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Amoureux (PG-13, various)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by taitofan, Feb 3, 2007.

  1. taitofan

    taitofan Stalker!

    It just dawned on me that I've yet to put up the Pokemon fic I'm doing for 15pairings. It's doing well on ff.net, so... Why not? The challenge is to write fifteen fics in one fandom, each having one new couple. So each will contain a new ship with it's own kinks... And so people can skip to what they want to read, I'll post a nice list of what couple will be used where... I'll update this as new parts go up.

    Chapter List
    1. Photographs - Tensionshipping (Harley x Shuu/Drew)
    2. Up Close and Personal - Firebirdshipping (Kojirou/James x Haruka/May)
    3. Practice Makes Perfect - WitheredFlowershipping (Jupetta/Banette x Shuu/Drew)
    4. Together - Challengeshipping (Kurotsugu x Jun/DP Rival)
    5. Mind Games - Respectshipping (Satoshi/Ash x Shuu/Drew)

    Now, without further ado, here's the first part!


    by taitofan

    Rated PG-13 for yaoi

    Disclaimer: I don’t own Pocket Monsters. This saddens me, but it’s a fact I’ve learned to live with.

    Authors Note: Yeah, so I wrote this forever ago in church and just added a paragraph or two lately… It was initially finished when I wrote Sauce actually. That’s why it’s rather short compared to how some of my other fics have been lately. Having to watch little kids at church is like, the best way to get the creative juices flowing, you know? Anyways, I’ve always liked the thought of Harley being in love with his camera. Platonically of course. Um… This is dedicated to Serebii’s Harley Fan Club, which never fails to give me good ideas. I love you guys!

    Japanese lesson- Harley uses –chan after his pokémon’s names because he loves them very much. Take that as you wish.

    15pairings theme: #9 photograph

    Flames do nothing but make me laugh, although I'll listen to any CC you have. Please read, review, and enjoy! Finished 12-15-05


    Shuu’s eyes widened in shock at the sight that lay before him. What he saw seemed near impossible. Questions such as “what?”, “why?”, and “how?” ran through his head. But most of all, he wanted to know—

    “When in the world did you take all of these?” Harley looked up from his task at hand and stared at his lover quizzically.

    “What do you mean?” Shuu cocked an eyebrow and pointed to the multitude of photos sitting on the table. There were so many that the stacks were threatening to fall over and cover the floor. Harley had been sorting through them when he arrived, and it was the first time Shuu had ever seen them. Sure, he knew his lover had a camera and wasn’t afraid to use it, but this was ludicrous

    “I mean what I said. When did you manage to take all of these pictures? There are hundreds of them!” He picked up one of himself eating ice cream. When had Harley managed to take that one? He hadn’t even realized that Harley had had his camera with him that day… He put the photo back down and picked up one of him after a contest that he’d lost.

    …That contest had been before they’d started dating… And he didn’t even remember seeing Harley there. Another photo from a contest caught his eye as well. He remembered it well enough. It had been before he’d become friends with Haruka… And he had won it. However…

    He hadn’t even met Harley at that point in time.

    This was getting odder by the moment. What exactly was Harley? A stalker? God knew he had his share of those crazy lunatics. A rabid fanboy? He wouldn’t be the first one. A psycho effeminate gay guy with a camera fetish? That sounded pretty damn accurate…

    Shuu shook his head to clear his mind. He was being ridiculous. Harley was his boyfriend, and he’d known that he was odd long before they’d begun dating. He did dress up like his favorite pokémon after all. He knew he shouldn’t be so surprised that his lover had such an odd hobby, but it did make him wonder…

    “Exactly how many pictures do you have?” Harley’s expression brightened at the question. He quickly stood up from the table and grabbed Shuu’s hand, leading him into a different room that the boy had never been in before. Taking a key out of his pocket and unlocking the door, he ushered the astounded boy in. It was quite possibly the biggest room in the house, and it was filled with shelves lined with photo album after photo album.

    Obsessive was definitely putting it lightly.

    “Oh, I have six more albums of you, nine of Robert, seventeen of Noctus-chan, twelve of when he was Sabonea-chan, fifteen of Jupetta-chan, ten from when he was still Kagebouzu-chan, eleven of them together, seven of Ariados-chan, twenty-nine of all three together, six each of Octan-chan and Pukurin-chan…”

    As Harley gushed on and on about all of his photos, Shuu couldn’t help but smile. If it made him this happy, then Shuu could deal with him having so many pictures. After all, it wasn’t hurting anyone, and it kept him occupied. Better to have him snapping photographs than trying to murder Haruka, right?

    …He had noticed that some of them were of him undressing though. He made a mental note to have a nice chat with Harley later about a little thing called “privacy”…


    Heh, I'm lucky, cause this chapter is just over a page. X3 I should probably note that these "chapters" have nothing to do with one another... I have at least two more ships with Shuu and Harley each. ...Harley is such a perv. He pwns. ;D
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2007
  2. taitofan

    taitofan Stalker!

    Lack of reviews stop me? Never! Here's the next part...

    Up Close and Personal

    by taitofan

    Rated PG-13 for het, lolicon, and implied sexual activities

    Disclaimer: I don’t own Pocket Monsters. This saddens me, but it’s a fact I’ve learned to live with.

    Author’s notes: This was originally a drabble to the word addicted for my friend Vycksta. I thought it fit this theme quite well though… And I really like it despite all of the kinks it presents, especially since this is one of my favorite het couples in Pokemon. So, yeah… Lolicon ahead. Just…give it a try please.

    15pairings theme: #7 up close and personal

    Flames do nothing but make me laugh, although I'll listen to any CC you have. Please read, review, and enjoy! Finished 10-25-06


    It was crazy—borderline completely and utterly insane—for him to be feeling the way he was. To be so utterly addicted to the kisses of the ten-year-old girl—or was she eleven now?—that it kept him up at night, kept him from doing his job, made him go mad with need when she wasn’t around…

    “Hey, is something wrong? You seem kinda distracted.” Such an insightful girl she was when she wanted to be. So sweet despite her mature body. It made her look at least thirteen. Still illegal, but not so bad as—

    “How old are you now?” She giggled, not mad because she’d never told him anyways, and ran a delicate hand down his chest.

    “I just turned eleven a few weeks ago. Why? Wanna give me a present?” She didn’t bring up morals, because they agreed when this first started that it was best not to think of such things. But oh, the way she said it—present—and that gleam in her eyes completely contradicted the air of innocence she carried… Innocent his ***. He could get twenty years behind bars for the things they’d done late at night. But hey, he was a criminal anyways, so what was one more delectable crime going to matter in the long run?

    “What did you have in mind?” he questioned, a low, throaty whisper in her ear that made her shiver.

    “How about I just lay back and enjoy the ride?” And that was probably what he found most appealing. She didn’t try to dominate him like Rumika and Musashi did. She just went with it, no matter what, smiling and giggling all the way. Until she started moaning of course. He found that she was very sensitive like that.

    “All right then. Happy birthday to you…” And then his lips were back on hers, and his hands untucking her shirt while her hands reached for his belt—and they knew it was wrong but by god, they didn’t care.

