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Amourshipping (Ash x Serena) General Discussion (SPOILER WARNING)

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by BlueDragonfangirl, Sep 12, 2013.

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  1. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    Well I specifically said a girl who likes Ash, as opposed to just another female companion. Because it seems likely to me that Serena's constant blushing while she's around Ash would tip off Delia about Serena's feelings for her son, and I would be mildly interested in seeing Delia's reaction to something like that. :p
  2. So the english title for Pokemon XY episode 7 is called "A race back to childhood". Gotta admit it has a nice ring to it. I hope they don't screw up the dub. I heard that the episode will air at February 22.
  3. Master Trainer Empoleon

    Master Trainer Empoleon Well-Known Member

    We're about due for another Amourshipping episode. Looks like more childhood's going to be fleshed out.
  4. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    That's the English title for XY007, which already aired in Japan. We already know everything that happens in that episode so it's not really new. :p

    Speaking of which, I do hope we get another episode like XY007 in the near future because it was honestly a good episode from an AmourShipping standpoint. There were some parts that I thought were kind of average, but the writers really seemed to know exactly how to flesh out Ash's and Serena's past which was the best part of the episode for me and many others I'm sure.
  5. Navin

    Navin MALDREAD

    You want another flashback episode? God no, that would be awful. I liked the flashback sequence, but it's best as a one time thing in establishing background. Ash and Serena literally have no past other than him leading her out of the woods. I rather see some E01/02 Serena and Ash having some alone time.
  6. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    I'm sure the writers could extend the flashback a bit more to show a few more details. I just think it would be unfair for the writers to only show us one flashback sequence. AmourShipping already has great potential, but the writers should still push the ship as much as possible. Not that I would be mad if we didn't get more flashbacks though. I could live without getting more if the writers give us different AmourShipping hints. I'm all for Ash and Serena spending some time alone together even if it's just during a random filler episode.
  7. silverluigi98

    silverluigi98 I don't exist

    They're going to show another flashback episode eventually. There has to be more to Ash and Serena's past then what happend in episode 7.
  8. Sephora

    Sephora yes I'm back

    Why would it be awful? I disagree and I think another flashback would be nice. I love seeing little Serena and Ash ^^
    There might be more to the flashback than just what happened in XY007; you never know...
  9. I'm not so sure about that. I doubt that summer camp would've lasted for that one particular day when Ash found Serena in the forest. And I doubt Ash would be able to remember Serena just from the moment he saved her in the forest. He called her "The Straw Hat Girl", which to me implies that he's seen her around at least several times in the camp, which further implies there might've been at least one other encounter between them.

    And besides, if the writers seem to be enforcing AmourShipping so much in XY at the moment, what's gonna stop them from incorporating at least one another flashback, even if it's just to reel in more viewers?

    Plus, I don't find why another flashback would seem so awful. I found XY007's flashback to be quite cute, even if I ignore the strong AmourShipping hints that went into it.
  10. PotSmuggle

    PotSmuggle Lord Kinniekins

    What if Serena and Ash were actually good childhood friends back then that did a lot more stuff than the forest scene? And after they got separated they forgot each other. I had a friend back at my old school and I barely recognised her so I can't really blame Ash for not recognising Serena right away.

    Do you guys think there is more to their past?
  11. From Ash's standpoint, your point would be quite understandable. But from Serena's standpoint, not as much. It's pretty obvious that when Serena saw Ash on TV, all of the memories came back to her. At this point, we should've seen at least a couple of scenes of her trying to remind Ash of their playdates, although I'll admit that the writers are probably saving that for another time, since this is Pokemon, not a soap-opera, as I love to say. But it's a pretty interesting idea, and I'd love to see it in action; I just don't see it happening right now.

