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Am I seriously running a Singles team on here?! O:

Black Murder Heavangelon

Ow! Ow! Harder! Ow!
As the title suggests, I rarely do Singles. Doubles are more fun, but not as often played as Singles. Sooner or later, I had to join the mainstream metagame of Single battles. But I wasn't going to succumb to the standard so and so. Oh no.

Gonna do one of these team at a glance things, I guess.

Clauses: Item Clause (restrictions provoke creativity), Species Clause, Evasion Clause (I really don't care which tier this team fights in but since Hippowdon exists here I guess OU)​

Weavile@Focus Sash
Inner Focus - Jolly - 252 Spe/252 Atk/4 HP
-Low Kick
-Ice Shard

omg my favorite AntiLead EVER. Back then when Fake out leads where more common I used to run Sneasel over Weavile because he had Inner Focus and he was really weak to Normal type Fake Out users. So I ran Counter to net some surprise KOs. It was fun back then and it's still fun now.

Taunt shuts down leads running SR. He loses out to Aerodactyl and Deoxys S but but they're pretty rare. Counter is to screw with them when they attack after getting Taunted. I've had some people rage quit on me because of this. Low Kick is awesome because a lot of pokemon in the OU tier are heavyweights and don't suspect it. Ice Shard is for priority as Sneasel usually has one last opponent to put down before fainting. It's stronger than people expect it to be.

Hippowdon@Choice Band
Sand Stream - Adamant - 252 Atk/252 Sp.Def/4 HP
-Stone Edge

CB Hippowdon. Not seen very often, but Hippowdon's sole purpose is to come in and set up Sandstorm as well as to disspell opposing weather. As Hippowdon is running Max Attack and Choice Band, not much can resist his hits very well without suffering. Earthquake is STAB, Stone Edge is pain, Superpower oh god it hurts, and Crunch is his next strongest attack after the others for coverage.

I gave him as much Sp.Def as I could so that he can take some hits, but I wonder if they need to go. Like, maybe they are better off in his Def? Suggestions welcome.

Mandibuzz@Lum Berry
Overcoat - Impish - 252 HP/252 Def/4 Spe
-Knock Off


That's what I think my opponent's are thinking when they last two turns against Mandibuzz. She has this incredible ability to troll opponents. Toxic wears down opponents that can't hit Mandibuzz hard enough, and Roost recovers her from consistent damage. Knock Off removes Leftovers that would otherwise negate Sandstorm damages and can sometimes cripple opponents entirely. Flatter is the last troll move Mandibuzz has that can confuse opponents, especially boosting ones like Gyarados and Scrafty, who still have trouble dealing 2HKOs after a boost. The confusion chance can also help Mandibuzz land a Roost safely, and the Sandstorm will have finished them off effortlessly.

Natural Cure - Calm - 252 HP/252 Sp.Def/4 Sp.Atk
-Mirror Coat



If any of you thought of the first line, you have the appropriate response to a set like this.

Corsola is by no means bad. Sandstorm support makes her incredibly impervious to Special Attacks, so she's my designated Special wall, so to speak. What's great about this set is Corsola's ability to use multiple Mirror Coats without relying on Focus Sash and stuff. Scald is for some STAB but it's mostly used to try and Burn opponents. Recover plus Leftovers contribute to her Sandstorm bulk making her a ***** to take down. Protect stalls for Leftovers recovery and Sandstrom and/or Burn damage. Mirror Coat is what makes Corsola so threatening here, as she has a brilliant absorbance to Special attacks and can fire them back all day erryday.

Stoutland@Silk Scarf
Sand Rush - Adamant - 252 Spe/252 Atk/4 HP
-Fire Fang

Getting tired of those max/max spreads? I am too. Too bad. It ain't broke.

Double STAB may seem a tad bit odd to have, but Stoutland is a dedicated revenge killer. He lacks priority, yeah, but dat Sand Rush. Retaliate obliterates pokemon after a teammate is KOd. Even resists hate it. Return is for when the next pokemon is sent in as Retaliate is weaker after Stoutland has calmed down and lacks PP. Crunch hits Ghosts and Fire Fang hits Steels. It doesn't murder them as badly as I want it to, but it's his best attack against them.

Hitmontop@Air Balloon
Careful - Technician - 252 HP/252 Atk/4 Sp.Def
-Rapid Spin
-Mach Punch

Not an everyday set with a standard spread. The nature and EVs balance out his stats, Careful backs up his already good Sp.Def while the Attack EVs put some punch in his...punches. Rapid Spin blows away Entry Hazards as the Air Balloon renders him immune to Spikes and Toxic Spikes on the switch in. Mach Punch gives him some mean priority with Technician. Pursuit is for fleeing Ghosts anticipating Sucker Punch while Bulldoze is another fun move that can catch the wrong pokemon switching in.

The least successful of the team as Hitmontop doesn't commit a whole lot to the team. I can maybe try out Sucker Punch and Taunt over Pursuit and Bulldoze, to see if that works better. But for now, suggestions are open.

That's my Singles team. I actually have more Singles teams but one at a time folks I don't do this often.

Also, try not to suggest standard stuff like Scizor or Excadrill. I like winning, yeah, but I like having fun winning too.


Elite Trainer
You have quite a fighting weakness. Could I recomend that you remove maybe Mandibuzz for Poison Heal Gliscor? Gliscor becomes a status absorber once poison orb activates, restores health when poisoned and is immune to sandstorm damage. Gliscor can easily wall most fighting pokemon while it itself can set up swords dance.

Hope this helped.


The best way to support stout land and hippo is a FWG core featuring a special wall such as milotic shaymin and rotom-h. Try it

BTW this team is UU


Definition of insanity
1. Run night slash or pursuit on weavile over counter, i don't rly like the idea of it, it destroys weavile's purpose. (Jsyk, its ability is pressure.)

2. Ditch corsola, too many counters for it like the UU tier...and they're physical attackers. Idk for what tho...

3. Life orb stoutland since it provides a boost to all moves, jolly to help it out of sand, and run wild charge over retaliate. Wild charge threatens waters who may wanna sweep you and retaliate only works the turn after something faints, not the 2nd turn, etc.

4. Make hitmontop adamant and life orb it...air balloon is rather useless b/c it isn't weak to ground moves.


Well-Known Member
On hitmontop drop bulldoze for stone edge.

On stoutland double stab moves are useless. Drop one of those for wild charge/ice fang. Which ever coverage your team is lacking.

You also have a huge fighting weakness