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Amourshipping Thread V3


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Too many fans are insecure about the ship, and act like it has been retconned or diminished because it hasn’t been addressed to their satisfaction right meow!
I kinda understand(but not agree) to why they are insecure I mean sun and moon felt like the complete opposite of XY after that the only substantial Serena content we had post XY was JN 105 in which she had barely any interactions with ash and the fact that the ribbon is kinda gone which has lead to many fans to believe that she has moved on. And also there is the fact that she was barely promoted before and after her return. And then the popularity resurgence of pokeshipping and the fact that pokemon loves to do gen 1 pandering has made a lot of amourshippers really insecure.


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To stay on topic. What were some of your favorite amourshiping moments?

Probably the second ‘shopping date’. Definitely ash at his most gentlemanly.

They obviously purposely contrasted it with the first ‘shopping date’ where ash kept being distracted with things he’s interested in, but seeing ash actively take part by pointing out fashion and accessories for serena was surreal. Him tolerating waiting around as long as the girls have fun shopping is one thing, but actively takinv part is another.

He also managed to be sensitive enough notice that something was on serena’s mind. This while serena was actually trying to hide it and enjoy what they’re doing, so he noticed not even because serena was all out sulking or had a big emotional scene. It was surprising ash was able to catch those subtle details.

All in all it was refreshing to see ash giving such care and attention to serena for a change.

Ash Ketchum!

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- The great gatsby thing is a bit of a reach I don't think the writing of this show is deep enough to do that.

The show has referenced pop culture and literature in the past:

And it's not like The Great Gatsby is some obscure piece of media. It's a very notable book and like entry-level literature for high schoolers, if not middle schoolers. With multiple movie adaptations too.

I think the anime left it ambiguous for a reason so people for/against can read whatever they want into the scene, but it was intended to serve a purpose.
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This anime is written primarily for japanese kids. Do people seriously expect them to be aware of an american novel written in 1925 set in the Jazz age? Lmao.