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Amourshipping Thread V3

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by Staff_Member, Sep 21, 2016.

  1. Staff_Member

    Staff_Member Staff Member

    Amourshipping Discussion Thread V3.

    Welcome to the shiny new Amourshipping thread.​

    What is Amourshipping?

    Amourshipping is the belief that the characters Ash (Satoshi) and Serena from the Pokemon anime are or will be involved in a romantic relationship. Other names for the ship include SatoSere (サトセレ) or SereSato (セレサト), which are most commonly used in the Japanese fandom. In this thread, you can discuss the hints and the development of the ship, or share your fan creations.


    1. All SPPF Rules and Shippers Community Rules apply. Read them before you post anything here.
    2. No Bashing or Flaming other members, characters, or shippings.
    3. You are allowed to voice criticism/skepticism towards the ship here, but if we get the feeling that you are only here to constantly discourage Amourshippers and/or talk about how unlikely or bad the ship is, please leave.
    4. Stay On Topic - This thread is meant to discuss Amourshipping and only Amourshipping, so episode discussions and speculation of individual characters are not allowed unless it is related back to Amourshipping. Also, discussions involving other ships are not allowed here.
    5. No One Liners - try to avoid posts that only contain one line. Put more thought into your posts, otherwise it will be considered spam.
    6. Please do not link to videos of episodes or episode clips. This especially concerns AMVs. The material AMV makers use is copyrighted (the music, the clips or, in most cases, both).

    Please mind the two rules in bold especially. They are the two main reasons why this thread had to be rebooted twice now. People get emotional over certain events in the series and just start ranting mindlessly, or they will start discussing the upcoming series, or discuss the fates of Ash and Serena as separate characters but not as a pair. Don't do this. This is not the "Sun/Moon anime" thread, or the "Kalos League" thread, or the "Ash" thread or "Serena" thread. It's a thread about Ash and Serena together. Please remember this when posting here.

    Failure to follow these rules will result in you receiving a strike. If you reach three strikes, you will be banned from posting here so you have been warned.

    - matthew11

    Strikes & Warning:
    - TheRaptor89 - Strike 1
    - Ikcatcher - Strike 1
    - MARCOD1091 - Strike 1
    - PokemonBlazeX - Strike 1

    Banned Member(s):


    Graphics & Fanart
    Mizz Nikki



    None so far​

    Last edited: Sep 21, 2016
  2. Epicocity

    Epicocity Well-Known Member

    Well, hey guys. We're back up and running! So, to all my fellow Amourshippers out there, I'll kick off our discussions with a fun little question to keep us rolling on topic!

    How would the ship have changed if Ash remembered meeting Serena at Summer Camp right away?
  3. Pokegirl Fan~

    Pokegirl Fan~ Tsundere Girl

    I love the interactions between Ash and Serena, especially when the Amourshipping moments are used for comedic relief and such. I also love it when Miette teases Serena about her crush causing her to get stressed out and worried.

    I also wish that the backstory of Ash and Serena at professor oaks summer camp was developed more. I would have loved to see more flashbacks during the series.

    Also if/when Serena returns in SM I hope that both her and Ash have a more comedic relationship where she had some playful bantering with him.

    How would the ship have changed if Ash remembered meeting Serena at Summer Camp right away?

    I don't think it would have really changed much but I guess they would have hit it off faster than they actually did.
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2016
  4. Epicocity

    Epicocity Well-Known Member

    I agree. Their story would have benefited a lot more from extended flashbacks. Particularly, I felt the Summer Camp Arc was a lost opportunity to really give us more on their past, especially when the two of them were alone in the ravine. So, yeah, it would have been nice to have those moments sort of interspersed.

    I also agree that little would have changed, but I thought it would be a nice question to ask to start things off.
  5. KungFuMaster

    KungFuMaster KungFu Zen Mode

    Uhhh, why do we have to start again :(

    All our memories, all lost...

    Why can't we have our old thread?
  6. Epicocity

    Epicocity Well-Known Member

    Because everyone was making a mess of it with off-topic statements. Now let's not get shut down before we even get started. Back on-topic.

    Since we have an opportunity to start fresh, everyone start again with telling your story of how you came to Amourshipping and why you like it so much.

    Personally, my story is simply that I finished BW in the dub, and owing to not having internet at the time, took a break from the series because it made me so low and my library didn't have XY. Once I got XY, and I knew about Serena, I watched it and slowly fell in love with both the character and the ship (but not in a creepy way). Certainly by the time Miette showed up, that was it for me. When I had finished the current episodes, I knew this was something special regardless of how it ended and my writer's mind began working.
  7. Pokegirl Fan~

    Pokegirl Fan~ Tsundere Girl

    Since we have an opportunity to start fresh, everyone start again with telling your story of how you came to Amourshipping and why you like it so much.

