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Amethyste's Little Breeding Corner [IVs, Aprimons, Hidden Abilities, Egg moves]

Discussion in '8th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by Amethyste, Dec 31, 2019.

  1. Amethyste

    Amethyste The Breeding Whiz

    Welcome to my Little Breeding Corner!

    • I'll be way less active now due to my vacation being over. Please be patient with the trades, going to add a trading list now for convenience.
    • All my breeds are german.
    • All my breeds in the Available section can be either competitive (=perfect IV spread for its purpose) or random (=random IVs). Only trading competitive for competitive and random for random.
    • Please use this form when posting!

    Currently Looking For
    • 'Mons in apriballs or beast balls or those pokéballs as items.

    Competitive or Random
    [​IMG]Arrokuda[​IMG]Swift Swim or Propeller Tail (HA) - Adamant - 31/31/31/xx/31/31 - Thrash, Accupressure, Slash, Night Slash - male or female
    [​IMG]Blipbug[​IMG] Compound Eye, Telepathy (HA) coming soon - Bold or Timid - 31/xx/31/31/31/31 - Recover, Sticky Web, Infestation - male or female

    [​IMG]Dhelmise[​IMG]Steelworker - Brave - 31/31/31/xx/31/00 - no egg moves available - only neutral

    [​IMG]Drampa[​IMG]Berserk or Cloud Nine (HA) - Quiet - 31/xx/31/31/31/00 - Mist, Dragon Rush, Tickle - male or female

    [​IMG]Eevee[​IMG]Anticipation (HA) - Modest - 31/xx/31/31/31/31 - Wish, Yawn, Double Kick - male mainly

    [​IMG]Feebas[​IMG][​IMG]Swift Swim or Oblivious, HA at request - Bold or Timid - 31/xx/31/31/31/31 - Mirror Coat, Haze, Confuse Ray, Hypnosis, Dragonbreath (please choose max. 4) - male or female
    [​IMG]Ferroseed[​IMG]Iron Barbs - Relaxed or Brave - 31/31/31/xx/31/00 - Leech Seed, Knock Off, Toxin - male or female

    [​IMG]Hawlucha[​IMG]Unburden or Mold Breaker (HA) - Adamant or Jolly - 31/31/31/xx/31/31 - Cross Chop, Mean Look, Feint, Quick Guard

    [​IMG]Indeedee (M or F)[​IMG][​IMG]Psychic Surge (HA) - Timid - 31/xx/31/31/31/31 - Female only: Heal Pulse, Psycho Shift; Both genders: Psych Up, Fake Out - male or female; please choose carefully as they have some differences like egg moves!
    [​IMG]Lotad[​IMG]Swift Swim or Own Tempo (HA) - Modest - 31/xx/31/31/31/31 - Counter, Leech Seed, Synthesis, Tickle - male or female
    [​IMG]Magikarp[​IMG]Rattled (HA) - Jolly - 31/31/31/xx/31/31 - no egg moves - male or female

    [​IMG]Mawile[​IMG]Sheer Force (HA) or Intimidate - Adamant; Brave with 0 speed coming up - 31/31/31/xx/31/31 - Power Up Punch, Ancient Power - female or male

    [​IMG]Oranguru[​IMG] Symbiosis (HA) or Telepathy - Relaxed or Sassy - mostly 31/xx/31/31/31/00 or 31/31/31/xx/31/00 - Extrasensory, Yawn, Last Resort, Dream Eater - male or female

    [​IMG]Rookidee[​IMG]Keen Eye or Big Pecks (HA) - Impish - 31/31/31/xx/31/31 - Roost, Tailwind, Sandattack, Defog - male or female

    [​IMG]Rufflet[​IMG]Hustle (HA) - Jolly or Adamant - 31/31/31/xx/31/31 - none available in the game - only male

    [​IMG]Solosis[​IMG]Magic Guard or Regenerator (HA) - Bold - 31/xx/31/31/31/31 - Acid Armor - male or female

    [​IMG]Toxel[​IMG]Rattled - Timid or Modest - 31/xx/31/31/31/31 - Metal Sound, Endeavor, Power-Up Punch - male or female