    Because he was addicted to her beauty, corrupted innocence, and eagerness to please, while she was addicted to his charm, passion, and occasional naivety to match her own. Together, they were just two individuals who wanted—needed, loved—each other, consequences be damned. Just two people…

    Just Kojirou and Haruka.


    Heh, that's like... A page exactly without the notes. ^^; Don't worry, this is the shortest one. The next chapters are between 5-15 pages in word, so I'll make up for it, I swear. Though, if this couple disturbed you...just wait a few more chapters. ;3
  3. hikari_blaze

    hikari_blaze Well-Known Member

    The Tension one had to be my favorite, especially the last sentence. <3 And I love the sexual activities in the FireBird~ <33
  4. taitofan

    taitofan Stalker!

    Aw, thanks Hikari. ^.^

    Here's the next one, and yes, they're getting longer. This one was originally a part of Project G that didn't fit in... Oh well.

    Practice Makes Perfect

    by taitofan

    Rated PG-13 for yaoi

    Disclaimer: I don’t own Pocket Monsters. This saddens me, but it’s a fact I’ve learned to live with.

    Authors Note: When I started writing this, it was going to be part of my fic, Project G. However, I ended up taking the story in a new direction, and this no longer fit anywhere. I liked the idea far too much to abandon it though, so I decided just to write it as a one-shot for 15pairings instead. Since I’m sure most people haven’t read my fic, just know that Harley’s pokémon are human-pokémon hybrids and dating Harley, Shuu is dating Robert, and another guy likes Robert too. The rest doesn’t matter, but I encourage anyone who likes this to give P-G a try!

    Japanese lesson- Harley uses –chan after his pokémon’s names, so the others do too. Cause Jupetta is just too darn cute not to.

    15pairings theme: #4 practice makes perfect

    Flames do nothing but make me laugh, although I'll listen to any CC you have. Please read, review, and enjoy! Finished 10-04-06


    “Jupetta-chan, can I talk to you?” The red-eyed hybrid looked up curiously from his task, somewhat surprised that the boy had spoken to him. When they’d been elected to gather firewood, he’d assumed that it would be carried out in virtual silence. Sure, they were friends now, but Shuu still wasn’t the most sociable person he knew…

    “Sure Shuu! What’s up?” The boy took a deep breath, not quite believing what he was about to do. Jupetta-chan might have looked human, but deep down he was still a pokémon. But cute pokémon-human hybrid or not, he was still the closest to Shuu’s age. Plus, other than Robert, he was really the only one in the group with whom Shuu was comfortable. And he certainly couldn’t talk to his boyfriend about this.

    “First, promise you won’t tell anyone what I’m about to ask you.” The hybrid nodded, smiling amiably.

    “Of course! I won’t tell anyone, I promise! Not a soul!” Shuu had to resist the urge to bite his lip as he wondered if he should really be doing this… But he’d come this far, so he definitely couldn’t turn back now

    “All right… So you know that Robert and I are together now, right?” Once he received a nod, he continued. “Well, you see, I… I don’t… That is…” When he trailed off, Jupetta-chan dropped his gathered kindling and walked over to him, laying a hand on his shoulder. Whatever was wrong, he knew it must be important to have unnerved Shuu of all people…

    “It’s okay Shuu, you can tell me. I promise I won’t make fun of you or anything. We’re friends, so you can trust me.” Shuu sighed, knowing that the longer he hesitated, the harder it would be to ask him…

    “…I don’t know how to kiss. I mean, I know how, but not anything more than the basic stuff. Robert obviously knows what he’s doing, but I can’t ask him to teach me. But you— I’ve seen you with Harley and Noctus-chan before, so you must know what you’re doing too. So I… I want you to teach me how to kiss!” Jupetta-chan stared disbelieving at the boy. His face, unsurprisingly, was flushed a deep red. It must have taken a lot of courage to ask that… Especially for someone like Shuu…


    “Look, I know you love Harley and Noctus-chan, and I love Robert, so don’t think I want you to cheat on them or anything! I just want a lesson—that’s it. You know what to do, I don’t, you won’t tell anyone, I—” Jupetta-chan figured that this was what humans called “freaking out.” And if Shuu continued in this frenzied manner, he was liable to black out from a lack of air. So he did what he assumed was the best course of action…

    He started the lesson.

    Shuu, though he had obviously hoped that Jupetta-chan would help him, hadn’t expected him to be so…enthusiastic about it. He surely didn’t expect the hybrid to pin him to the ground and ravage his mouth—tongue and all—like there was no tomorrow. Not that he was complaining mind you. Picking Jupetta-chan as a teacher had definitely been a good idea. Perhaps even too good, because Shuu was having a difficult time getting enough oxygen to keep from passing out…

    “Lesson one,” Jupetta-chan stated as he quickly pulled away, not sounding in the least bit out of breath “is how to breathe through your nose during a heavy make-out session. We’ll begin the practice now.” And with that, Jupetta-chan’s tongue was once again attempting to reach the back of Shuu’s throat. The coordinator had no idea if that was even possible, but he had a feeling he’d soon find out…

    After Shuu had mastered the first lesson—he was a quick study, so it only took one more time of almost passing out to perfect it—they moved onto lesson two. That involved Shuu mimicking Jupetta-chan’s tongue motion. Then came what to do with your hands… They both enjoyed that one. The more techniques they went over, the more Shuu’s mind conflicted. On one hand, Jupetta-chan was an excellent teacher, and he was bound to blow Robert away the next time they were alone…

    But what if Robert questioned how he suddenly knew what he was doing? What if someone came looking for them—really, how long did getting firewood take?—and found them like this? What if it was Robert and he never trusted him again? What if it was Harley or—god forbid—Noctus-chan, and they gutted Shuu right then and there? What if… What if he ended up liking this as much as he currently did and started having second thoughts?

    Oh, what the hell am I doing? I shouldn’t be doing this with anyone but my boyfriend… Robert wouldn’t have cared! I’m such an idi— Oh god, what was that?

    When Shuu had stopped responding, Jupetta-chan kicked the lesson up a notch. Maybe he didn’t love Shuu like he loved his boyfriends, but this was way too fun to stop already. He was getting to be the dominant one for once after all.

    “Jupetta-chan,” he managed to gasp in between the passionate kisses he was receiving, “we should— They’ll come— Stop…” Well, this was no good. How could he teach a reluctant student? He supposed that he’d just have to change Shuu’s mind…

    “Okay Shuu,” the hybrid said, pulling away completely and sitting up, “I’ll stop. You’ve certainly made progress… Not perfect of course, but you’ve improved at least.” Hook, line, sinker. Just as Jupetta-chan expected, Shuu’s ego was a bit too big to accept that assessment.

    “What do you mean ‘not perfect’? ‘Improved at least’? I heard you moan a few times too!” …And Jupetta-chan had won.

    “Well, yeah, you’re way better now, but not perfect. I still have a lot to teach you. Don’t you humans have a saying about perfection?” Shuu allowed the hybrid to lower himself back down, suddenly no longer caring about anyone coming and looking for them. Sudden thoughts of Rani hanging off his boyfriend cemented his decision.

    “You mean ‘practice makes perfect,’ right? Yeah, it does. So… More practice then?”

    “Oh, lots,” Jupetta-chan agreed.

    And practice they did.


