" Asked Dawn as she looked around the almost abandoned looking city center.

    "I thought there would be a help desk of some sort around here so we could get a map, but it looks like no ones here yet."

    "Maybe we should wait for some people to arrive, that way we can ask them for directions." Dawn proposed.

    "Alright, but I'm going to look around for one of those hand-out stands to see if there's one for the town map."

    "Okay, sounds like a plan. Let's start looking for that map."

    As Rose darted through the empty streets, Pepper flew in front of her and screamed at her in telepathy "STOP!!! you're gonna get lost yourself if you don't slow down!"

    "Okay, you don't need to yell at me! We we're all going to the same place aren't we? So even if you lost me, you would have found me at the city center so calm down!"

    "Oh yeah, good point, but Latias doesn't want to loose sight of you, since we're just kids."

    "I guess you're right, I'll stay with the group from now on."

    "Well it doesn't really matter since were only about 40 feet away from the city center." Latias said finally catching up.

    "Well, now that we're all here, I guess we can all go to the city center together, right?" Ash said while looking at the huge building with multiple openings.

    "Yeah, lets go!" Rose said skipping to the city center.

    "Aah... if she only had a brain!" Pepper said walking along.

    "I think I've heard that from somewhere." said Ash as he was walking. (Wizard of Oz reference, in case you don't get it.)

    "Alright, I think I found a map, but it's not really portable." Said Brock while looking at a small computer.

    "Maybe I can download it on to my Pokedex."

    "That's a great idea! Let's see here, uhh... yeah! We can! Just connect it to the computer with this wire."

    After they downloaded the map, the two were about to leave, when they heard footsteps, and to their surprise and relief, it was Ash.

    "Ash! we thought that we were gonna have to look for you! We even downloaded a map onto my Pokedex!"

    "Yeah Ash! Where in the world did you go anyways? And how?" Asked Brock.

    "Well before I answer, Dawn, I'd like you to meet Latias..."

    (Total Subject change, but a "little" friend and a random character I also made up make moderate appearances in this part.)

    "I'd love to meet her, but... where is she?" Dawn asked looking around.

    "Behind you." Said Ash smiling as Latias faded into view.

    "Whoa! Where did you come from!?" Dawn said awestruck.

    "We turned invisible before we all came in." said Latias.

    "You can talk!?" Dawn and Brock said amazed.

    "Well yes, but it's not really talking, I'm just projecting my thoughts out loud."

    "Wow, that's so cool! But... we?"

    "Yeah! Oh, sorry. Rose! Pepper! You two can come on out now!"

    At first, nothing happened, but then, two small lati's appeared out of thin air.

    "Hi! I'm Rose! And this is my brother, Pepper!"

    "BIG brother, to be precise."

    "Okay, he's older by three hours, does it really make a difference? I just want to make some new friends!"

    "So, these are the new friends Bianca was talking about in the letter then, right?" Asked Brock.

    "Yup, these two arrived in Altomare just after you guys were leaving." Latias said while remembering that day."

    As the six were talking and reminiscing, a noise started emanating from the outside, followed by a bright green light.

    "What's that noise?" Latias said while looking at the light coming from outside.

    "I don't know, let's go see!" Ash said while running outside.

    The lone wandering potato was fighting Enclave soldiers outside the Jefferson Memorial when a loud noise came from the inside of the Memorial when a strange red dragon, a large yellow mouse, and a young man looking about the age of fourteen were seen in a blue orb flying through the air then disappearing, then the GECK suddenly went off, creating a large green orb, then the potato and twenty others disappeared from thin air.

    A large firefight was in progress between the United Nations armed forces and a large ultra nationalists group over several armed nuclear warheads that were coordinated to launch at the capitals of all the nation's in the free world.

    A man, around 6'2 was behind cover, with his squad, he was a well seasoned veteran, a former S.O.C.O.M Marine and was now the leader of a elite group of highly trained soldiers from around the world codenamed Juggernauts. His squad had the task of disarming the warheads and clearing the area, but as they were fighting, a loud noise was erupting from the warheads followed by a blue orb with three passengers inside, then a large green orb absorbing several terrorists and the mans squadron.

    (In case you're wondering, when Latias teleported multiple people with her, which she shouldn't have, she created a rift in two other universes, in which teleported some people (or potatoes) from those worlds into another world.)

    "Where in God's name are we!?" Said Master Sergeant Chamberlain while looking around.

    "Hell if I know, but I don't like it." Said corporal Romero while reloading his weapon.

    "Forget where we are, we got several tangos at three o'clock!" Said Lt. Salas while raising up his M4 and opening fire.