    Well I guess I came to like it because of that adorable backstory scene at professor oaks summer camp. I also enjoyed some of the more serious moments at first since it gave the watchers something new.

    Now though I prefer the more comedic and bantering hints. I found it hilarious that Bonnie found out and Miette noticing it right away that she has a crush on Ash.
  8. Red Pheonix

    Red Pheonix Well-Known Member

    After the great Serena depression, the Amour thread is back up! Now onwards for another God knows whatever three/four digit numbers of pages of pure Amour goodness(and nonsense)!..............without breaking rules of course. And thanks for bringing the thread back up again so quick Matthew!

    A bit. If Ash were able to remember her right away, we could have said that they were good childhood friends. That would have made their relationship a bit more..........intimate. I mean childhood is a different time in life. Everything is more wonderful and colorful. Everything is more special. If they were more closer in their childhood, that's like 10x more stronger bond between them in the present.

    Never forget Haven Paschall's screams.

    Sometimes, I want Serena to tease Ash. Not much. But I just want her to poke fun at Ash's dorkiness just one time.
  9. Heekful

    Heekful French Pokefan

    I'm glad the old thread is not deleted , even if we can't post on it anymore , the memories are still there. Thanks to the staff.
    Anyway time for a new journey !

    Since we have an opportunity to start fresh, everyone start again with telling your story of how you came to Amourshipping and why you like it so much.

    I think that's the destiny but the first episode of XY I saw was the "Date" episode on TV and I was a huge 1G fan and when I saw Serena (I also liked Serena very much in the X/Y games) had a crush on Ash , I found it very cool and the episode was very good.

    After that , I saw XY60 and the haircut... that's the first time I was really sad for a fictionnal character since Butterfree in season 1. Then , Serena became my favorite character and I started to watch Pokemon again because of her and for me , ship two characters if there is no love at all is weird (no offense that's my opinion) so I decided to support Amourshipping... XY007 was one of the best episode ever too imo.
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2016
  10. Omegaz

    Omegaz Captain Amourica

    Yes, we're back in business boy! Bummer that we lost all of that progress, but that is our faults. Anyways:

    Amourshipping was a big part of my return to the Pokemon anime in general. About a year or two ago, my interest in Pokemon returned and I began to play the games again. Shortly after I'd learned about Serena's crush when I accidentally stumbled upon the first Serena-Miette episode that my little brother was watching on TV. I was very intrigued, but I wasn't sure how far they'd go with it. As it would soon turn out, the writers kept it prominent and I soon became a shipper for the first time. Since then, I've never lost doubt about the good future ahead and I still don't.
  11. KungFuMaster

    KungFuMaster KungFu Zen Mode

    Well, this sucks...

    Anyway, I think I said this before in the previous thread, I was bored during the Holidays and everybody was playing Go. I started to get interest back in Pokémon so I even started to play Smogon Competitive, it was pretty awesome. I also watched some videos about Go and other stuff and went to Serebii. I always used it for Pokémon move info etc. But then I saw a Ash in the Semi-finals of something. I thought it was still BW but when I looked closer, I realized it was not BW? it was a grand new series! So I started looking up some the episode, and I was totally hyped there was a new series. I first didn't want to watch, but I watched like, the first 10 episodes and noticed something about this new girl, it has a crush on Ash, I thought. I watched the whole series (without spoilers) and I really wanted to see how this would end. I was so interested in Serena that I watched 4 hours a day to rush through the episodes. I really liked her, being so caring and nice. And that crush on Ash was perfect.

    But unfortunately, even today there's still no conslusion to this ship, but I really enjoyed this series. I didn't even mind that Serena had 40 episodes walking around doing not much, I just wanted something to happen to her crush. But okay, We will find out on 13 October :D
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2016
  12. Psychotic

    Psychotic NotLikeThis

    600 pages down the drain... http://i.imgur.com/yivG9wu.jpg

    Anyways.. Since we have an opportunity to start fresh, everyone start again with telling your story of how you came to Amourshipping and why you like it so much.

    I got back into the anime because of Amourshipping(like many here apparently). I watched DP, thought it was pretty good for what the Anime was. Tried to watch BW but could never stick with it. Reddit told me that the XY anime was pretty good and I picked it back up. To me Amourshipping represents a bastion of hope, a whisper of a dream that maybe the anime can be different. Maybe it can have some continuity and appeal to an older audience... RIP
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2016
  13. Manqoba

    Manqoba MultiShipper

    Welcome back, gentlemen.

    Whoever is in charge of the first post, please fix the typo in my story name. It's "Memento", not "Momento".