    Oh Jupetta-chan, what a card.

    Next will be an extremely kinky one, but it's also one of my faves... This one I actually started at a movie theatre and finished in Abnormal Psychology. XD My muses are strange like that.
  5. taitofan

    taitofan Stalker!

    Ahhh... This is one of my fave chapters, and it currently the only one I've written specifically with this challenge in mind. And what do you know, it's Challengeshipping! My DP OTP needs more love... So I'll just go overboard with the love here. ;3


    by taitofan

    Rated PG-13 for yaoi, shota, and incest

    Disclaimer: I don’t own Pocket Monsters. This saddens me, but it’s a fact I’ve learned to live with.

    Author’s notes: …I don’t know. I honestly don’t know. I wanted to write my Diamond/Pearl OTP, and somehow this idea came up… It’s not quite what I’d had in mind, but I like the end result. And if you can get through this extremely kinky chapter, you can probably handle anything I put up here. If this isn’t your cup of tea, well, I’ll be going to slightly more normal pairings in the future.

    15pairings theme: #10 together

    Flames do nothing but make me laugh, although I'll listen to any CC you have. Please read, review, and enjoy! Finished 01-13-07


    At eighteen, Kurotsugu married a beautiful girl named Kiyoko who had loved him for years. He wasn’t sure that he loved her the same way she loved him, but it was okay. She accepted his future goals and didn’t mind that he closed his eyes during their honeymoon. And when she got pregnant following their honeymoon, he was more excited than he’d ever been. He’d always wanted a child after all.

    At nineteen, his wife had their child—a baby boy who they named Jun. He was small and pudgy like most babies, but he had a wisp of blond hair on his tiny head, and there was no denying that he was Kurotsugu’s son. He put aside his dreams to raise Jun with his wife, and he put up with late night crying, numerous ruined shirts from spit-ups, and more dirty diapers than he’d ever thought one baby could produce, because his son was perfect, and he loved him more than life itself.

    At twenty, he celebrated Jun’s first birthday. Kiyoko tried to convince him that a one-year-old had no use for a big screen TV and a waterbed—“He still sleeps in a crib!”—but he refused to listen. After all, his son only deserved the very best, and he’d have a use for them eventually. And later that year, when Jun’s first word was papa instead of mama, he took it as a personal victory.

    At twenty-one, he experienced the so-called “terrible twos,” which he thought were highly overrated. Sure, Jun went through a rather rough potty-training period in which he thought the potty-chair made a nice hat, but it wasn’t that big a deal. He was talking and walking and knew who people and things were. Sure, his skills were still rusty, but Kurotsugu was always there to teach him more. That year, Kiyoko got a job at the local flower shop, and they both ignored the fact that the wife was working while the husband raised the child. They preferred it that way.

    At twenty-two, Kurotsugu decided that the term “terrible threes” was far more appropriate. Jun whined, said no to everything his mother said, and refused to get dressed in the morning and go to bed at night… But his pouting was adorable, he still did everything Kurotsugu asked of him, and truthfully, he had no problems letting his son run around in his footy pajamas and stay up until they both fell asleep on the couch with the TV on. Kiyoko said he was spoiling Jun—he said that he didn’t care.

    At twenty-three, he decided to start training his pokémon again, as Jun had taken quite an interest to the pretty balls his daddy had that he wasn’t allowed to play with. Thus, Jun met Dysodon, Milokaross, and Kairyu. Much to Kurotsugu’s delight, Jun immediately took a shine to his pokémon. When Jun said that he wanted to be a pokémon trainer when he was older, “just like you daddy,” Kurotsugu didn’t think that he’d ever smiled more in his entire life.

    At twenty-four, it all started, even if no one was aware of it at the time. Kiyoko had finally decided that it was time for Jun to make friends his own age, so they sent him to an afternoon playgroup. One of Kiyoko’s coworkers had a daughter who enjoyed it—a pretty little girl named Hikari. They quickly became friends with another boy, named Kouki. Kurotsugu didn’t mind it too much… After all, it was only for a few hours each day, leaving plenty of time for them to spend together afterward.

    One day, while Jun was in playgroup, Kurotsugu got a call from the parent running it telling him to come down to her house right away. Afraid that his son had fallen and broken his leg and was lying on the ground bleeding, he bolted out of the house and had Kairyu fly him to the woman’s home in no time at all. He was a bit confused when Jun ran up to him once they landed and jumped into his arms, but he was relieved nonetheless. What really confused him was how the mother was blushing and wouldn’t look him in the eyes.

    “I-I think you s-should t-take Jun home,” she stuttered, thoroughly embarrassed at something. “Ask him w-what we t-talked about…” He did just that, and could see why the woman had been so flustered.

    “She asked us what we wanted to be when we grow up. And I said I wanna be daddy’s bride!” Kurotsugu was sure that his face had rivaled the woman’s. But regardless, he did his best to explain to his five-year-old son why he couldn’t do that, because they were both boys and related. Jun had only pouted and insisted that he would be daddy’s bride, no matter what anyone else thought.

    When Kiyoko came home from work, he didn’t tell her about it.

    At twenty-five, he got an offer to be to the Tower Tycoon in the newly built Shinou Battle Tower. It was an offer of the highest honor, as the Tower Tycoon was required to be stronger than even the League Champion. After three days of long debate, he agreed to take the job. Jun had cried when he heard the news, begging to go too. But it was no place for a young boy, and as desperately as Kurotsugu wanted to say yes, he knew he couldn’t. So the family traveled to Kissaki City and watched as Kurotsugu boarded the ferry to the Battle Tower.

    Watching Jun cry and beg for him to come back almost made him jump off the ferry and swim back, but he blocked the sight out and decided to throw himself into his work once he arrived so he wouldn’t constantly think of the family he left behind… He lasted an impressive two weeks before he started visiting one weekend a month, with extra time for holidays. Though leaving again always hurt just as much as the very first time.

    At twenty-six, Jun’s birthday fell in the middle of the week, and Kurotsugu wasn’t able to get home until three days afterwards. He’d already felt horrible, but it was even worse when Jun wouldn’t talk to him all day long. Kiyoko admitted that he’d been moping ever since his birthday, and he knew that he had to make it up to his son… When he offered to let Jun stay a week with him at the Battle Tower, all was instantly forgiven, and Kurotsugu found himself with a bundle of blond in his arms.

    Jun watched his father battle with pokémon he’d never seen before—Heatran, Regigigas, and Crecelia—loving every minute of it. When the time to go home finally came, he’d begged to stay, insisting that he’d be happier here than with his mother who worked all of the time. Kurotsugu had smiled sadly and kissed his son’s forehead, promising that he could visit again sometime. Then he’d given him one last birthday present—a green scarf. “It’ll match your eyes.”

    He was pleased to see Jun wearing it whenever he came home.

    At twenty-seven, Kurotsugu finally realized that his son’s previous wish was more than just the silly antics of a five-year-old boy. After all, it wasn’t everyday that your son suddenly crawled into your lap and kissed you. And though it was nothing than a mere brush of their lips, it was an obvious gesture…

    “Why?” Jun smiled at the simple question, wrapping his short arms around his father’s neck and snuggling into his broad chest.

