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AmphyLucky13's Bank Balls and ORAS Berries

Discussion in '6th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by AmphyLucky13, Jan 1, 2015.

  1. AmphyLucky13

    AmphyLucky13 Purduuuu Says Amphy

    Hi! And Welcome To My Trade Shop!!

    I Offer: Bank Ball Pokemon (includes Apricorn, Safari, and Dream Balls), and ORAS Berries.

    Some Things To Keep In Mind, Are:

    . All Forum Rules Apply here
    . I don't accept or clone my bred Pokemon.
    . My Time Zone is EST United States, just something to keep in mind when we work out a trade (I am flexible with your Time Zone as well!).
    . I don't feel as if I need to say this, but I will anyways. Please be fair with the trades.
    . I'm always active on Serebii, if I plan on taking a brief break, I will try to post here to let everyone know in case you are interested in a trade while I am gone.

    HUGE UPDATE: I no longer custom breed IVs onto Pokemon, due to my inconsistent schedule. I've also revamped the whole shop. I no longer carry old-gen and 6th gen Shinies, high IV Legends, and Event Pokemon (but keep in mind I'll still be looking for Shaymin as a Want). Now this Trade Shop strictly offers Bank Balls and Berries. If you don't mind checking it out once in awhile, they'll be some notes and updates regarding what has been added that is new to the shop (this is a new feature and will be shown in a spoiler).

    What I Have To Offer:

    Abra - Ability: Magic Guard
    Absol - Ability: Justified
    Aipom - Ability: Skill Link
    Meowth - Ability: Unerve
    Riolu - Ability: Prankster
    Luvdisc - Ability: Hydration
    Aerodactyl - Ability: Unnerve
    Poliwag - Ability: Swift Swim
    Sigilyph - Ability: Tinted Lens
    Munna - Ability: Telepathy
    Mantine - Ability: Water Veil
    Lapras - Ability: Hydration
    Pachirisu - Ability: Volt Absorb
    Drifloon - Ability: Flare Boost
    Geodude - Ability: Sand Veil
    Lickitung - Ability: Cloud Nine
    Swablu - Ability: Cloud Nine
    Togepi - Ability: Super Luck
    Mareep - Ability: Plus
    Glameow - Ability: Keen Eye
    Misdreavus - Ability: Levitate
    Starly - Ability: Reckless
    Shuckle - Ability: Contrary
    Chinchou - Ability: Water Absorb
    Ponyta - Ability: Flame Body
    Feebas - Ability: Adaptability
    Audino - Ability: Klutz
    Hoothoot - Ability: Tinted Lens
    Vulpix - Ability: Drought
    Caterpie - Ability: Run Away
    Qwilfish - Ability: Intimidate
    Sandile - Ability: Anger Point
    Hoppip - Ability: Infiltrator
    Ralts - Ability: Telepathy
    Natu - Ability: Magic Bounce
    Skitty - Ability: Wonder Skin
    Igglybuff - Ability: Friend Guard
    Bronzor - Ability: Heavy Metal
    Oddish - Ability: Run Away
    Electrike - Ability: Minus
    Sentret - Ability: Frisk
    Carvanha - Ability: Speed Boost
    Scyther - Ability: Steadfast
    Surskit - Ability: Rain Dish
    Tropius - Ability: Harvest
    Phanpy - Ability: Sand Veil
    Chatot - Ability: Big Pecks
    Sableye - Ability: Prankster
    Taillow - Ability: Scrappy
    NidoranF - Ability: Hustle
    Wailmer - Ability: Pressure
    Gible - Ability: Rough Skin
    Eevee - Ability: Anticipation
    Shinx - Ability: Guts
    Houndour - Ability: Unnerve
    Axew - Ability: Unnerve
    Corsola - Ability: Regenerator
    Horsea - Ability: Damp
    Bagon - Ability: Sheer Force
    Shroomish - Ability: Quick Feet
    Larvitar - Ability: Sand Veil
    Maractus - Ability: Storm Drain
    Ducklett - Ability: Hydration
    Buizel - Ability: Water Veil
    Joltik - Ability: Swarm
    Spheal - Ability: Oblivious
    Zigzagoon - Ability: Quick Feet
    Growlithe - Ability: Justified
    Marill - Ability: Sap Sipper
    Gligar - Ability: Immunity
    Spinarak - Ability: Sniper
    Murkrow - Ability: Prankster
    Slowpoke - Ability: Regenerator
    Seel - Ability: Ice Body
    Stunky - Ability: Keen Eye
    Pinsir - Ability: Moxie
    Teddiursa - Ability: Honey Gather
    Basculin - Ability: Mold Breaker
    Elekid - Ability: Vital Spirit
    Magby - Ability: Vital Spirit
    Shuppet - Ability: Cursed Body
    Yanma - Ability: Frisk
    Buneary - Ability: Limber
    Torkoal - Ability: Shell Armor
    Venonat - Ability: Run Away
    Makuhita - Ability: Sheer Force
    Rhyhorn - Ability: Reckless
    Delibird - Ability: Insomnia
    Psyduck - Ability: Swift Swim
    Spoink - Ability: Gluttony
    Snorunt - Ability: Moody
    Clamperl - Ability: Rattled
    Spearow - Ability: Sniper
    Ledyba - Ability: Rattled
    Farfetch'd - Ability: Defiant
    Dratini - Ability: Marvel Scale
    Poochyena - Ability: Rattled
    Sneasel - Ability: Pickpocket
    Wurmple - Ability: Run Away
    Wingull - Ability: Rain Dish
    Numel - Ability: Own Tempo
    Pidove - Ability: Rivalry
    Emolga - Ability: Motor Drive
    Castform - Ability: Forecast
    Smeargle - Ability: Moody
    Nincada - Ability: Run Away
    Cottonee - Ability: Chlorophyll
    Lileep - Ability: Storm Drain
    Bidoof - Ability: Moody
    Sunkern - Ability: Early Bird
    Gastly - Ability: Levitate
    Weedle - Ability: Run Away
    Skarmory - Ability: Weak Armor
    Minun - Ability: Minus (No HA)
    Plusle - Ability: Plus (No HA)
    Scraggy - Ability: Intimidate
    Finneon - Ability: Water Veil
    Barboach - Ability: Hydration
    Trapinch - Ability: Sheer Force
    Spinarak - Ability: Sniper
    Aron - Ability: Heavy Metal
    Miltank - Ability: Sap Sipper
    Onix - Ability: Weak Armor
    Snubbull - Ability: Rattled
    Druddigon - Ability: Mold Breaker

