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Among the six Rotom's forms, which one do you like the most?

Choose your go-to Rotom's form.

  • Regular Rotom

    Votes: 4 21.1%
  • Fan Rotom

    Votes: 2 10.5%
  • Frost Rotom

    Votes: 2 10.5%
  • Heat Rotom

    Votes: 4 21.1%
  • Mow Rotom

    Votes: 6 31.6%
  • Wash Rotom

    Votes: 7 36.8%

  • Total voters


Rose of Fire
Rotom, the Sinnoh's Old Château's flagship Pokémon, is capable to enter into various household appliances through which has the possibility to evolve/change its battle performance.
To refresh your mind, here are the six different Rotom's forms which can enter a battle:
Light Bulb Rotom, or better Regular Rotom:

Fan Rotom:

Frost Rotom:

Heat Rotom:

Mow Rotom:

Wash Rotom:

So, Rotom trainers, which one form of this particular Pokémon do you "make use of"/"enjoy" the most?

Shiny Venusaur

Internet Relic
I like all of them, especially base Rotom, but out of the non-original form, I'd have to say Rotom Mow is my favorite from a design perspective. Rotom Frost is probably my least favorite of the forms, but that was the Rotom card I got with my Platinum game.

I do wish they'd retcon Rotom Fan and give it Hurricane though. It deserves something. :/


I preferred the original Rotom over its appliance forms from Platinum version. I was never all-that found of Rotom's form change feature to begin with.


Rose of Fire
The colour of its "aura" makes me choose Frost Rotom and also because, being the latter a fridge, maybe I can look if there's some food inside from time to time.

Captain Jigglypuff

Leader of Jigglypuff Army
Mow mainly because I find it hilarious how the blades are it’s teeth and look evil which is really hilarious considering how harmless and innocent Rotom looks in its normal form. I also like the Rotom Dex and Phone designs.


Well-Known Member
Mow rotom is my favourite design out of all of them, and I think grass/electric is a cool typing. Wash rotom was such a nightmare to deal with in competitive and was everywhere in OU, so I wasn't fond of it over the years. It's still a solid pokemon though.