    “Because I love you daddy. I’m gonna be your bride when I grow up, remember?”

    “Jun, no… You’re my son and I’m married to your mother.”

    “So? Mom’s never home anyway. She doesn’t have to know.”

    All Kurotsugu could do was gently push Jun off his lap and walk up to his room. It certainly didn’t help matters that night when Kiyoko complained that they hadn’t made love since Jun was conceived…or when he realized that he didn’t want too.

    The rest of that year, he stayed at the Battle Tower more often than not. He tried not to think about Jun, and when he did, he tried to convince himself that he was still young and didn’t know what he was talking about. And more than anything, he tried to convince himself that he didn’t like the idea in the first place.

    At twenty-eight, he continued visiting only during big holidays. He sent packages home for Jun’s birthday and the minor holidays. During the major holidays, he spent his time dodging Jun and his questions. “Why haven’t you been coming home?” was met with “I’ve been busy at the tower.” Kiyoko accepted the answer, but they both knew better.

    He started receiving letters from Jun that year. Letters that were surprisingly well written for a nine-year-old, containing things that he never expected to hear from his son. How Jun thought he was handsome and strong and that he wanted to kiss him again. Thinking about his little boy writing those words made him feel things…things he knew he shouldn’t feel. He felt dirty, but he didn’t stop thinking them.

    At twenty-nine, he got a letter from Kiyoko saying that Jun had gotten his first pokémon, a Hirozaru, and was finally going out on his own adventure, just as Kurotsugu had done with his Sihorn nineteen years ago. It seemed surreal—his son was ten-years-old, had his first pokémon, and was out on his own, able to go wherever he pleased… And somehow, he had a feeling it wouldn’t be long before Jun found his way to the Battle Tower.

    Sure enough, he was informed one day that his son was there to visit. He almost had security make him enter the tower’s challenge likes everyone else had to, but no. He allowed Jun past security and up to his room. He hadn’t been there since he was seven, but it hadn’t changed much. They hadn’t changed much. Kurotsugu still had the green coat Jun had gotten him for Father’s day—with Kiyoko’s money of course—when he was six, and Jun still kept the green scarf he’d received for his seventh birthday. Wild blond hair, bright orange eyes… They looked as they always had…

    But somehow, Jun was still different. He seemed more confident, more mature… He made Kurotsugu feel dirtier than he ever had, because he was still his ten-year-old son. But despite all that, when Jun greeted him with a chaste kiss on the lips and a whispered, “I missed you dad,” he did nothing to condone nor condemn his son’s actions. Jun had smirked at the reaction and said he couldn’t stay long, but he’d be back. “I’m gonna be your bride sooner or later after all.”

    He knew he’d lost the battle the night he woke up with Jun’s name on his lips and dirty sheets. And he wasn’t nearly as upset by it as he was sure he should be.

    At thirty, Jun came to the tower on his birthday, claiming that since they’d spent so many birthdays apart, he’d make sure he turned eleven with his father on his own. The idea of inviting his mother was merely laughed at. “I want a very special present,” he’d whispered, straddling his father, their faces mere centimeters apart, “can you give me that…daddy?” Kurotsugu hadn’t even bothered to suppress the shivers that ran through his body at those words—words that were far too husky to be coming from someone so young.

    “Yes,” he’d answered, putting his arms around the lithe body in his lap, “I think I can.” And for the first time, Kurotsugu kissed Jun—clicking teeth and bumped noses evened out by roaming hands and slick tongues. For Jun’s first real kiss, he was quite good. It only served to turn Kurotsugu on even more. Whatever Jun wanted, he would give him… Jun wanted it all. Kurotsugu gave it to him.

    “Can I be your bride yet?” The question came after Jun’s birthday present was over and they were lying in bed together, naked, sweaty, and satiated. Kurotsugu pulled his son closer and laid a kiss to his temple, earning a smile from the little blond.

    “…Of course. You’ll be my adorable little wife.” Jun nodded happily and curled up to his father’s chest, sleep overtaking him. Kurotsugu laid awake, watching his son sleep and wondering how this had happened—how his love had gone from platonic to this. By the time he fell asleep, he decided that it really didn’t matter…

    Because his son was perfect, and he loved him more than life itself.


    I've only used this style twice--here and #10 for One Step Away. I really do like it though...

    And FYI, one of these events (minus any future incest) was based on real events. When I was turned one, my family bought me a waterbed, a tv, a vcr, and other various hings a one-year-old has no use for. And I didn't even get them when I was old enough to enjoy them. And note I was born in 87, so in 88 those things were expensive. XP Silly family...

    Less kinks next time... But I make up for it, I promise. ;D
  6. taitofan

    taitofan Stalker!

    Hey guys, I can see that people are reading this, so where are my reviews? D: [/greedy] Oh well. I'm getting closer to the point where updates won't be coming as often... They have to go up on LJ and ff.net first. *nods* But don't worry, I will finish all fifteen chapters. So... Here's the next one!

    Mind Games

    by taitofan

    Rated PG-13 for yaoi and crossdressing

    Disclaimer: I don’t own Pocket Monsters. This saddens me, but it’s a fact I’ve learned to live with.

    Author’s notes: I started this forever ago, but now it’s finally done! This takes place during the battle frontier in Kanto, though no specific time… And I know someone will yell at me for my character portrayal but really, no one can be that naïve. Even in anime land. Now! If you wanna see what Shuuko looks like, I have some pics—well, pixel dolls—in my scraps at my DeviantArt account. Same user name their as here. Satoko’s club outfit is there too.

    15pairings theme: 11 mind games

    Flames do nothing but make me laugh, although I'll listen to any CC you have. Please read, review, and enjoy! Finished 01-21-07


    Shuuko picked up a blue skirt from a rack, holding it to her waist. Not bad… But not that good either. She sighed and put it back, next selecting a bright orange one. She usually stayed away from the warmer colors, but most of her wardrobe was black. Maybe it was time for a change…

    “Oh sweetie, don’t get that. The orange clashes with your hair too much.” Shuuko took no offense. Finding clothes that went with her mint green hair was the hardest part to coordinating her outfits. Besides, the orange dress the girl was wearing was enough for both of them. Add to that her pink bow and red Mary Jane’s… The girl looked a few years older than she was, but her clothes held an air of naivety. It was almost like Gothic Lolita, only with more color. Still… It worked for her. If Shuuko liked girls, she’d find this one particularly alluring.

    “I suppose you’re right. What would you suggest? I’m trying to stay away from black today…” The blonde nodded and scanned the rack intently before her face broke out into a grin. She eagerly handed Shuuko a hot pink skirt.

    “There you go! Now all you need is a shirt in a lighter shade of pink and you’ll look fabulous!” Shuuko held it up and smiled as well. This girl wasn’t half-bad…

    “Thanks, um…” The girl giggled and held out her hand.

    “Satoko.” Shuuko accepted the hand and shook it gratefully, noting the soft skin. Yes, it certainly was too bad she only liked guys…

    “Nice to meet you Satoko. I’m Shuuko.” Satoko giggled, a glint of something in her eyes.

    “Shuuko you say? Well, the pleasure’s all mine. Maybe I’ll see you around?” Shuuko shrugged, not quite liking the look she was receiving.

