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Amourshipping Thread V3

U.N. Owen

In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night ...
Liko or Roy being Ash’s kid only opens up the well of idiotic Next Gen fanfic tropes. I prefer our regular idiotic tropes, thank you

U.N. Owen

In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night ...
You doubt the writers idiocy. They could easily make Poke or Pearl, heck even Bloombolt if they wanted too. And they could even make Ash and Goh end up together and Serena be lesbian for more representation to please Westerners.
Any ship is on the table. With Misty being present and Serena not being, plus with JN105 seemingly having Serena haven gotten over her romantic feelings for Ash, Poke and Amour are on an even playing field.
Be a dear and abide by the rules
You are allowed to voice criticism/skepticism towards the ship here, but if we get the feeling that you are only here to constantly discourage Amourshippers and/or talk about how unlikely or bad the ship is, please leave.


Bittersweet Satisfaction
That’s forbidden on serebii. People will complain about “trolls” while simultaneously engaging with them every time they can.

I will admit i do find it amusing how some people spend so much time and energy to be mad and petty to other users who obviously don’t see eye to eye with them.

It just seems like they want to get angry for the most unimportant things.


Slaying the PFP game
Liko or Roy being Ash’s kid only opens up the well of idiotic Next Gen fanfic tropes. I prefer our regular idiotic tropes, thank you
Well I'm a fan of boruto so I would kinda like that hahaha
I don’t get some people’s obsession with Serena getting over her crush on Ash. I know so talk about it but these people want it to happen so badly that they got a boner when JN105 aired and Serena interacted a little with Ash and the Amourshippers were disappointed
There was Pokeshipping hints
Clauncher being in love with Corphish
Misty blushing when going to ask Ash if she could go (way more blushing than Serena had with Ash in JN)
I’m scared


Arthur Morgan is the GOAT character ever.
As for Misty's blushing, my Japanese is very weak, but the context is that she's too embarrassed and prideful to directly ask to tag along with Ash (having been inspired by his Master's Tournament win to start out on her journey again). That hardly constitutes as an acute Pokeshipping "hint".

Besides, it's been clariffied so many times that merely blushing (especially without understanding the context) hardly constitutes as any proper romantic development.
Because this isn't an echo chamber, unlike what some people say about us.
You and Cricket don't have any opinion, you just have a bunch of insecure feelings that you keep pushing onto other people on both sides of the scale, despite being told off or corrected, and refuse to admit to your faults or self-reflect.