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Amourshipping General Discussion - V.2 *Spoiler Warning*

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by xEryChan, Dec 25, 2014.

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  1. xEryChan

    xEryChan Archeology Enthusiast Staff Member Moderator

    Welcome to the..

    Amourshipping Thread - Version 2

    Credits go to Rainbowicescream on DeviantArt

    What is Amourshipping, you may be asking?
    Amourshipping is the belief that the characters Ash (Satoshi) and Serena from the Pokemon anime are or will be involved in a romantic relationship.
    In this thread, you can discuss the hints and the development of the ship. ​


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    4. Stay On Topic - This thread is meant to discuss Amourshipping and only Amourshipping so episode discussions and speculation of individual characters are not allowed unless it is related back to Amourshipping. Also, discussions involving other ships are not allowed here.
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    Lets just this thread started with a topic.

    What made you choose Amourshipping rather then any other Ash/Satoshi and Serena pairings?
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2016
  2. Blood Red

    Blood Red ...

    Finally! Thanks for this, Ery :D

    Anyway, for those of you who don't know already: There were a few minor hints in XY053 (a blush, Serena saying 'Never give up until the end!' twice). Thought I'd share this with those who didn't have translations/didn't watch the raws at all :D

    What made you choose Amourshipping rather then any other Ash/Satoshi and Serena pairings?

    Because it's the only pairing which is semi-canon, for starters. I've grown to like it for other reasons too, but I got into this ship because of how easy it was to ship Ash and Serena together.
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2014
  3. calvinhobbesliker

    calvinhobbesliker Well-Known Member

    I heard that there was an Amourshipping hint at the end of XY053, where Grace is talking to Serena and says Ash's name. Does anyone have a translation of that part?
  4. Blood Red

    Blood Red ...

    AFAIK Grace was telling Serena that there was a Tripokalon in Coumarine City. right where Ash's next Gym Battle was about to take place. No hints there, sorry :/
  5. Brandon00151

    Brandon00151 Well-Known Member

    Glad to see that its back, and for real this time. I was about to go off on someone for making yet another thread then I realized it was the real deal. So last weeks episode Ash made Serena blush but besides that the episode didn't contain much in terms of Amourshipping.
  6. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    I actually multi-ship, so I didn't choose AmourShipping over another Ash/Serena pairing. I find the pairing cute because of all the romantic hints that Serena has provided thus far, but I'm slowly getting over that; I really wish that Ash would give us hints, but I've also made peace with the fact that he won't be as expressive as Serena. The drought of hints right now is also sad, but I'll make do.
  7. matthew11

    matthew11 8000 MMR

    ... *explodes*. Thank you so much Ery!

    Ok. I'm gonna leave my points here about:

    XY53: How about how Satoshi's obliviousness got the better of him when he already spotted Serena feeling uneasy about her mother's appearance? It just goes to show that he seems to sense something going on about her, he's just not sure how to act upon it. Discuss.

    What made you choose Amourshipping rather than any other Ash/Satoshi and Serena pairings?

    Obviously, it has the biggest margin out of all Satoshi/Serena pairings in becoming canon. Now all we need is Satoshi's oblivious armor broken.
  8. xEryChan

    xEryChan Archeology Enthusiast Staff Member Moderator

    I still have not seen the last episode so don't spoil anything for me, please guys.

    Time for me to answer my own topic.

    What made you choose Amourshipping rather than any other Ash/Satoshi and Serena pairings?

    Contrary to what some of you guys may think, I actually am an Amourshipping. This is definitely one of my favorite ships involving Ash and without a doubt, my favorite ship involving Serena. I just love this pairing, it's so cute and I just love ships between childhood acquitances, what more is there I can say?
  9. torterra_4_the_win

    torterra_4_the_win Ya want some?

    Hooray! So glad to see this thread back in a new and better form! Thanks Ery!

    About your question, I think it's just the fact that this shipping is actually 100% canon on at least one side (in this case Serena) whereas with the other PokeGirls it was assumed or speculated. Plus, like you said, the fact they have a backstory and have met in childhood gives it that cuteness that a lot of fans love.

    BTW, the latest episode showed Serena blushing at something Ash said, in the presence of her mother. It was explained that beginners start riding on Skiddo to learn the ropes before moving on the harder-to-control Rhyhorn.

    Ash: Huh? But I started with a Rhyhorn right away.
    Serena: That was because you said absolutely wanted to enter the Rhyhorn Race they were holding there.
    Ash: Yeah, I did. And thanks to you, I learned to ride.
    Serena: *blushes* It was because you worked so hard at it.

    Thanks to Dephender for the translation.
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2014
  10. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    So basically Ash complimented Serena for her help before and she was embarrassed by his kind words. That's so like Serena in my opinion. I personally don't categorize that as a shipping hint per se since Ash was just giving her credit for her help, plus Serena always blushes anyway, so it's hard for me to take her blush as a serious hint.
  11. matthew11

    matthew11 8000 MMR

    I'm with you here. Serena blushing in some eps is already boring, imo. It may be considered a hint to some, but to me, it doesn't affect amour other than her affection towards him growing. It is the most common thing to display affection. If anything, I'm just waiting for some hints from Satoshi's side, or some instances where Serena will step up her game and just, blatantly show her affection, purposely or not.
  12. torterra_4_the_win

    torterra_4_the_win Ya want some?