    [​IMG]Vullaby[​IMG]Overcoat or Weak Armor (HA) - Careful - 31/31/31/xx/31/31 - Roost, Mean Look, Toxic - female only

    [​IMG]Vulpix[​IMG]Draught (HA) - Timid - 31/xx/31/31/31/31 - Howl, Roar, Hypnosis - female mainly

    [​IMG]Wishiwashi[​IMG]Schooling - Quiet - 31/xx/31/31/31/00 - Water Pulse, Mist, Take Down - male or female

    Competitive Projects (not yet ready):


    Only Random IVs (future competitive projects)

    Applin: Moon Ball
    Arrokuda: Lure Ball
    Axew: Beast Ball
    Clobbopus: Heavy Ball
    Corsola: Moon Ball, Love Ball
    Cottonee: Moon Ball, Love Ball, Friend Ball
    Cufant: Love Ball, Heavy Ball
    Darumaka: Moon Ball, Beast Ball, Level Ball
    Deino: Beast Ball
    Dreepy: Moon Ball, Beast Ball, Friend Ball
    Duraludon: Heavy Ball
    Falinks: Love Ball
    Farfetch'd: Friend Ball
    Goomy: Dream Ball,
    Growlithe: Dream Ball
    Hatenna: Dream Ball
    Honedge (0 speed): Moon Ball
    Impidimp: Beast Ball, Moon Ball
    Lapras: Love Ball, Moon Ball
    Litwick: Moon Ball
    Mareanie: Love Ball
    Milcery: Love Ball, Beast Ball
    Mimikyu: Moon Ball, Love Ball
    Morpeko: Moon Ball
    Mr. Mime: Moon Ball
    Phantump: Moon Ball
    Ponyta: Dream Ball, Moon Ball
    Ralts: Moon Ball
    Riolu: Fast Ball
    Rotom: Level Ball, Beast Ball
    Sableye: Beast Ball
    Sinistea: Dream Ball
    Sizzlipede: Beast Ball
    Snom: Love Ball
    Solosis: Friend Ball, Beast Ball
    Spritzee: Dream Ball
    Togepi: Moon Ball, Friend Ball, Love Ball
    Torkoal: Heavy Ball
    Trapinch: Love Ball
    Wooper: Lure Ball
    Zigzagoon: Beast Ball, Lure Ball, Moon Ball
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2020
    Rikue and Ghost94 like this.
  2. Rapter

    Rapter Well-Known Member

    I am interested in a Blipbug in a Moon Ball.
    I can offer a Hatenna, Mr. Mime, Milcery, Rookidee, Snom, or Darumaka. All have their HA and are in Moon Balls.
  3. Amethyste

    Amethyste The Breeding Whiz

    Sure.:) I'll be afk for 30 minutes or so and PM you afterwards. Interested in your Darumaka in Moon Ball.
  4. Ammy-chan

    Ammy-chan Well-Known Member

    Interested in Love ball Vulpix. I currently have Friend ball Togepi and Beast ball Riolu ready to go if you're interested in those, both with HA. If not, let me know what you might be looking for
  5. ok boomer

    ok boomer Well-Known Member

    Congratz on making your thread work ^^
    Interested in Lotad and semi interested in oranguru
  6. Amethyste

    Amethyste The Breeding Whiz

    Hey^^ Thanks, had to type it out all again and then just added formatting one after another. Seems to work now.
    Oranguru is pretty much done, although i struggle to get many 31/31/31/31/31/00. Instead they turned out 31/xx/31/31/31/00 or 31/31/31/xx/31/00 mostly.