    “Maybe…” If Satoko noticed her odd behavior, she made no mention of it.

    “Great! I gotta go now, but I’ll see you later, okay?” Before Shuuko could answer, the blonde was already heading out of the store. She shook her head and went off to search for a matching shirt. Strange girl…


    Shuuko returned to her hotel room and set her bags down. She’d found some really cute clothes… It was just too bad she wouldn’t get the chance to wear them for a while. It’d be a few days at least, seeing as the contest she was planning on entering wouldn’t be until the end of the week. True, she could do her training as she was now, but the chances of someone she knew seeing her were too great.

    She stripped off her clothes piece by piece, black fabric carefully getting folded and set on the bed. By the time she was in her undergarments, she stopped and considered her options. She could get away with leaving the silky panties on, but the bra had to go… That decided, she pulled out different clothes from her travel bag and redressed. Once that was done, she removed her hairpieces and brushed the mint green strands into another, equally familiar, style.
    The last of her feminine garments gone, Shuuko disappeared…

    …And Shuu was left standing in her place. The boy sighed and began digging for his monster balls, knowing they’d been under the clothes he was now wearing. As much as he wanted to train as Shuuko, the chance that Harley or Haruka would show up at the upcoming contest wasn’t worth it. The last thing he needed was for one of the two biggest gossips he knew to recognize him and spread his secret. He wasn’t ashamed, but that didn’t mean he wanted every newspaper in Kanto to have the headline that one of the most popular coordinators on the circuit was a crossdresser. He was sure that his fangirls would be heartbroken… Or at least jealous that he looked better in girls’ clothes than they did.

    He found his last monster ball and headed back out for his training.


    “Okay Flygon, try to dodge Roselia’s attacks!” Flygon’s evasive maneuvers were top priority at the moment, seeing as Haruka’s Zenigame, though not strong, had great dumb luck. Shuu really didn’t want to lose because of a fluke.

    “Oh, hey Shuu!” Speaking of Haruka… He didn’t turn around as he heard her running towards him, knowing that it would tick her off.

    “Haruka. I suppose you’re here for the contest, correct? I hope you don’t plan on winning…” Haruka, who had just reached the park he was training in, scowled at his haughty tone.

    “Oh, and I guess you think you’ll win?” He didn’t bother to answer her, instead keeping his gaze on his pokémon. “Whatever… Anyways, you haven’t seen Satoshi, have you? He kinda disappeared this morning when we got here, and we can’t find him…” That caught Shuu’s attention. He finally turned around and saw that yes, her little group was missing a member. And it just so happened that the missing boy was the only one Shuu really cared for. He had spirit and enthusiasm without being a complete airhead… Plus, he was pretty cute. It was just too bad he seemed completely naïve when it came to romance. He had missed all of Shuu’s subtle attempts at flirting after all.

    “Why would I have seen one of your friends? Besides, don’t you think he’s old enough to take care of himself? He is older than you after all.” Haruka opened her mouth to remind him that Satoshi was older than he was too, but she was cut off by a loud voice.

    “Hey guys! Sorry I took so long!” The very teen in question ran up to the group, looking sheepish. Pikachu, who sat on his head, mirrored his trainer’s expression. “I, uh, had a few things to do.”

    “Like what?” Masato questioned, cocking an eyebrow. “You were gone for a long time…”

    “Oh, you know…things.” Pikachu nodded, giving his assent with a firm ‘Pika.’

    “What things—?”

    “Hey, let’s go eat guys! I’m starving!” Satoshi’s blatant attempt to change the subject didn’t go unnoticed, but his friends nodded regardless, knowing that he’d tell them if he wanted them to know. Satoshi turned to Shuu, who had gone back to pretending to ignore them once the boy had shown up, and grinned. “Hi Shuu! Wanna go eat with us?” Shuu considered accepting, but quickly decided against it.

    “I don’t think so. I have better things to do than waste my time with the likes of you.” Shuu couldn’t see it, but there was a glint of amusement in Satoshi’s eyes.

    “Well, all right. If you say so…” He turned to the others, an enthusiastic expression adorning his face. “Come on then, I’m starving!” They left Shuu alone then, saying things along the lines of how Satoshi was always hungry. The coordinator wanted to follow, really he did. But he wasn’t one of them, and he knew it’d be awkward. No, it’d be best to leave them alone and train…

    If he got enough done that night, maybe he could go out… Or rather, maybe Shuuko could go out…


    What Shuu wanted, Shuu got. So that night, he threw caution to the wind and dug out his new clothes. Shuuko smiled to herself as she snuck out of the hotel. She had heard that the town had a great nightlife… And if Haruka was out and about at this hour, the darkness would provide a good cover. Yes, she was going to have fun tonight.

    It took a while, but she found a “junior” bar—no alcohol allowed. She got in without any problems, not that she thought that she would. No one had bothered to look past her fake chest to notice that she looked quite similar to a coordinator with a name that was equally similar.

    Perhaps the name she’d chosen was a bit too close to her real name, but the risk was rather exciting.

    …However, the club wasn’t. The music was awful, and the company was worse. She was used to boys looking at her, but these idiots didn’t respect her “look but don’t touch” policy. The last thing she wanted was for one of these hormonal male apes to grope her and find out that she had a lump of flesh hanging between her legs. Yes, that would go over well. But if the imbecile bugging her didn’t stop soon, that was exactly what would happen.

    “Look, you’re just not my type.” Either he didn’t notice her annoyed tone, or he just didn’t care. Mostly likely the latter.

    “Come on baby, what is your type then?” Quite frankly, she would rather spend the night with Harley than this idiot, but she never got her chance to tell him off…

    I’m her type.” …Because a familiar looking girl beat her to it.

    “Satoko…” The blonde winked and smiled sweetly at her. Their wardrobes seemed to have switched. Whereas Satoko had been wearing colorful clothing during their initial meeting and Shuuko had worn black, now Shuuko was decked out in pink and Satoko was dressed in a black and white Lolita-esque outfit.

    The irritating male looked back and forth between the two of them before a grin broke out on his face. Shuuko rolled her eyes, knowing what was going to come next…

    “Oh wow, lesbians! Awesome! Why didn’t you tell me?” Shuuko stayed silent, hoping he’d leave her alone now. She might be gay, but she wasn’t a lesbian. However, tonight didn’t seem to be her lucky night. “Can I watch you and your girlfriend have sex?” Shuuko was two seconds away from punching him when she felt Satoko tug on her arm.

    “Come on sweetie, I know a better place than this dump.” Shuuko followed immediately, leaving the disappointed male whining for them to come back. They didn’t stop until they were a few blocks away. The place at which they stopped looked awfully familiar to Shuuko… She quickly realized that it was the same park she’d trained at earlier that day. She chalked it up to coincidence as Satoko led her to a bench that was right next to the area she’d met up with Haruka.

    “Thanks,” she said as they sat down. “He was one step away from getting my foot in his crotch. You saved me from needing to buy new boots.” Satoko giggled and scooted closer to her new friend.

    “It was no problem. I had a feeling you’d be going out tonight, and I’m just glad I found you before someone else got their claws into you.” Shuuko felt her cheeks heat at the girl’s tone. It was very flattering, but…

    “Look, Satoko, I’m sorry, but I think you have the wrong idea. I don’t like girls like that…” Satoko giggled and moved closer still until their fingertips were touching. She grinned as Shuuko’s blush deepened even more.

