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Am i just lucky with natures?


Hasty Ho Oh

It took me 1 egg to get an Adamant Larvitar (From a Modest parent), 1 egg to get an Adamant Pinsir (from a careful parent), Timid and Mild on 2 Ralts Eggs, Mild Treecko in one Egg, 1 egg for a Hasty Bagon, 1 egg for a Quiet Eevee (for Espeon on DP), Mild Natu in one egg, Adamant Trapinch in one egg, and a Quiet Spionk in one egg...

All were bred with Ditto's and this on Sapphire.....Jst wondering if anyone else has such luck with Natures?


The Essential One
No, I tend to have bad luck and takes a couple of eggs to get the natures I want.

ferret :D

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I ve only started to breed to get natures a few days ago and i finally got the nature i wanted yesterday(Modest btw)now to breed for Ivs.

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X~.:Water lord:.~X
use dito+everstone
Come on. It takes me about 10-20 tries for the one I want. >_<
Lucky you.


I have an entire PC box full of Sneasels and only 1 Adamant. :p
I said it was Sapphire *rolls eyes*

Cool, 1/25 chance and im getting them almost everytime XD. O and i got a Hasty Sneasel earlier :p
Even with the Everstone, it still takes me forever to ge what I want >>

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X~.:Water lord:.~X
your just lucky with natures


Hasty Ho Oh
^bad luck,and if your talking about nature+gender+trait+good iv's I know what you're talking about...
I dont really care about IV's. Trait is good, though most of the things im breeding have only one trait...*shrugs* IV's mean basically nothing for me. Ill EV train where appropriate...

Im only really after Natures and gender in some cases...For instance trying for a Rhyhorn with Crunch now :D


Remember me from RSE
i seem to get the natures i want easily, i got my bold squitle on my first egg, and my adamant eevee on my second.