    Lotad will be next :)
    ok boomer likes this.
  7. ok boomer

    ok boomer Well-Known Member

    Cool just let me know and your future pokes looks interesting to me also!
    Amethyste likes this.
  8. Amethyste

    Amethyste The Breeding Whiz

    • Overhauled the whole shop, added a form etc.
    • New competitive Mons: [​IMG][​IMG]
    • New random IV Mons: quite a few, see list

    Stay tuned for more!
    ok boomer likes this.
  9. Tivio

    Tivio Well-Known Member

    Pokémon I want: feebas
    My special wishes: timid nature, oblivious and, if possible, haze EM
    IV spread: 31-XX-31-31-31-31
    Nickname: -
    My offer: HA adamant machop(moon ball), HA modest indeedee(moon ball), HA adamant timburr, HA jolly rufflet, HA jolly drilbur, HA timid togepi or HA jolly rookidee(heavy ball). Some of them have EMs.
    I also have jolly perfecr IVs ditto(so just missing special atk), but I just trade it for shinies or for perfect dittos with other useful natures.
  10. Amethyste

    Amethyste The Breeding Whiz

    Added. Will PM you once it's ready :)

    Interested in your modest HA moon ball indeedee.
  11. TeamSnagemWes

    TeamSnagemWes Well-Known Member

    Pokémon I want: Love Ball Mawile (HA)
    My special wishes: Brave nature if possible!
    IV spread: Random
    Nickname: Audrey
    My offer: Beast Ball HA Sizzlipede, EMs Knock Off, Struggle Bug and Rollout; Level Ball HA Farfetch'd (5iv), EMs Double Edge, Simple Beam and Night Slash; Love Ball HA Spritzee (5iv) EMs Wish and After You.

    I also have a 4iv Ditto I can change the nature to Adamant with, it is -Sp.def and Speed :)
  12. Amethyste

    Amethyste The Breeding Whiz

    Sure to the mawile. you said random IVs which means it won't be 0 speed by the way - that OK? 0 speed could take 1-2 days to complete rn.
    Interested in your Beast Ball HA Sizzlipede.

    thanks for the ditto offer but an adamant ditto due to ability capsule switch won't help much because it can't pass on the switched-to nature D:
  13. TeamSnagemWes

    TeamSnagemWes Well-Known Member

    Ooh I didn't know that about the Ditto! Thanks for clarifying :) And the IVs don't matter to me at all, just the nature really! Whatever is easiest for you though
  14. Lt. BLEU™

    Lt. BLEU™ Top Class Lieutenant

    Hi, apologies for not following the format, but I was wondering do you have 5/6IV ditto that you can trade?
  15. Det. Viper

    Det. Viper That’s Detective Viper to you

    Pokémon I want: Darumaka (beast ball) and Arrokuda (lure ball)
    My special wishes: Both my offers will have at least 4 IVs of 31 so I request these do too.
    IV spread: [Random]
    Nickname for the Pokémon:
    My offer: Zigzagoon (beast ball), Mimikyu (dream ball).
  16. Amethyste

    Amethyste The Breeding Whiz

    Don´t need a Mimikyu any more but thanks D: You got any other aprimons?
    Will definitely take the Zigzagoon in beast ball though!
  17. xeloo

    xeloo Member

    Hello :)

    I have two requests

    Pokémon I want: Relaxed Ferroseed
    Ability of that Pokémon: Iron Barbs
    IV spread: [Competitive]
    No nickname
    My offer: Eiscue in Quick Ball with Icicle Crash and Belly Drum

    Pokémon I want: Rookidee
    Ability: Big Pecks (HA)
    IV Spread: [Competitive]
    No nickname
    My offer: Lapras in Love Ball with Sparkling Aria, Freeze-Dry, Curse and Ancient Power

    let me know if you are interested in any of these and if so, when you are available
    Thank you :D
  18. Det. Viper

    Det. Viper That’s Detective Viper to you

    I haven’t played in a few days so I don’t know what else I have at the top of my head. Let’s do Zigzagoon for Darumaka (both in beast balls and at least 4 IVs). Would that be a fair trade for you?

    I’ll check what I’ve got in the next few days and see if I got anything worth trading for the Arrokuda.
  19. Amethyste

    Amethyste The Breeding Whiz

    Hi! Thanks for your offers :) They are competitive too, right? I was asleep, different timezone and such, and got to go to work soon.

    Nvm not taking the quick ball one, sorry D:

    @Det. Viper Sure! I'll breed one quick, can trade for the next hour or again in 10-11 hours.
  20. xeloo

    xeloo Member

    So, can you trade me the Ferroseed for the Lapras? They are not Competitive unfortunately :(
    Are you still interested?

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