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Amourshipping (Ash x Serena) General Discussion (SPOILER WARNING)

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by BlueDragonfangirl, Sep 12, 2013.

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  1. Obscurites

    Obscurites Well-Known Member

    Wow, that SatoSere pic is so adorable. I think she has to be this aggressive in order to win Satoshi. :D
    Make me wanna see Serena in Fokko costume.
  2. Tangeh

    Tangeh Well-Known Member

  3. Observer

    Observer Mostly watching

    From what I could tell Ash looked a little *Puts on shades* Shocked.
  4. rockerztonight1

    rockerztonight1 Calm Trainer

  5. ElectroBall

    ElectroBall Pokémon Master

    Please keep going with that. I just pictured it in my head and it's adorable :D
  6. demarc

    demarc Tomorrow Is Mine

    Pikachu can learn Charm and Sweet Kiss from pre-evolution as well. Ash, get your Heart Scales ready.
  7. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    It was posted before several times, but I'm still puzzled about why Ash and Serena were shown together. Maybe the promoters really did want to get us AmourShippers excited. I mean they promoted XY013 from that viewpoint so it wouldn't surprise me if the newest movie trailer did the same thing, only like other people said, the chances of that scene being in the actual movie are really low.
  8. paul (dragon master)

    paul (dragon master) Awesomely awesome

    Well she tried to use Charm on him a few times, I think she needs to use Sweet Kiss on him, she has even used her special ability Bake Cookies.
    me thinks she needs to combine it into one package, use Charm first, then use Nuzzle to paralyse him, followed by Sweet Kiss, then this is where her special ability kicks in.
    all the while dressed up as a Pikachu.
  9. I don't see how this implies anything AmourShippy will happen in the movie, though. I'm personally gonna need more than just seeing Ash and Serena alone in the scene when they're being blasted backward.
  10. Navin

    Navin MALDREAD

    I don't expect that many SatoSere scenes will appear in the upcoming film. I mean, at least nowhere near Movie 2 which also had a romantic subplot building up to it. Of course, I would welcome them if they do come up and are done well. It would be nice to see Serena saving Ash or vice-versa.
  11. No there was not if you looked up the Japanese versions of movie two, anything Poke was 4kids
  12. Master Trainer Empoleon

    Master Trainer Empoleon Well-Known Member

    We need another Amourshipping episode. We've been a bit overdue for another one.
  13. Hi! In a page on fb people say that in a magazine appears an article that confirm Serena's future. It says that she would be an Idol (an actress, a singer, a model), Someone can confirm this?
  14. Viex

    Viex Well-Known Member

    Yeah I saw that FB page but I can't really see an actual source.
  15. Thane64

    Thane64 N7 Operative

    I've had a look to see if I could find a source for that FB page but couldn't find anything, anyone else have any luck?
  16. AshKetchup64

    AshKetchup64 TEH PHIR3

    Could someone link that Facebook page, pleeeeease?
    If it's true, wow, they want to change lots of things in the show this time.
  17. 1508522_662112640491510_376390753_n.jpg


    Filosochar post this scan on fb, and the admi says: "The same magazine that confirm that serena would be an idol also confirm a special about megaevolutions"
    I don't know which magazine is...
  18. Everlasting

    Everlasting Everything stays.

    The whole thing probably comes from this summary we got yesterday;

    ポケモンとトレーナーの魅力をアピールする動画を作ってサイトにアップできる「ポケビジョン」。サトシたち が見た
    「ポケビジョン」の動画には、カロスNo.1アイドルのエルとフォッコの姿が!早速セレナも、動画制作を始 めるが……。
    ≫脚本=米村正二 演出=古賀一臣 絵コンテ=尼野浩正 作画監督=案浦達哉

    ... which basically states that (according to a member of this forum) Serena wants to make herself a promotional video with Fennekin after seeing the video of the No. 1 Kalos star named Eru. We don't have an official translation yet but I don't think anything's confirmed about Serena's future. Let's wait a little bit more before discussing about that. :p
  19. ElectroBall

    ElectroBall Pokémon Master

    Well this information is unexpected. In the games, isn't Diantha a movie star and the Champion? Perhaps Serena takes the former role in the anime?
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2014
  20. AshKetchup64

    AshKetchup64 TEH PHIR3

    I don't know either, but it's cool, maybe Ash will be interested something not related to Pokémon.
    But I wonder how they will build the plot for her goal...
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