    “Yeah, I kinda figured that. But… It’s okay, because I don’t like girls either.” Shuuko raised an eyebrow at the seemingly contradictory statement. The blonde paid her no attention. “But I guess that’s not a problem, now is it Shuu?” Green eyes widened and locked with deep brown ones. Brown eyes that suddenly looked very familiar…

    “Who are you…? And how do you know my name?” Satoko giggled again, but this time, it wasn’t in the soft feminine voice she’d come to know…

    “Come on, Shuuko is about as original as Satoko. Being in the same situation, it wasn’t hard to tell. But don’t worry, I doubt Haruka will ever notice.” Shuuko had to use all of her willpower not to let her jaw drop.


    “Uh uh,” she chided in her feminine voice, wagging her finger back and forth, “it’s Satoko when I’m dressed like this, just like you’re Shuuko.” She didn’t know what to say. Satos—Satoko was like her? It seemed unreal…

    “Sorry. But, it’s just… I never would have suspected you of all people…”

    “I could say the same about you,” Satoko replied with a grin. “Arrogant Shuu dolls himself up to become the sociable Shuuko, and I go from a headstrong guy who knows nothing about romance to a cute, flirty girl. Dressing up like this lets me do the things I can’t do when I’m with my friends. I’m guessing it’s the same for you, huh?” Shuuko nodded, taking this all in. So the naïve Satoshi was just a front… She could understand that. It was much easier to do certain things as a girl than as a guy…

    “I suppose so… May I ask how you started?” If Satoko hadn’t been in the exact same situation, she would have wondered how in the world this sweet, polite girl was actually one of the most egotistic boys in all of Kanto…and Houen…and maybe even Jouto.

    “I got kicked out of the Tamamushi gym for not liking the perfume they sold there, so Roketto Dan dressed me up as a girl to get me in. Of course, they ended up starting a huge fire, but without them, I never would have become Satoko. In fact, the dress you saw me in this morning was the same one from that day. It’s a real pain to hide it in my backpack, but no one’s found it yet… Well, Pikachu knows about it, but he’s not going to tell anyone… And how about you? I’m sure your story is more interesting than mine.” Shuuko blushed lightly, remembering perfectly how it happened. She’d never told anyone, but Satoko had shared with her… It was only fair to return the favor.

    “…I was in a dressing room, and the girl in there before me left the clothes she didn’t want. I was curious, so I tried them on… And I really liked the way I looked. So I changed back and told one of the women working that I needed a present for my twin sister, and she helped me pick out a bunch of different outfits. They had a great sale that day too, so I started out with quite the selection…” Satoko was silent for a few moments, playing the scene in her head… Then she promptly burst out laughing. The image of Shuu picking up the habit solely because it looked good was simply too fitting.

    Shuuko flushed heavily, scowling at the blonde. However, when the bright laughter showed no signs of stopping, she smiled to herself. Not that she found it funny, but Satoko’s laughter was contagious. All of Satoko was contagious…

    Satoko was too busy laughing to notice Shuuko getting closer and closer to her. In fact, it wasn’t until a pair of soft lips covered hers that she stopped laughing and started paying attention. She wasn’t surprised, truth be told. Actually, it was Shuuko who was surprised once Satoko quickly began returning the kiss.

    Well, she did say she didn’t like girls that way…

    When they pulled away, they both had matching smiles on their faces. It seemed they had learned a few things about each other that night… And for once, they were completely okay with their secrets getting out.


    “I wonder where he went this time…” Haruka, Masato, Takeshi, and Pikachu walked slowly down the street, trying to find their missing friend. Of course, Pikachu knew where his trainer was… But he wasn’t telling.

    “He’s gotta be here somewhere,” Masato answered his sister. Takeshi nodded, knowing better than anyone that it was odd for Satoshi to run off with no warning whatsoever.

    “Yeah, he’s—wow, look at them!” Before either of the siblings could say a word, Takeshi was rushing over to two pretty girls having lunch at an outdoor café. One was a blonde wearing black and white, and the other had mint green hair and was dressed in only black. When the hormonal male rushed over to them, hearts in his eyes, the latter girl’s eyes widened, but the former girl just looked amused.

    “May we help you sir?” Takeshi took the blonde’s hand, kissing the back of it like a gentleman.

    “Ah, such beauty! Such perfection! And in double! Please, kind ladies, tell me your names!” The green-haired girl looked reluctant, but a glance from the blonde made her sigh and answer.


    “And I’m Satoko!” Takeshi paused at the answers, a thoughtful look on his face.

    “That name sounds familiar… You look familiar too. Have we met before?” Satoko giggled, a secretive smile on her face.

    “It’s possible…” Takeshi opened his mouth to say something, but the siblings finally caught up to him, and a sharp tugging on his ear stopped him in his tracks.

    “We don’t have time for this!” Masato exclaimed, the irritation in his voice evident. “We have to find Satoshi!” Takeshi managed to yank himself from the boy’s grasp and flung himself at Satoko, grasping her hands within his own.

    “No, he’ll be fine. I need to stay with my soul mate!” Satoko was seconds away from bursting out laughing, but Shuuko… Well, she just looked ticked off.

    “Hey!” she yelled, effectively getting everyone’s attention, including a few people who had nothing to do with it at the other tables. “Get your hands off my girlfriend!”

    Everyone went silent at the outburst… Except for Satoko, who couldn’t contain herself and finally started laughing. Shuuko flushed as she realized what she’d done… But she didn’t take it back. Takeshi blushed too, but for different reasons… Before he could ask the girls a similar question to what they’d heard the night before, Haruka apologized for him and quickly pushed the hormonal teen away. Masato looked the girls over with a critical eye before he ran off after them.

    “Well,” Satoko commented once her unsuspecting friends were out of sight, “that was interesting. I can’t believe Takeshi didn’t remember me…” Shuuko was still flushed, and she refused to meet her friend’s gaze.

    “I suppose it is rather amusing to see you play mind games with them…” Satoko merely smiled in response. There was no doubt denying it… Sure, she loved her friends dearly, but sometimes they made it too easy. “Satoko…” The blonde snapped out of her musing and immediately became concerned when she saw how nervous Shuuko looked.

    “What is it sweetie?” She bit her lip, finally daring to look the blonde in the eyes. The compassion in the brown orbs gave her the courage she needed to continue.

    “I… I’d hate to be a liar you know… Do you want to, you know…” Satoko giggled and reached across the table to take the flustered girl’s hands in hers.

    “I’d love to be your girlfriend Shuuko. And… Satoshi would like to be Shuu’s boyfriend too, if you think he’d like that.” Shuuko nodded, a grin spreading across her face.

    “Yeah, I think he’d like that a lot…”


    “Satoshi, where have you been? You had us worried sick!” Satoshi laughed as Pikachu jumped to his shoulder, chirping happily.

    “Sorry guys… I was out with Shuu.” Haruka’s eyes widened as she finally noticed her rival standing a few feet away, a smirk on his face.

