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Amnesia: The Sinnoh Chronicle

Be not fond of the dull smoke colored light from hell. Remember the clear light, the pure clear white light from which everything in the universe returns; the original nature of your own mind. The natural state of the universe unmanifest. Let go into the clear light, trust it, merge with it. It is your own true nature, it is home.

Many people will tell you, 'don't go towards the light.', but at this moment in time in the void of darkness, I reached for it as if it were an old friend. Ready to embrace the warmth that was starting to take over my outreached fingers, endlessly waiting to be engulfed in a sea of light.

Why were so many afraid to take the extra step into the unknown abyss?

Nearly there, I just have to reach out…and touch it….home…

My fingers grazed the misty wisp of the 'light' and I was instantly blessed with warmth throughout my hand. I reached with my other to capture the light and bring it closer to my body to share this feeling, but my arm would not move. It instead reached downward towards the black abyss, beckoning to another entity deep within.

I turned my head and saw nothing. Pitch black.

The light that had welcomed me before was now distancing itself from me. I shot my hand out, grazing the light again as I began to plummet into the darkness once more. I watched as the light faded into the never ending distance, never going out, but shrinking to a miniscule size.

As I fell, the cold wrapped it shrill hands around my body, engulfing me in a blankest of bone chilling cold. It clung to me as if it was sapping the warmth out of me, and I was more than certain that's exactly what was happening.

I closed my eyes as I waited for the inevitable death that was upon me.

But it did not take me yet, for it was not done with it's play toy.

Instead, it spoke. A voice all too familiar, and yet, completely alien.

He is more than a hero, he is a god in my eyes – the man who is allowed to sit beside you, he who listens intimately to the sweet murmur of your voice, the enticing laughter that makes my own heart beat fast. If I meet you suddenly, I can't speak – my tongue is broken; a thin flame runs under my skin; seeing nothing.

Hearing only my own ears drumming, I drip with sweat; trembling shakes and I turn paler than dry grass.

At such times,

Death isn't far from me.

I closed my eyes and smiled, ready to embrace the absolute which was death.

As I fell further into the depths of darkness, the faintest sound of…something bombarded my ears, growing louder and louder with each passing second, pummeling my eardrums. The winds picked up around me and I started to sway, a few inches here and a few inches there, but as the sounds began to rise to the point of unbearable noise, my body was violently tossed every which way.

I kept my eyes closed and my breath even, what happened to my body was now at the control of God*

I fell for hours in the abyss, wishing for anything solid to come within my grasp, and praying to the heavens above that this would all come to an end very soon.

-Unknown Region, Unknown Location-

"****. I shouldn't be out here this late. My pokemon aren't strong enough to handle anything out in these wilds. Maybe I should head back.."

I looked on towards my destination point and then back behind me, the faint glow of my town illuminating through the overgrow. It was a small town, hell, too small to even consider it one, but everyone was nice and friendly there and we were close enough to the professors lab for protection if the Pokémon in the area got too aggressive.

I looked up into the sky and gazed upon the stars above, being this far from any major city was a major blessing, you could easily see the stars above as clear as day when you went out a mile or two, more so when you're closer to the lake.

"No. I have to do this, I have to keep my faith strong.."

I took a deep breath and trudged onward, my destination only being a couple hundred yards further. When was the last time I came here? It's honestly been a long while, not since dad was still around that's for sure. Mom was a strong believer but dared not come here after the incident with...

My thoughts were cut short as I came through the brush and the landscape opened up before me. To my right was a small and shallow natural made cove, a popular destination spot for young couples and families during the summers, but in the winter it was always empty and quiet in the area.

I made my way towards the waters edge, the cool air blowing past me and the harmonious sounds of the small waves splashing onto shore filling the area.

I wandered over to my usual 'spot' on the pier and stood with my head down staring into the dark pool of water below me. It was so peaceful, and glorious, yet..

It was a thing of nightmares. Who knows what could be lurking below the calm surface right now, staring back at me, waiting for the right moment to pull me under and never let go.

I shook my hands out to release my nerves and took a deep breath. It was time.

He is more than a hero, he is a god in my eyes – the man who is allowed to sit beside you, he who listens intimately to the sweet murmur of your voice, the enticing laughter that makes my own heart beat fast. If I meet you suddenly, I can't speak – my tongue is broken; a thin flame runs under my skin; seeing nothing.

Hearing only my own ears drumming, I drip with sweat; trembling shakes and I turn paler than dry grass.

At such times,

Death isn't far from me.

I pray to you, my savior, send a loyal servant to aid in my time of need.