    The potato looked around, saw several Enclave forces as well as something new, 6 U.S Soldiers fighting what appeared to be terrorists, then decided to join the soldiers in the fighting, while the Enclave fought against both sides. In which there were pretty soon bullets (and lasers and fireballs from the Enclave) flying everywhere.

    "Whoa, what's happening!!!" Said Pepper while watching the fight go on.

    "I don't know, but they came from nowhere!!!"

    "Maybe you did something Latias when you accidentally teleported Ash and Pikachu with you!"

    "Well I don't know what those sticks they're holding are, but I don't like what's coming out of them, so lets get out of here!" Said Pepper while hiding behind a pillar.

    As the fighting continued, more and more Enclave and terrorists were dropping like flies, until there were none left.

    "Well that takes care of that." Said Corporal Ramirez while reloading.

    "Now that the area's clear, lets find out where the hell we are exactly!" Said Sergeant Cadena.

    "Hey, uhh... why is there a potato wearing clothes and sporting two revolvers?" Asked Private Garcia.

    "I'm no ordinary potato, my new comrades." said the potato.

    "HOLY CRAP!!! That potato talks!" Shouted Sergeant Chamberlain while looking down.

    "Where did you come from, and who were those guys in the tin cans anyways?" Asked Corporal Romero.

    "I'm from the same place you guys are from, just in an alternate reality I guess, where a nuclear war happened nearly two-hundred years ago. And those guys in the power armor are soldiers from a group called the Enclave, the evil remnants of the U.S government."

    "Well that sucks for you, but that doesn't answer our question as to how we got here." Said Corporal Ramirez.

    "I think I can answer that one. It was more than likely a dimensional rift. Um... Mr. Potato is it? Did you happen to see a blue orb with a large yellow mouse, a kid, and a large red dragon fly through the air, disappear, then followed by a loud noise and a large,green orb erupting from any advanced technology you were handling?"

    "That's exactly what happened, but the question of the matter is, what caused it to happen?"

    "Um... I can answer that one." Said Latias while floating to them with the rest of the group.

    At first, they all pulled their weapons out on them, but then lowered their weapons when they saw her as no threat to them.

    "Um... you said you saw a red dragon, a large yellow mouse, and a young man, right? Well that was us, and I think I probably caused that dimensional thing when I accidentally teleported my friends with me."

    "That would explain it, but what we need to know now is how to get home, because me and my men were in the middle of disarming several nuclear warheads."

    "Well I was in the middle of defending the Jefferson Monument so the Rivet City scientists could activate Project Purity."

    "By the way, who are you guys? And how is that potato talking?" Asked Ash while staring at them curiously.

    "Well, I don't really have a name since I'm a potato, but I do have a nickname, it's the Lone Wanderer, and I was part of an experiment to bring inanimate objects to life."

    "I'm 1st lieutenant Salas , and that's Master Sergeant David Chamberailn, Corporal Johnathon Romero, Corpora Homer Ramirez, Sergeant Andrew Cadena, and Private Roger Garcia."

    "It's nice to meet you all. My name is Latias. And that's Rose, & Pepper."

    "Hi!" Shouted Rose.

    "Nice to meet you guys." Said Pepper.

    "I'm Ash, and this is Pikachu!"

    "Pika-pi Pikachu!"

    "Hi! My name's Dawn."

    "And I'm Brock. It's nice to meet you."

    "Alright, now that were all acquainted, it might be time for us to be cleaning up especially since there are holes in the walls and about forty bodies over there." Said Corporal Romero.

    "Wait, they're... dead!?" Said Latias.

    "No they're just sleeping. Of course they are! We were shooting at them, and these are live rounds!" Shouted Sergeant Chamberlain.

    "What are rounds?" Asked Pepper quizzically.

    "Bullets, you know, the things that are shot from a gun." Said Corporal Ramirez.

    "What are guns?" This time Latias asked.

    "You're joking right?" Said Sergeant Cadena.

    "No, sorry." Replied Latias.

    "Seriously? Alright, guns are weapons, you know, like knives and axes and only difference is that guns launch small shaped pieces of lead by small explosions in the barrel, and these shaped pieces of lead are called bullets. Bullets are supposed to pierce through you and kill you, that's what they're designed to do! Kill you! They've been around for centuries!" Said David.

    "Wait a minute, so none of you knew what guns were until we explained it?" Asked .

    "Nope, none of us did." Said Brock.

    "That's the most beautiful thing I've ever heard." Said the Lieutenant.

    "Why?" Asked the group simultaneously.

