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Among the five Florges' ornaments, which one do you like the most?


Rose of Fire
Florges, who's for me the most representative fairy of Kalos, region in which this type has seen the light, can be of different five colours: red, yellow, orange, blue and white.

Red ornament:

Yellow ornament:

Orange ornament:

Blue ornament:

White ornament:

The question is pretty simple: out of the five Florges "which one do you like the most"/"have you chosen to play with" during your Pokémon adventure in the Kalos or Alola region?


I don't have a favorite form per se, although I suppose that I like the Red Flower Florges the most simply because it appears to be the default Florges form in most Pokemon-related media.


Well-Known Member
I really wish there was a purple one, since that's my favourite colour and all :confused:

But among the one available, I guess I like the Yellow and Blue ones best. So many flower Pokemon are red or pink so it's nice to see a few other colours as well.


Great Ball Rank Trainer
Orange since it's my favorite color, but I'd love to see what an Eternal Flower Florges would look like


Kanae, Keeper of the Gates Emblazoned
Blue and yellow. Still wish there were a purple one. I have a particular dislike for the color red, except in special cases, like AZ's Floette. Unrelated note: Floette was my favorite 6th Gen Pokemon the second I learned about it by evolving my Flabebe and before even learning about all the AZ stuff that it happens to have going for it.