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Am I crazy for thinking this is the best looking Pokemon game ever made?


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Sure SW/SH might have had better graphics with 3d and all that

But LGPE has so much more charm and the art style is so much closer to the old games and the anime as far as cities/environment and characters goes

For all its customization SW/SH makes me feel like I'm playing a random NPC due to the lack of distincts features available to make your character stand out (this is especially true for male characters I believe, female characters get much better outfits/customization options imo)

I for one would have loved BDSP to use the same graphic style as LGPE as it is my favorite in the whole series so far and the most charming in my eyes


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Yes, you are crazy.

Happy now?

In all seriousness. I don't like how the maps are just 1:1 tranlations of the ugly, blocky maps from the original games. They were far too faitful to the original map-layout and that, in some cases caused them to forget the original intent (which should have been followed instead)
Like the bicycle bridge appears in all maps and auxiliary media of Gen 1 as an actual bridge. But because they couldn't render that well in R/B/Y it looked like two bicycle roads next to a channel in Let's Go (never mind how the ships to and from Vermillion harbour are supposed to get past that)


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It definitely has a very nice colour palette and has superior out of battle graphics to BDSP. The fact you can ride some Pokémon was a nice touch as well.

While I'm not a fan of "the grid" I feel the overall world design of LGPE is better than SWSH. I'd rather have detailed small areas than barren wastelands with minimal details.


I think the graphics are quite nice, but that's basically all the praise I can muster for these games. Everything else is lacking from my perspective.


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No. It's your opinion, and you're entitled to it. You're not "crazy" for thinking it's the best looking Pokemon game ever made. Everyone's taste in graphics are different, and you're not exception.

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Yes. LGPE is held back by the design limitations of the GB original having things like blocky level design, flat areas that show very little elevation (the only form of elevation they have is basically ledges), short routes that you can blow through in 5 seconds (see: Rt. 7, Rt. 16, Rt. 18), and a lack of environmental diversity (you mostly just have grassy fields, cities, caves, and water routes, that's it). It feels like a giant LEGO set designed by a 5 year old. Compare that to a game like SwSH or LA which has tons of large, open, realistic environments, with visible changes in elevation that make mountains and valleys have appropriate height/depth, appropriately sized and scaled areas, and a large variety of environments, and it's just no contest. You can really tell that the former was designed on the GB and the latter were designed on the Switch, the design capabilities and philosophies are just night and day different between the two and the former really shows its age.


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It does have nice graphics. But the removal of wild battles, motion based catching (Which doesn't support pro controllers since i own a switch lite and i dont want to shake it and risk dropping it.
Then there's the chibi style and tons of other things that also hold it back from ever buying it, unless a local store puts it on sale.
But i'd love to borrow it with and and the pokeball controller to get the mew.