    I like to think that there is more to their past, and I'm not talking about just AmourShipping. I'm thinking that there might be something during the forest scene (or another potential encounter between them) that'll prove to be vital for XY's progress. One of the many reasons I'm standing by this shipping; it might lead to something that'll turn XY around in a good way.
  12. taeuknam

    taeuknam OTP is Amourshipping

    I'm guessing that they saw each other multiple times, and interacted just a handful of times.
    Basically, the amount of interaction has to be significant enough for ash to remember her as the "straw hat girl" but not enough for him to have gotten her name.
    2-5 interactions seems about right.
  13. Navin

    Navin MALDREAD

    It's not a really a matter of fairness though. It's a matter of good and sensible writing.

    All the hints should happen in the present. Ash needs hints to show that he sees Serena as possibly more than a 'buddy'. Serena needs to show that she recognizes Ash's faults but still likes him for who he is.

    There is nothing more to Ash and Serena's past. And I don't get why there needs to be more. The flashback served its purpose well. Inserting any more won't make sense and won't add anything.

    Don't get me wrong - I enjoyed the flashback, especially the orchestrated Laverre Town, aka SatoSere's Theme. However, the writers seemed to have explained everything sufficiently in that flashback. It established how she knew him, her origins of her crush, and also why Ash didn't recognize her right away (because it was just an isolated one-time meeting).

    Apart from the obvious fact that any more flashbacks won't stay consistent with the writing, they would also be pointless because it's been beyond established that Serena likes Ash, and any more flashbacks would do nothing but just show she has a crush. Quite frankly, any Amourshippy focus should only happen in the present. What I liked about Episode 07, apart from the flashback, was how it, to some extent (I still think there could be more done), reaffirmed her crush on Ash. The "Never Give Up Until the End" motto (from the flashback) helped Ash in the present overcome Rhyhorn racing in a way Serena couldn't (and helped her realize her misunderstanding of it) and fueled reason as to why she still admires him today. The flashback served as a foundation/springboard, and now the focus should only be on the present.

    Adding more flashbacks lessens the impact of E07 and makes it such that Serena only likes Ash because of events that happened years in the past (of which Ash apparently has no recollection of). XY Ash is obviously older, more mature, and different - he doesn't always act like that shining knight that graciously led Serena out of the woods - he has his strengths and faults.

    Actually, it only implies that they met once. He called her "Straw Hat Girl" because she never told him her name as he led her out of the forest. If they hung out any other time, the first thing he would have asked or she would have told him is her name.

    Nothing is stopping them, except it would be dumb writing if they shoehorned another flashback.

    The flashback itself was 100% Amourshippy and was cute. However, another one would be forced and quite frankly, unnecessary. The past meeting set up a foundation for the pairing, and it's irrelevant what happened in the past when the future of the pairing only matters in the present.

    If they really were "good childhood friends," how come he never got her name? I would imagine any friends, no matter how old they are, would at least know what the other is called. And it only makes sense that he forgot about meeting her if it was a one-time-thing. And if Serena remembered vividly the entire forest meeting, surely we would have seen other scenes with Ash or she at least would have mentioned about how they continued to be friends.

    Nope, there really shouldn't be any more to the past.

    Huh? How will anything that happened years ago at a kid's camp prove "vital for XY's progress." Unless you can offers some speculations...

    How does that make any sense? Basic introductions include telling your name to the other person. If they interacted multiple times, of course he would have asked for her name or she would have told him. It only makes sense that they only met each other once and that he remembered her as the "Straw Hat Girl" because Serena was probably too 'overwhelmed' and forgot to say who she was after Ash led her back to camp.
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2014
  14. taeuknam

    taeuknam OTP is Amourshipping

    Okay, what if another flashback explained why she wasn't able to give the handkerchief back, or why she got lost in the first place? not an interaction, but in the former's case, it could show her all sad that she didn't get to see him again, and in the latters case, it could show that he followed her into the forest, taking a liking to her, got distracted by the poliwag, and stumbled upon her, when she was lost and hurt and sobbing.
  15. ⊱✿RedAshEntropy

    ⊱✿RedAshEntropy · MultiShipper ·

    I'm really a fan of flashbacks, and it would be nice to have another flashback, a continuations after Ash met Serena and after helping her out. I think I'll probably on Serena's point on view on how she thinks about Ash.XD
  16. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    We should see flashbacks of Serena alone growing up with her mother, clinging to the handkerchief and staring out the window saying, "When will I meet him again?"

