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Am I too Old?

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its not how old you are, but you old you feel


If you're still having fun with it, do it. Who cares what entertains you?


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I like the games and all the stuff since I was like 5-6 when it started, and I still like it.

Your never too old, it just depends if your actually like Pokemon, not to make fun of it or anything like that. Pretty much like my step brother is to Pokemon now.


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I'm 19, I am still obsessed with pokemon XD


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personally, it really doesnt matter so long as you know who its okay to let know and who should be shot the instant they find out. at school the few people that find out about it without me telling them just laugh really hard and talk about something else (like despart housewives LOL) (or the football game, but thats not as funny as some of the other things). its really just about when YOU think that your too old. not what others think. Just dont walk around with a pikachu hat or buy the games when your with friends who dont know or are blabber mouths. allthough if ALL you EVER play is pokemon then i wonder. If its a game that you buy after you run out of good options then its fine. But people who own all of the games and bought the DS JUST for pokemon are wierd.

the only real indicator that you MIGHT be too old is when you put off much more important stuff.like atending a funeral or graduating college.


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Of course not. Pokemon is pretty much timeless. You know, my mother still plays and is up to date. I used to be pretty ashamed of playing, but I couldn't care less anymore. It's an incredible game that leaves me addicted.


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i would type "lol" but id need to put "ten char" next to it and thats no fun.

but you cant say its timeless. otherwise there would have been no 10 annivers events lol.


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No one's too old. Sure, like me, when things go wrong (like say you lose your cart in diamond) you lose a bit of interest in the franchise, but being in a forum, along with other fans will keep the spark alive in you. Likewise, if you want to stop, then do so. But don't do it because some other person objects to you playing Pokemon.


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You seriously, Everyone remembers it and don't think they are too old for it, when people my age.

We all love the games

In the area I live in if you like Pokemon and your older than about 10 people laugh at you and call you gay.


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If you enjoy it, you play it. Who cares what people think about it? It's not really childish or anything. They're pretty in-depth games. Seriously, don't worry about age when it comes to Pokemon.


No, you're never too old to be into Pokemon.

My half sister was into this franchise since the first generation, & that was when she was ~25 years old. Unfortunately, her new lifestyle made her into a shadow of her former self.

The good thing is that I'm following in her footsteps; I even have the old Pokemon carrying case which my half sister used, which is now her memento to me...


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You're never too old for pokemon :3 My husband and I ( we're in our early 20's ) still like to sit down and play a good game of Pokemon cards. Plus I have almost all the pokemon games.


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Who cares how old you are? Many people play it all over the world from 5-65. One time the Pope said he enjoyed playing Pokémon and they're full of goodness for all people!
Funny as I actually joined this forum to seek this very answer. Although I am not ashamed of what I enjoy it is certainly reassuring to know that other of my age group enjoy playing this game. I am 22 and have been playing on/off since day 1.

I know the general responce has been "You're never to old to do something you enjoy" but I can relate to the original poster's need for this question to be answered. There is always going to be that tiny voice in the back of your head telling you that it is a game designed for children and you really shouldn't be enjoying it as much as you are but what matters is how much louder the voice saying "Sod it, this is awesome!" is.

I guess threads with responce's as large and positiveas this has been helps a bundle!


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Iv'e always been in to Pokemon ever since it came out and i'm 17 now. I will probably like
it for ever. Or at least I hope I will. It's hard to believe that iv'e liked it since I was like 7.


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That's like asking if you're too old to breathe. Okay, it's really not. But you can't let people get to you, it should be a guilty pleasure, it should be a hobby, pastime, obsession what have you and you shouldn't let other people try to get you down.

I've said it time and again, ignore them, and it doesn't matter. They will eventually stop. It's also fun to just agree with everything they say, I do that on more than one ocassion.


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My borthers and sisters (I have seven of them) say to me that I'm too old for Pokemon and that I'll grow out of it, but I'm only 12! My friends also don't like Pokemon, and they feel I should stop liking it, but that doesn't make me feel too old. I don't think I'll ever be too old for Pokemon, even when I turn 88. I don't think you can be too old to like things even if they are childinsh, but if you like Pokemon because that's what you like, then why should you stop liking it because people tell you to?

Amen to that. I see nothing into Pokemon that make me nerdy. I have PBR, Diamond, MPR and Trozei (glad to lose it). Since when does a piece of Chinese boy's labor make me a "pointdexter"?
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