I finished my prayer, which I had done countless times before, and dropped a small pearl into the water below, watching the water ripple and the reflection of the stars contort as the lake slowly mended itself back to it's calm nature.

I raised my head to the stars and smiled, it had been awhile since I came to this spot and recited the ancient poem that my father and the professor had always told me.

"Ah! A shooting star!" My spirits rose at the sight of this. Maybe my prayer was finally heard this time. One can only hope.

I continued to look at the 'shooting star', which resembled that of a diamond in color, as it shot across the night sky, illuminating the area around me.

"That's weird, they usually disappear quick." I pondered as to what the mysterious object in the sky could be, until it finally dawned on me that the 'shooting star' was not blazing a trail across the sky, but making it's way straight towards the lake!

I ran as fast as I could off the dock and into the closest part of the forest to escape whatever was coming my way. As the object grew near an ear splitting sound grew louder and louder with each passing second and the temperature around the lake sky rocketed to an unbearable heat.

I stared at he object from behind a mighty oak tree as it barreled down towards earth, my hands over my ears and my eyes squinted from the intense light it was giving off.

"Arceus! I didn't mean this!" I screamed as I turned away and squatted to the ground, unable to take the intense light and unbearable noise.


The ground shook and the air was thick with silence immediately after the collision. I turned around to catch a glimpse of what ever the hell that was that hit the ground, but my vision was blocked by debris and mist.

I took a few deep breaths and straightened out my clothes, I should turn back, it would be idiotic to get closer to what ever that might be. Maybe it's a pokemon?! My mind buzzed with excitement as I rushed through the destroyed part of the forest and back onto the banks of the lake, eagerly forgetting of the possible danger that this foreign object could be. I ran along the bank of the lake, my eyes scanning vigorously for the fallen object until I saw a dim light to my left, and sure enough, not even fifty feet from me was the 'shooting star'.

At first I started to run, but as I grew close to the dim light I slowed my pace and prepared a pokeball, hoping for the best but expecting the worst, my fear now coming back as I cursed myself for even attempting to handle this alone, I should have gotten the professor, at least he would know what to do.

I stopped when I was about ten feet from it, gasping out loud and almost positive that my eyes were playing tricks on me. It must be the space particles in the air right? There's no way that this could be... but it is!

I ran up to the boy that was laying down in the dirt and now small crater, his body completely unscathed but the cloth surrounding some parts of his body did not fare too well.

"Hello?!" I yelled at his motionless body, hoping for a response from whoever, or whatever this thing was.

I knelt down with caution and gingerly reached my hand out, the energy illuminating his body fading but holding a warm aura around him. There was something quite soothing about this man, the vibe of peace and tranquility instantly shot through me and spread like a wildfire.

"I have to get the professor." I stood up and sprinted towards the professors lab which was in the next town over, hoping that he would be awake at this hour and praying no one else saw this strange happening, the last thing I needed was unwanted attention.

I ran as fast as I could, leaving a trail of broken branches and soft prints in the mud, hoping that the professor would help me, even though he has never turned down a request from me.

The trail to his residence was not as populated with wild pokemon as the surrounding areas, but the occasional Starly would scramble for flight as I bolted down the path. Even a few Bidoof went scurrying back to there burrows when I came to close, most of the times they would defend there territory, but at this hour in the night I suppose even the most territorial pokemon wouldn't bother with a human sprinting past.

I halted as I came upon the sign signaling my destination; Sandgem Town

I grinned and continued my pace towards the professors, whose residence was luckily on the outskirts of the town nearest me. I ran through the streets, my boots smacking the pavement and echoing off the small townhomes and shops around me while the street lamps cast shadows all around me. Rounding the corner to my destination I noticed a figure exiting the laboratory wing of the lab.

"Professor! Wait!" I yelled, waving my arms to get his attention. The person in question moved their head towards me and cocked it to the side.

"Hikari?" His voice boomed towards me. "What are you doing out this late? You need to get home this instant! It's dangerous to be out alone at this hour!"

I jogged up to the professor and caught my breath, having ran all this way was not the most ideal situation, but the odds seemed to be in my favor tonight.

"I'm sorry Professor Rowan, but I have something really important to tell you!" I managed to get out through ragged breaths

"I'm sorry young one, but now is not the time, we can have this discussion tomorrow if-"

"I was at the lake professor, I saw something! It was-"

"You WHAT?!" His voice echoed throughout the streets and his face contorted to one of shock and complete anger. I took a step back at his sudden outburst, he was never one to be violent, but whenever he raised his voice it always made me feel tiny and insignificant to him.