    The montage will continue as you see Serena age to a 7-8 year old, then to 9, etc. until she reaches the age in the first XY episode. I want her to spend half her life thinking about Ash.
  17. Everlasting

    Everlasting Everything stays.

    Okaaaay.... I personally would like to see other flashbacks at the Oak Camp and a flashback where Serena and Ash say goodbye to each other. But other flashbacks of when Serena grows up and frequently thinks about him would be sweet as well.
  18. taeuknam

    taeuknam OTP is Amourshipping

    I want to see her taking the handkerchief out whenever she is lonely/sad/depressed, and she would hear ash saying "never give up!" in her head, motivating her to never give up on finding him.
  19. Shego

    Shego 90% Kissshipper

    That I can agree. Delia might be detecting Serena's blush on her face. I know that I might have asked you this somewhere before but. What Iris would say if her "little kid" got himself involved in a relationship with a girl? Now that I notice that Serena have a canon crush on Ash. Anyway, I hope that Ash and Serena don't argue because those two were good childhood friends. Grace might be a shipper for this.
  20. Which would depend on how they execute another flashback if they decide to incorporate one, though. The flashback could be unimportant and unneeded, but we can't also rule out the possibility that it could also be another cute one that could be important to the episode's plot. After all, we obviously don't have more flashbacks, but if the writers think it's necessary, they'll add one.

    I personally don't find one flashback to be ALL there is to Ash and Serena's relationship in the past. Like I said, that camp couldn't have lasted for that one day, and we didn't get any clarification over if that day was the camp's last day and Ash and Serena subsequently parted ways after that. Until we get proof on that, we can't rule out the possibility that there was at least one more encounter between them. It could at least be one that Ash wasn't aware of because he didn't notice Serena at the time for whatever reason, but Serena remembers it fully.

    As for if the flashback's relevancy to AmourShipping, I really can't comment on that, since we have yet to see one.

    But more flashbacks could potentially show another perspective of AmourShipping. Maybe we might learn that Ash had a little crush on Serena at the camp, but he didn't really know what he was feeling and later dropped his crush when Serena left the camp. And then, this crush of his would be brought up in the episode that introduces the flashback.

    I don't see how it lessens XY007's impact. We can perfectly have reasons why Serena likes Ash, both in the past and present. And it's not like I'm supporting frequent flashbacks dispersed throughout XY. I'm only thinking one more flashback, maybe two.

    Nope, not really. And besides, Serena might've been too shy to tell him her name. When someone does something nice to a person that it makes this person have a crush on him or her, then I can easily imagine this person, if he or she is like Serena, to be shy around that person, especially if they're a young kid.

    It honestly wouldn't be the first time they shoehorned something in, so I don't see how it would be a problem now.

    At this point, I'm saying that it's only a matter of opinion. In my opinion, present hints, with a small occasion of past hints, are what matters to help AmourShipping go forward.

    The "never give up till the end" line will help Ash and/or Serena through at least one sticky situation (I'm actually thinking about the TF arc), we see a reversal of the flashback with Ash and Serena swapping roles (and Serena's crush ends, but Ash's begins), that Poliwag might reappear in some major role (I actually found its usage to be a bit suspicious, since I didn't see any body of water nearby). Those are the only speculations I can think of right now.

    Like I said, if Ash asked her name, Serena would've probably been too shy at the time to tell him; after all, she seemed like quite a shy little kid back then. If anything, Serena might've even stalked him around the camp without him knowing. :p
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