    Yeah I've got to agree, Ash giving praise can't be classified as an Ash hint, especially when he gives praise to everyone. But at least Grace has been shown how Serena feels towards Ash, sort of. There were other cute moments between them through the episode, such as when Serena covers Ash' mouth quickly when he was about to mention Performing.
  13. Koharu_Hinata

    Koharu_Hinata Doki Doki Sunshine!

    What made you choose Amourshipping rather than any other Ash/Satoshi and Serena pairings?

    Well, I'm a multi-Ash shipper. But I gotta say, amour is my favorite Ash ship at the moment. I guess it's because I like the fact that a main girl has a canon crush on Ash. It's quite cute. And I'm a total sucker for romance between childhood friends, so when I saw the flashback of them at the summer camp, I couldn't stop myself from shipping Ash and Serena.
  14. taeuknam

    taeuknam OTP is Amourshipping

    The new thread was made in time for Xmas! It's a miracle!

    For me, it was the backstory. I really liked how sweet Ash was to Serena. Especially with the hug at the end. There's also the fact that Serena was so emotionally invested in Ash after that one meeting years back that she was willing to leave home. The interactions were nice, and they both seem careful around each other, implying romantic tension.
  15. pokesrini

    pokesrini Er...

    Well? What are you waiting for then? :p

    As for me, it is the fact that shipping this actually makes sense; because of the backstory, and Serena's canon crush on Ash. Gives me the belief that this will actually end up being resolved. In what way, that's for time to tell. But I'll enjoy the ride, because there is a clear path leading to some direction; and not just treading in tall grass like the other ships were.

    I agree, there were enough hints in XY053. The two times that Serena referred to their catchphrase was something good. And it also clears up the point that XY058 to XY060 will be in Courmarine City. So it also increases the likelihood that the three episodes are related to each other. That is a bit interesting in AmourShipping terms because the "date" episode falls exactly in between Ash's gym battle and Serena's first performance.
  16. Pokegirl Fan~

    Pokegirl Fan~ Time For Summer!

    I chose amourshipping because the character interactions so far have been adorable imo. I don't expect it to become canon, but I'm really looking forward to the character interaction between Ash and Serena.

    I have also not seen xy53 yet either as I watch the dub, but I am hoping there are some small hints from the episode, particularly from Grace.
  17. wiitard119

    wiitard119 Well-Known Member

    Yay were finally back!

    To answer the question
    "What made you choose Amourshipping rather than any other Ash/Satoshi and Serena pairings?"

    I think I chose amourshipping because I used to like pearlshipping but after Dawn disappeared, I had to fill the missing void in the pokemon anime with someone new. And none the less, i got something real great. I love this shipping with all my heart.
    The development and interactions between Serena and Ash feels like a real anime now unlike the previous girls where they were close but just felt like they were "just there" sometimes.

    Also, Ash being mature this season helps a lot. It makes the shipping all the better compared to Ash's BW personality which was pretty disappointing. (Also episode 7 if what truly made me love amourshipping)
  18. Glad to see this back. Now let's just hope this thread doesn't become an absolute trainwreck like the old one did...

    What made you choose Amourshipping rather then any other Ash/Satoshi and Serena pairings?

    For me it was the backstory, and the fact that Serena's crush on Ash has been confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt (about time the main girl became romantically interested in him). After having read Serena's article on Bulbapedia back in February and seeing how it mentioned her interaction with Ash at Oak's camp all those years ago, how she went to great lengths to track him down after seeing him on TV, etc., I thought, "You know she's got to be head over heels for him." Needless to say, it was the bombshell that is XY007 that proved my hunch correct, and it didn't take me long to get on board after that.
  19. PotSmuggle

    PotSmuggle Lord Kinniekins

    Thank you so much for putting the AmourShipping thread up before Christmas!

    What made you choose Amourshipping rather than any other Ash/Satoshi and Serena pairings?

    For me, it's because XY is the current ongoing series. When I checked out the XY anime; I thought AmourShipping had a good chance of getting some canon hints before XY007 aired. When XY013 came out, my prediction was correct so I decided to join everybody here permanently by creating my account. To me, shipping something gets a whole lot more interesting if it can potentially become canon, which is why this is my #1 ship and why MarrisonShipping is one of my favourites as well.

    Ash and Serena's bond is quite unlike anything that has happened in the series. Ash may still be a glutton, but he has grown up and he has some respect for Serena. Serena set out on her journey because she wanted to find Ash; who she knew from her childhood. She had her crush on Ash since the beginning of the series, and that's something that we don't see very often in Pokemon. Serena found her goal thanks to him, and Ash owes several of his gym battles to her. The ship is already off to a great start, and that's why I consider it to be my favourite ship.
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2014
  20. DaDonYordel

    DaDonYordel The Gazing Eye

    What made you choose Amourshipping rather than any other Ash/Satoshi and Serena pairings?

    It is not a hard choice since one of the pairs actually have a canon romantic interest with the other instead of them just looking cute or doing cute stuff together, which is a plus though mind you. I'd say now that it is because it half-canon that I was drawn to it. Long ago, I paired up Ash with another girl and was disappointed with the outcome. Now all I do is ride upon this cloud 9 so long as it could last, though not get too attached by it.

    Also, reminder that in the Gogoat episode Ash was the only one other than Grace, Serena's own mother--literally the person that knows the most about her, that noticed that there was something wrong with Serena.
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