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Altoshippping General Discussion

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by Chris-The-Scout, Dec 9, 2004.

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  1. Let's talk about Altoshipping: The ship between Ash and Latias.

    Do you support it?

    If so feel free to talk about it and show Altoshipping pictures.
  2. Murgatroyd

    Murgatroyd Dull Manga Avatar

    I think I'll start things off with the classic picture. The one that says it all.

    I was one of the earliest English-speaking AltoShippers, and I'm glad to see one of these threads again.
  3. Thanks, for some reason I can never find altoshipping fanart, fanfics, or even hear it being mentioned.
  4. Peach

    Peach Well-Known Member

    One of my favorite Altoshipping pics:
  5. Alfonso

    Alfonso Derpgull

    Are you sure that *is* an Altoshippy picture though? The guy in the background looks like Gary to me. I can't be certain though, because you can't really see his hair properly. (Although, the outift he's wearing looks suspiciously like Gary's, from what you can make out.)

    ...Although, who would draw a Latias x Gary pic? :p

    As for my own thoughts on the ship, I'm not really bothered either way. I certainly like it a hell of a lot more than Pokeshipping and Advanceshipping, though, that's for sure. ^_^ If Ash *had* to end up with anybody female, then I'd go with this. (Note: A girl. I believe that Ash is gay.)

    Edit: Actually, yes, it is Ash. The weird little 'z' shapes are under his eyes.
  6. Someone with a good imagination :p
    I can draw a Misty x Harley pic, if you want ;)

    Anyway, I was Altoshipper long time ago. I belived, Latias ia a perfect girlfriend for Ash. I think, she is a nice girl (err... pokemon) and Ash should meet someone like she.
  7. Shigeru-kun

    Shigeru-kun Property of Jesus

    *squeels* I luff Altoshipping. ^^ I also made a banner for it months ago...

    Unfortunately though, you can't use it anymore since the banner limit. T.T; Makes me a little mad since I loved how it turned out ^^;

    Ah well though. I still love Altoshipping ^^ I believe it's one of the only ships that actually shows some hints from both sides. Sure Satoshi was just playing, but he did seem awfully protective of Latias. I also liked where he ran off after her and left Kasumi and Takeshi XD As for Latias...well, we already know there are hints from her.
  8. *cries* I have had your banner!

    It was cool. Ash was so...ummm.... Latias was very interesting for him ;)
  9. Murgatroyd

    Murgatroyd Dull Manga Avatar

    I like to refer to that one as "the scene where Ash ditches his friends to chase a girl".

    And for my next pic, a page from the official movie comic...
  10. wayc

    wayc Latias Fanatic!!!

    Yay! A new Altoshipping thread. I haven't ranted about Latias and Ash for almost 8 months now.

    Awww! I remember that pic! It even has a little heart of love! That is soooooo cute! ^^ It's easy to understand why she would love or at least have a big crush on him, after she saw his potential and saved him from crashing into the wall and then tried to help him win the race... and then he saved her from Annie & Oakley. They did a lot for each other throughout that movie.

    That's why I personally believe that the kiss really isn't the shippy part of the movie... it was everything else that led up to the kiss... the kiss was just the summation, not what the whole ship should be based on.

    Anyway, yes... I don't know of any Altoshipping fanart... there is a cute one on the Special Features screen of the Japanese DVD that I think Murgatroyd or someone else showed us a picture of once. . .

    I know of two Altoshipping fanfics though. One's a songfic on ff.net and another is a little three or four part series on Pokemon Tower. I still have yet to read them though. I better, before they disappear.

    Anyway, long live Latias & Ash! ^^

    The most rabid Altoshipper... seriously.
  11. Murgatroyd

    Murgatroyd Dull Manga Avatar


    I haven't seen those yet, but I have encountered a few in Japanese.
  12. wayc

    wayc Latias Fanatic!!!

    Can the fics you've found be translated?! o_O;; Want to trade links? XD

    I just saved your DVD picture. I forgot to the first time. It's really a shame they didn't put it somewhere on the U.S. DVD, being one of the few DVDs I own... the picture really is too adorable for words. I wish I could draw them that well in a pose like that. =(

    In the comic, is Latias saying something in the panel after she reveals her true form? Do you know what it says? I'm pretty sure she didn't say anything in the movie. :p It's probably like "SQUEAL" or "CHIRP" or something, but just thought I'd ask.
  13. Thanks,
    This is helping,
    I'll post some pics if I find any.
  14. I'm Back,
    Just wanted to say that I might be starting a Altoshipping fanfic soon.

    p.s. sorry if this counted as a double post.
  15. gonbemaster

    gonbemaster Guest

    Yay! I like Altoshipping. I can't wait till you fanfic MooshyKris. You could edit instead of double posting.
  16. azngirlLH

    azngirlLH Battle Pyramid Champion

    I totally love altoshipping. I believe it was one of the few pokemon/human shippings I support besides Chikorita and Ash. ^=^

    Not even Misty gave Ash a kiss yet, Latias beated her lol.
  17. Yeah, I'm making two fics: a Altoshipping which you'll see later and another fic which it's first chapter might be posted tonight.
  18. magicangirl2

    magicangirl2 Guest

    Ah, I was wondering what Latias X Ash is called. Now I know. ^-^

    I love Altoshipping. Latias and Ash seem to really be fit for each other, though I must admit, I'm a bit of an Advanceshipper, too. >_<

    One of the parts I noticed was when Aeredactoyl(SP?) attacked and Ash and Pikachu fell in the water, Latias saved them, and she looked very concerned about Ash's safety. ^-^
  19. wayc

    wayc Latias Fanatic!!!

    Yeah! That river scene was so cute, before Aerodactyl attacked them. She was gently pushing him along in the water. That was soooooooooo kawaii! At least I think that's what was happening... I haven't seen the movie since January, but I know something like that was there. ^^

    Yay! A new Altoshipping fic?! Yes!!!! Be sure to let us know in here when you post it somewhere MooshyKris, because I can't navigate myself through this forum worth anything!
  20. I'll Be posting my Altoshipping fic soon right now I just posted my first fic.
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