    “Shuu…? What were you doing with him?” Satoshi only grinned in response, knowing that what had happened that day would never reach her ears. It was good to keep her on her toes… Just without her knowing of course. No need to let them realize he wasn’t as clueless as they thought he was after all.

    “Hey Satoshi, I need to get going.” Haruka bristled at being ignored, but she didn’t get the chance to voice her indignation as Shuu walked over casually and stopped inches away from Satoshi. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

    There were three simultaneous gasps and a happy “Pika!” as Shuu pressed his lips against the older boy’s, which was followed by dropped jaws when Satoshi kissed him back. They paid their audience no attention though, instead opting to enjoy the feeling of their lips moving perfectly against each other’s. When they parted, Satoshi ran his hand against Shuu’s cheek, smirking smugly when the younger boy’s blush came back. He was just too cute sometimes…

    “See you then.” Without another word, Shuu walked away, wondering how he could get revenge… Ropes came to mind. Satoshi, meanwhile, watched his boyfriend walk away, already excited for the next time they’d meet… And though they weren’t planning to meet until the next day, there was no reason why Satoko couldn’t go see her girlfriend that night.

    “Um, Satoshi?” He turned to his friends, a wide grin on his face.

    “Come on guys, I wanna get some training in! Haruka, you should get some in before you have to face Shuu too. So let’s go!” He ran off without waiting for a response, leaving his friends behind to chase after him, demanding answers. Answers that he didn’t plan to give them. After all, it was so fun to mess with their minds sometimes.


    Oh my... I dunno. I just don't... It started with the thoughts of Shuu crossdressing and then I remembered Satoko way back in the first season... It kinda grew from there. ^^; The thoughts of yuri!yaoi was just too fun to pass up. ;D

    PokexPoke is next. That has a few curveballs too... I do love them, if you haven't noticed yet. ^.~
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    taitofan Stalker!

    All right, I've neglected updating this for long enough. Here's the next chapter!

    Love and Hate

    by taitofan

    Rated PG-13 for yaoi and crossbreeding

    Disclaimer: I don’t own Pocket Monsters. This saddens me, but it’s a fact I’ve learned to live with.

    Author’s notes: My first delve into a romance between two pokémon who aren’t in a human form… Dunno if I pulled it off, but I had to try. This is one of my fave pokexpoke couples, and the fact that they never got the chance to battle in the anime saddened me. I also took the liberty of turning a pokémon most people think is a girl into a boy. My fic, my decision. I’m planning one more pokexpoke fic in the future with wild pokémon, so if you have any feedback, please let me know! Also, I know I suck at describing contests… Sorry.

    15pairings theme: 12 love/hate relationship

    Flames do nothing but make me laugh, although I'll listen to any CC you have. Please read, review, and enjoy! Finished 02-02-07


    It had started the way all of the contests they ended up in started these days. Harley taunted Haruka, Haruka countered, Harley stormed off… Then the appeals came, this time with Ariados-chan and Zenigame trying to impress the judges. Ariados-chan made a beautifully unique appeal complete with his webbing covering the stage with various designs and his Night Head attack giving it the perfect lighting. Zenigame impressed the judges as much as the same old ice and bubbles could. In the end, both made it to the battling, just as they knew they would.

    “Do you really think you’ll win Kamo-chan?” One smug look was matched with another.

    “I’ve done it before haven’t I? Many times…” As expected, this got him seeing red, just as she knew it would.

    “Oh, you brat! …Ariados-chan scored better than your Zenigame did.” The sudden change of subject didn’t throw her off. She was used to it after all.

    “So? My Eneko will beat any of your pokémon no problem!” Eneko was one of the pokémon she’d gotten from home before going off to Jouto, and so far she’d been happy with the decision. And today she had a surprise too…

    “You got your Eneko back? Good. I haven’t had a chance to beat that one yet. This should be easy.” Skepticism, right on time.

    “Is that so? What makes you think you’ll beat me this time?” He gave her a look that actually made her a bit nervous. Like he knew something she didn’t. This wasn’t how it was supposed to go…

    “Oh, you’ll see…” At that moment Haruka’s name was called, indicating it was time for her first battle. Harley smirked as she left, very happy about the pokémon he’d chosen to battle with this time…


    Haruka was happy when things got back to being predictable. She wiped out her first opponent with no problems, taking out the opposing Kireihana with one of Eneko’s well-placed Snow Storm attacks. Her super secret new attack she was saving for Harley, who also followed the usual routine, taking out an Airmd with little effort.

    And now that she saw his battling pokémon, Haruka was very glad that she had a new secret weapon. After all, the majority of Eneko’s attacks couldn’t hit a ghost pokémon. Snow Storm wasn’t always reliable, and who knew what Cat’s Paw would come up with. But with Eneko’s new surprise, Jupetta-chan was going down.

    So as Haruka and Harley faced off in the finals, both felt confident. Haruka sure that things would turn out as they did ninety-five percent of the time, and Harley sure that his luck was about to change.

    “Go my pretty buddy, Jupetta-chan!”

    “Eneko, stage on!”

    And so it began.

    “Jupetta-chan, Will-o-Wisp!”

    “Eneko, Snow Storm!”

    The coordinators, judges, and audience alike expected to see a clash of fire and ice. What they didn’t expect was for the two pokémon just to stare at each other.

    “Jupetta-chan? What are you doing?”

    “Eneko, I said Snow Storm!”

    But alas, it was no use. The two pokémon just continued to look at each other, ignoring their trainers. It was perplexing, to say the least. Especially to Harley.

    “No, it couldn’t be… Jupetta-chan, snap out of it! Will-o-Wisp, now!” His unusually sharp tone knocked Jupetta-chan out of his daze, causing the ghost to respond with a reluctant “Jupe…” and launch his attack.

    “Eneko, dodge it, quick!” Seeing the blue flames headed towards her, Eneko snapped to reality and leaped out of the way. The flames just barely brushed her tail, taking Haruka’s points down just a little bit.

    “Okay Eneko, Cat’s Paw!” Before Jupetta-chan could get away, Eneko quickly shot towards him…

    “Oh no…” …And it ended up being Bashaamo’s Lightning Speed. “Why couldn’t it have been something else?”

    “Too bad Kamo-chan, but you’ve met your match! Thunder!” The ghost still seemed reluctant to attack, which still confused Harley. This just didn’t make sense…

    “Quickly Eneko, Meromero!” And there it was, her secret weapon! Eneko mewed cutely, sending waves of attraction towards Jupetta-chan. However, Haruka’s confusion was back in full force when Harley merely laughed at her order.

    “That won’t work on my little Jupetta-chan, Kamo-chan! You’ll have to try better than that…”

    “Tatata…” But it seemed that neither coordinator could count on things going the way they expected, since Eneko’s attack had effectively immobilized the infatuated ghost.

    “What the…?”

    “Eneko, we have to hurry before Jupetta snaps out of it! Snow Storm!” Eneko, rather than attack with the blizzard-like attack, pranced cutely over to the lovesick ghost. Jupetta-chan blushed as the pink fluff ball snuggled up to his side. Harley watched the scene in semi-horror, while Haruka just didn’t get it. “Eneko, attack! Hurry up; Meromero won’t last forever!”


    “Tata, ju, jupe…”

    “Nyaa nya!”

    “Peta, ju!”