    "If you don't know what guns are then that means they don't exist in this world, which means that war doesn't even exist in this world."

    "Does that mean violence doesn't exist here either?" Asked Sergeant Chamberlain.

    "No, it probably does, just not to the point where people die judging by Latias' surprise to find out that those guys were dead." Said the potato.

    "But wouldn't she be surprised anyways? I mean who wouldn't!?" Said Sergeant Cadena.

    "Well, yeah, but not as much as when you're expecting death." Said the potato.

    "Alright, enough talking. Latias, you and your friends go to wherever you live and we'll take care of this mess then be on our way to getting home. Don't worry about us. We'll be fine." Said the lieutenant.

    "Yeah, we'll have this place cleaned up in an hour or less." Said sergeant Chamberlain confidently.

    "Okay but if you need any help, just look for a guy named Lorenzo, or a girl name Bianca. Lets go guys, before people start waking up and spot us." Said Latias.

    "Remember though, keep this on the down-low to anyone other than people who you know won't talk about it, Okay?" Said Lt. Salas.

    "Okay, bye!!!" Said Rose as they were leaving.

    "Alright, here we are! The secret garden!" Said Latias as they walked into a large workshop.

    "This is the the secret garden, it doesn't really look like a garden." Said Dawn while looking around.

    "No, silly, it's through here!" Latias said while removing a cover to a hidden door that lead to the garden.

    As the group walked in to the garden, Bianca was busy sketching some pokemon playing in the ponds.

    "Oh hey Latias. Wait Ash!? I can't believe you came already! I only sent that letter off two days ago!"

    "I know, but I have plenty of spare time right now, so we thought it be nice to visit."

    "Hi, I'm Dawn, I'm Ash's new friend! It's nice to meet you!"

    "It's good to see you again, Bianca." Said Brock.

    "It's nice to see you know, grandpa is making eggs and pancakes if any body is hungry." Said Bianca.

    "I'd thought you'd never ask." Said Ash excitedly as they walked into Lorenzo's house.

    "Bianca, is that you?" Asked Lorenzo as he heard his back door close.

    "It's not just me grandpa, look!"

    "Hey Lorenzo! Long time no see!" Said Ash happily.

    "Ah, Ash! It's good to see you! Who's your new friend?"

    "I'm Dawn, and it's nice to meet you!"

    "Well it's a pleasure to see you all again. I hope you brought along empty stomachs with you, because I made plenty for all of you!"

    "Trust me, you probably didn't." Said Brock as Ash rushed to the table and quickly began eating.

    As everyone sweat-dropped while watching Ash stuff his face full, Ash said "What!? I'm hungry!!!"

    "Yeah, but you eat like a snorlax!" Said Dawn while giggling before everyone joined in for a laugh, including Ash himself.

    As the group joined in eating, Latias did less eating, and more of staring at Ash. Both in amazement of how much he was eating, but at how happy she was to see him.

    Ash then looked up at Latias. She quickly darted her face back down while blushing.

    Bianca noticed to, and decided to break up the awkward moment by saying "Did anyone here those explosions off in the distance, that's what woke me and Lorenzo up, because we thought that Altomare was in danger."

    "Yeah! We heard them to! In fact it was..." Rose stopped talking as Pepper nudged her.

    "What were you saying Rose?" Asked Bianca.

    "Uh... I was saying it was surprising. That it...uhh... woke me up to." Said Rose nervously.

    "How about you Latias?"

    "I woke up from it to, I actually went to go check on it. Although I didn't find what caused it in time, I did find Ash and his friends at the docks." said Latias.

    "I think the noise was coming from the city center, so maybe we should go check later." Replied Lorenzo.

    "Yeah, maybe after we finish eating." Said Bianca.

    "Okay, we'll do that. I will be right back." Said Latias worried as she flew away to the city center.

    "What's got her in a rush?" Said Lorenzo wondering.

    "Please be done, please be done, please be done." Said Latias while she was zooming through the air.

    When she got there, it looked as if it had never happened. Not only was she relieved, she wondered where they went, and how they cleaned up so fast with only six guys and a potato.

    However, these weren't her concerns. All her mind was focused on at the moment was getting back home, eating breakfast, and finding a way to tell Ash how she feels.

    As she flew back home, she continuously kept thinking about ways to reveal her feelings to him when it clicked.

    She went home with a smile on her face and a heart full of hope.

    I don't know whether or not to keep those characters as one time guys or make them full time characters. It wouldn't be a pure Pokemon story, but it would be at least three times as long. PM me for advice on what I should do. Well.... MMMMMM.... RANDOM GUY AWAAAAAAY!!!!
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