"Are you hurt? What were you thinking?!"

"I'm really sorry Professor!" I pleaded. "I went to the lake to recite the poem like I do every year, but this time it was different! The gods* finally answered me this time! They have sent a hero to aid us in our time of need!" I was practically bursting at the seams with happiness, the more I thought about it, my hopes continued to rise.

"Hikari, you must take me to the lake at once and show me what it is you are speaking about!" The professor straightened his stance and locked eyes with me.

"If what you say is true, we must get to him before they do."

My stomach flipped and my heart sank instantly at the thought of who they were. The ones that purged this land and filled it with impure wants and needs of the people, taking and stealing for their own selfish reason, I spat at the mere thought of them.

"We have to hurry professor!" I jumped down the steps as quickly as I could, the professor just a few feet behind me with his briefcase swinging down by his knees. We passed the outskirts of the city and barreled down the path towards the lake, my mind a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions as our destination came closer and closer. Could this really be the miracle everyone was hoping for?

As we came closer to our destination the professor slowed his pace and stopped on the path, slowly reaching for his briefcase and mumbling to himself.

"Professor, what are you doing? We need to hurry!"

"Quiet! Haven't you noticed the lack of Pokémon in the area?"

I hadn't given it much thought, but now that stopped and listened to the sounds of the forest I realized, there was none.


The Pokémon I had encountered earlier had vanished and all that was left was the sound of the occasional gush of wind and footsteps from the professor, who had two Pokeballs at the ready.

"We must tread carefully from here on, no telling what might happen. Stay close to me." I nodded and followed the professor out of the brush and onto the familiar landscape of the lake. The water was back to it's calm and majestic demeanor while the temperature had declined to a rather chilly level.

"There." I pointed to my left, the glow was gone, but you could make out the faintest of landscape change from the moonlight.

"My god.." The professor gasped out loud as we ran up to the man made crater, with the man still inside.

"This is unbelievable, what the hell happened?" He pocketed his Pokeballs and started to inspect the man for signs of life.

"Well, I came out here to recite the poem to the gods as I do every year, and as I dropped my pearl into the water I noticed a shooting star flying through the sky, but it soon came barreling down towards earth. I ran for cover and waited for everything to die down, and when I went to investigate I came across, him."

The professor was at a loss for words, but then again so was I. The story I just told him would be considered insane, and I would probably be locked up if I went around telling everyone about it.

"If this is true my dear, then we must hurry and take him to a safe place, and hope that our prayers have finally been heard and that this man is the answer."

I stood back as Professor Rowan picked up the unconscious man and slung him over his shoulder, eliciting a small grunt from the older man.

"Time to go, but we're going to have to take the back ways, sun up is going to be here soon and I don't want anyone growing suspicious of us walking through town with a half naked man over my shoulder."

As we made our way around the lake the eerie quiet of the land was soon broken by a low muffled sound that continued to grow louder and louder, I paid no attention to it as the professor and I walked around the banks to the hidden path that led to the northern part of Sandgem. But as we grew closer to the forest, the distant muffled sound grew in volume and was more distinct than before.

"Helicopters. They are on their way." The professor huffed while emitting a low growl, before picking up the pace and heading down the path that we took on our way here.

"Professor! Where are you going?" I gave chase as the elderly man sprinted down the path with much vigor.

"We need to keep him hidden until the coast is clear, we'll need to stow him away until night fall where we could then take him to my lab." He adjusted his shoulder weight and continued running.

I stayed a few feet behind him, my mind in a buzz as I thought of possible solutions on how to help. I didn't have to think that much as the answer was right in front of me.

Twinleaf Town - Population: 57

"Professor! Take him to my house for today, we can take him to the lab tonight when the coast is clear!" I yelled to him as I ran past him, setting my sights on getting us to the safety of my house as quickly as possible. I heard no response from him and accepted it as an agreement, there really wasn't any other way seeing as Twinleaf Town was smaller and less well known that any other town this side of the country.

As we ran up to the property the sun was beginning to rise over the forest and the Starlys were singing their morning notes.

"Quick, around the back, we can carry him in through there without bringing too much attention."

I quietly opened up the side gate as the professor shuffled past me, the man slung over his shoulder still unconscious and swaying with the professor with each step he took. I went on ahead and unlocked the back door while doing a quick check to make sure no one was awake just yet. I signaled the professor in and locked the door behind him. The sound of the choppers becoming louder with each passing minute as we both stood with baited breath.

"There's no way that they could know about us, or him, right professor?"