    Needless to say, the judges were having the hardest time deciding who to take points from. On one hand, Jupetta-chan was under the effects of Meromero and couldn’t attack in his lovesick state. But on the other hand, Eneko was fully capable of attacking, but was ignoring Haruka’s orders. Quite the conundrum…

    “Eneko, what’s wrong?” While Haruka called out uselessly to her pokémon, Harley suddenly had an epiphany. He wasn’t going crazy; he’d just made the wrong assumption about his opponent. This actually worked out well…

    “Alright Jupetta-chan, snap out of it and use Thunder!” Meromero’s effects faded seconds after that, and Jupetta-chan finally attacked, although he still didn’t seem pleased. Before anyone knew it, there was one fried pink pokémon lying beside a clearly upset ghost pokémon.


    “And the winner is Harley by a knock out!”

    Harley cheered as Haruka wondered what the hell just happened.


    Haruka sat in the Pokémon center, awaiting her Eneko to be healed after their latest defeat. She still didn’t get what happened. It was clear that Jupetta had been immobilized, so why wouldn’t Eneko fight? There was obviously something else that she didn’t understand…

    “Excuse me? Your Eneko is healed Miss.” The confused coordinator smiled at Joi and accepted the pink pokémon in her arms, glad she was all right after taking such a powerful attack at close range.

    “Oh, thank you! I was so worried that something was wrong with her after the way she was acting during the contest…” Joi—who wasn’t the same Joi who’d been judging the contest—giggled, leaving Haruka confused for the umpteenth time that day. She was really getting sick of it too. “What’s so funny?”

    “Didn’t you know? Your Eneko is male, not female.”

    Suddenly, the confusion she felt multiplied by at least tenfold.


    It was only a matter of time before she found him, he just knew it. Therefore, when Kamo-chan managed to find him at an outdoor café halfway across town, he wasn’t in the least bit surprised.

    “My Eneko is a boy!” He snorted and sipped his tea, wishing she’d go away. Like, forever.

    “I figured as much once Jupetta-chan fell for Meromero.” Her face was a mixture of anger and perplexity. She was wearing that look a lot lately. He hoped her face froze like that, the brat.

    “But Meromero only works on the opposite gender. So your Jupetta must be a girl!” Maybe he could throw the cup at her head and shut her up… No, he didn’t want to waste his tea…

    “He most certainly is not. Unlike you, I can tell the difference in my own pokémon’s gender. And all five of my pokémon are male thank you very much. Now go away Kamo-chan; I’m trying to celebrate in peace.” Not that he thought that’d make her go away, but it was worth a try.

    “But that can’t be! Meromero wouldn’t work if they’re both boys!” Oh honestly. To whom did she think she was talking?

    “News flash Kamo-chan, there’s this little thing called being gay. You know, when you like members of your own gender? Perhaps you’ve heard of the phenomenon.” The sarcasm, of course, was lost on her.

    “Yeah, so?” …Argh.

    “So, Jupetta-chan is gay, that’s why the attack worked. And obviously your little fur ball is too, considering he was just as reluctant to attack. The difference is, Jupetta-chan is better trained than your pokémon, so he’d listen to me.” He expected an angry retort, but to his disappointment, she just looked thoughtful. Jeez, what fun was that?

    “…So, then Eneko is in love with Jupetta, and Jupetta loves Eneko?” Oh god, he hoped not.

    “Don’t be ridiculous. One attack wouldn’t make them fall in love.” That calm look she wore was beginning to bug him. But then again, everything about her bugged him, so it wasn’t a big deal.

    “But when they first saw each other, they didn’t want to attack either. Maybe it was love at first sight…” …That actually made a lot of sense. But he’d be damned before he’d admit that he agreed with her.

    “Tch, like my pretty pokémon would fall in love with your fur ball…” ‘Please no, please no, please no…’

    “…Maybe we should find out.” Ah, he’d been afraid of that.

    “Why would I want to—?”

    “Because,” she cut him off, looking just as annoyed as he felt, “though you don’t like me and I don’t like you, I care about Eneko. And I know that despite all of your selfishness, you care about your pokémon more than anything. Don’t you want your Jupetta to be happy?” Oh, he really, really, really hated it when she was right. Especially when he couldn’t deny it.

    “Yes… But only for Jupetta-chan’s sake!” He drained to rest of his tea and threw some money on the table before standing. “Come on, let’s get this over with.” He ignored her smirk as he led her somewhere private.


    “Eneko, stage on!”

    “Go, my pretty Jupetta-chan!”

    For the second time that day, the two pokémon found themselves facing each other… Only this time, their trainers didn’t start yelling battle commands. Not that they’d have noticed in the first place… Eneko bounded over to Jupetta-chan, who happily chattered as the pink pokémon nuzzled him.

    “Aw, that’s actually kinda cute!” Harley sighed in defeat. Yeah, they did make a cute little couple. But really… Did it have to be her Eneko?

    “Yeah, I suppose…”

    They watched their pokémon playing together—Eneko chased Jupetta-chan for a short distance before the ghost turned around and tackled the kitten, both of them laughing in their own languages as the tumbled to the ground. Eneko batted at Jupetta-chan’s mouth zipper, and Haruka almost died.

    “That’s so sweet! Oh, we can’t break them up! We need to think of a way to let them see each other…” She fell silent, trying to come up with a good idea. Harley could think up half a dozen ideas right off the top of his head, but he didn’t like any of them. He couldn’t shake the nasty feeling that she’d pick the worse possible one though… “We could travel together!”

    “No.” She pouted at his quick answer. He hadn’t even thought about it!

    “Look, I know we hate each other, but our pokémon really like each other… It’s like…a love hate relationship! Just not really…” He rolled his eyes and she knew she was losing… “And the next time we see Shuu, we could force him to travel with us too. I have some great blackmail on him.” And judging by the way his eyes lit up, she’d just hit gold.

    “Shuu you say? I suppose that’s acceptable, so long as I don’t have to interact with the likes of you unless absolutely necessary… But only until we think of something else. By then I should have Shuu totally in love with me…”

    “You? No way, Shuu likes me, not a freak like you!”

    “Freak? You little bitc—”

    The two pokémon ignored their trainers’ argument as they snuggled together under a large, shady tree. Unlike fickle humans, they knew exactly when they’d found their mate… And today was their lucky day.

    “Jupe… Tatata!” Humans… They’re weird!

    “Nya!” Right!

    “…Ju tata peta?” …Think they’ll kill each other?

    “Nya. Nya nya.” Maybe. Oh well.

    Whatever happened with their trainers, they didn’t really care. So long as they got to stay together, they’d be happy.


    *shrugs* I'm okay with this fic, seeing as it was my first true pokexpoke fic. And yes, I stick with the theory that Eneko is a boy. ;P I won't wait so long for the next update...I promise!
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    I've read this on ff.net, but I don't think I reviewed...In fact, I'm sure I didn't. = P

    But of course, I love this fic. X3 Particularly Respectshipping...although I'm biased, seeing as it was my OTP for a long time...and Negateshipping. ^^ I've always vaguely liked that pairing and wondered how someone would write it...and you did a great job. ^_^

    I didn't see any mistakes or anything...so yeah, that's it. ^^;

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