    So, we're starting from zero? Sounds familiar. I was an AdvanceShipper and NegaiShipper since 2011, but less of a NegaiShipper now. I have been with this pairing since the Ash x Serena days, back around October of 2013 before XY001 aired. Like many others, I fell in love with the potential of the pairing after hearing about how Serena knew Ash in childhood, and the image of them holding hands as kids. I stayed active until January of 2014, when I largely left the Pokemon community for personal reasons. I returned in July of 2016 to both the Advance and Amour communities, and I've been active here since.

    I stay with Amour because I've watched it grow and blossom from the very start. I have been a supporter since before Day 1, and I likely still would be even if this pairing did not become the juggernaut it has. Ash and Serena's relationship was one of the highlights of XY for me. It's an unexplored territory for Pokemon.
  14. Red Pheonix

    Red Pheonix Well-Known Member

    We'll carry our stuff from the old thread. The dialogue chains, roles in SS Amour crew, the cheezy mantras, parody songs and of course-

    It's time for our-

    Daily Caption!

    I'll give an image and you'll caption it.

    Here's the one for today-


    Caption this!

    Context: Serena is wearing a fennekin costume for her Pokevision video. Ash is..............actually I don't know what to say about this.

    My opinion: I still have no idea how to interpret this. I mean look at Ash's initial reaction and try to guess what he's thinking while looking at Serena wearing a fennekin costume-


    Note: You can give a caption or an opinion or both. Whatever you like.
  15. Manqoba

    Manqoba MultiShipper

    Well, Serena loves Ash, and Ash loves Pokemon, so it's only logical...

    Legitimately, I have no idea what they were going for. I k ow Ash's reaction in that scene is always discussed, but Clemont's was even more over the top.
  16. Epicocity

    Epicocity Well-Known Member

    Actually, and I know I'm no majority opinion here, but I was discussing this with potat (and sorry if you didn't want me to bring you in...) but we kind of figured the song parodies were a bad idea.

    I know they have to do with Amour but they seem like something more fitting for YouTube than this forum. Same with the chains kinda...if you want to write them, submit them as a fanfiction, right? But I'm just the helmsman. I just have a feeling it all contributed...

    And I've no idea how to caption that without turning it dirty. Needless to say...we all know why Ash really liked that costume. And, no, Serena, it wasn't the tail or the ears. unless Ash is a furry
  17. Red Pheonix

    Red Pheonix Well-Known Member

    Just use the imagination for the songs?

    The real purpose of the dialogue chain is more of an elaborate joke than anything. They don't work as individual fanfic because the fun this is everyone joining in and progressing the story each time. It's still Amour related, so I don't see why the dialogue chains can't fit in. I understand that this place for discussions but an elaborate joke shouldn't hurt things.

    We all have dirty minds, don't we? (how do you put lenny face?)

    And as for how I came to Amourshipping, I'm in the "came back for XY" crowd. I started shipping from episode 2, when Serena was watching TV. Just as how Serena got intrigued seeing the boy in the TV, I became interested in how this girl and Ash's relationship will play out.

    As for why I like it, primarily because the whole Amourshipping feels heartwarming and fuzzy, for many reasons. Some personal. The childhood flashback, Serena's shyness when she first met Ash, the date episode(the last part).........I love them.
  18. KungFuMaster

    KungFuMaster KungFu Zen Mode

    Don't open unless you want a parody.

    Growlithe goes woof
    Meowth goes meow
    Fletchling goes tweet
    And Pika goes squeek

    Milktank goes moo
    Froggy goes croak
    and the Donophan goes toot

    Psyducks say quak
    Magikarps blub
    And Seel goes ow ow ow

    But theres one sound
    that no one knows...

    What the fox say?

    What the fox say?

    What the fox say?

    What the fox say?


    My opinion: Ash is thinking: What is this feeling I got everytime I see something so cute??? She has a nice body tho. She must have ridden a lot of Ryhorn races! xD And why is my Pokéstick using harden She should dress more like this!

    Why Ash's mind is hidden... :D
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2016
  19. Do read the 1st post and as of now, your message doesn't contribute to the topic. I suggest you edit this and make sure it relates to amourshipping. What I feared for the thread has happened again.

    To continue my contribution for the thread, I'll ask a question for now.

    If Serena doesn't go with Ash in Alola and if she did not do any confessing or whatsoever, will you remain as a loyal supporter of this ship?

    Be remindful that you have to explain properly your answer to avoid violations.
  20. valvenya

    valvenya Well-Known Member

    Pikachu seems to like it, so Ash may be has the same expression in his brain. xd

    If Serena wore costume of Pokemon League Cup, would Ash like it? xd

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