"I do not know child, if they mobilized that quickly for him, then it's safe to say that they will be searching for him with every resource they posses." The professor walked into the back room and laid the unconscious man onto the small recliner, stretching his back out and sitting on another recliner next to him.

"I think it's best that we wake your mother and explain things to her Hikari, we wouldn't want her to come downstairs and see us three in this unexpected circumstance."

"Right.." I nodded to the professor and walked back through the kitchen with the professor behind me, with any luck my mother would be understanding with the help of Rowan. We walked up the stairs and down the hall, coming to a stop at the last door on the left. I knocked softly and got a quick response.

"Hikari? Is that you making all the noise sweetie?" The sound of soft footsteps made their way towards the door and undid the lock.

The door opened to an older woman, not much older than forty, her blue hair that was the same color as mine put up in a messy bun and her glasses hanging off the bridge of her nose. She stared at me for a few seconds before her eyes widened slightly at the sight of Professor Rowan.

"Professor! What a surprise! I wasn't expecting company this early in the morning." Johanna quickly tightening her robe and running her hands over her hair

"I apologize for the intrusion Johanna, but there is something of great importance that we must speak about downstairs, if you please?" He motioned with his palm down the stairs and let my mother pass, her watchful eyes boring at me with worry.

We came down to the front room, my mother taking a seat on the couch as the Professor and I stood about the room.

"What is this about? Hikari? Are you ok?" Her mood becoming quite panicky as she started to piece together some sort of answer as what the importance of this talk was about.

"Johanna, this isn't going to be easy to say, but I need you to trust me as I explain what is going on." The Professor straightened his back and motioned for me to start talking. My mother looked at me, a new wave of panic flowing through her.

"Well, you see, the thing is-"


The back door slammed shut, knocking down a few papers that were around the vicinity

"Damn!" The Professor nearly yelled, running towards the back door with great haste.

"Hikari! What is going on?! Tell me right now." My mother shot up from the couch and grabbed both my arms, her eyes misting over with tears. I couldn't answer her though, I was too scared to move. Could they have found us that easily? The helicopters had long since gone and the small town was at it's peaceful nature for quite some time.

I took my mothers hands and motioned for her to follow me to the back, hoping that the professor was taking care of whatever situation was presenting itself to him.

We made our way through the kitchen and into the back room, only to find it empty. Crap. I panicked and ran around the room, looking for the mysterious man and the professor, but came up empty handed in my endeavor. Where could he have-?"

The back door.

I sprinted past my mom and flung the back door open revealing a sight most, well, too amazing to put into words.

The professor was frozen in his spot, his mouth agape and eyes staring straight ahead.

At the back gate of our property was the mysterious man, clad in only his tattered and torn cloth, standing upon the fence staring at the sky above.

I looked back at my mother, her face unable to read as she also stared at the newcomer. I squeezed her hand and lead her to the professors side who had now collected himself and was in deep thought.

"Professor, what's going on?" My mother asked, her other hand squeezing the elderly mans shoulder. But he did not answer, nor did he look at my mother. His eyes were glued to the man on top of the fence.

"Professor," I said with a quiet voice, "What happened?"

He was quiet for a second but opened his mouth to speak, before quickly shutting it and chuckling to himself.

"I asked him where he came from." He said, running his hands through his white hair and scratching his snow white beard.

"And?" I asked, beyond curious as to who this man was and where he came from.

The soft winds blew all around us as the morning was in full bloom now, the Starlys flew over head with the occasional Staravia leading the flock to their unknown destination, the man on the fence following them with his eyes and reaching his right hand up to the sky.

As the flock flew above us, one of the Starly that was tailing behind the flock swooped down towards us and flapped it's wings a couple feet above the mysterious man, staring at him and cocking it's head while chirping to him. The mysterious man let out a single whistle and the Starly flapped down onto the mans outstretched arm.

My mother and I gasped at what had just happened, Starly were known to be skittish and not ones to warm up to humans so quickly, but this man let out a single whistle and the Pokémon perched itself right onto his arm. Just what exactly is he?

"He says" The professor said while closing his eyes and smiling from ear to ear, a wave of relief washing through him as he spoke the final words.

The mysterious man turned around and looked at us, the Starly on his arm flapping its wings taking off only a few inches in the air and perching on his head while a small yellow blur came from the other side of the fence and ran up his body, sitting itself on his left shoulder. The man reached around and scratched the yellow rodent behind his ears which in turn was greeted with a small squeal of approval from the small Pokémon, and then turned to look at all of us, a faint smile on his face while his platinum eyes stared at us.

"He says he's from the stars."