    Lure Ball Marill
    Lure Ball Chinchou
    Lure Ball Qwilfish
    Lure Ball Wooper
    Lure Ball Horsea
    Friend Ball Oddish
    Friend Ball Poochyena
    Friend Ball Magby
    Friend Ball Wurmple
    Friend Ball Ponyta
    Friend Ball Spinarak
    Friend Ball Yanma
    Friend Ball Stantler
    Friend Ball Pichu
    Friend Ball Caterpie
    Friend Ball Dunsparce
    Friend Ball Dratini
    Friend Ball Ralts
    Friend Ball Heracross
    Friend Ball Natu
    Friend Ball Shroomish
    Friend Ball Shinx
    Friend Ball Wingull
    Friend Ball Roselia
    Friend Ball Sudowoodo
    Friend Ball Poliwag
    Friend Ball Ekans
    Level Ball Sentret
    Level Ball Magby
    Level Ball Poochyena
    Level Ball Cubone
    Heavy Ball Shuckle
    Heavy Ball Phanpy
    Heavy Ball Skarmory
    Heavy Ball Onix
    Heavy Ball Lapras
    Love Ball Ledyba
    Love Ball Snubbull
    Love Ball Taillow
    Love Ball Roselia
    Love Ball Mawile
    Love Ball Girafarig
    Love Ball Plusle
    Love Ball Sunkern
    Love Ball Mareep
    Love Ball Lapras
    Love Ball Buneary
    Love Ball Cleffa
    Love Ball Minun
    Love Ball Vulpix
    Moon Ball Mareep
    Moon Ball Starly
    Moon Ball Qwilfish
    Moon Ball Poochyena
    Moon Ball Misdreavus
    Moon Ball Absol
    Moon Ball Murkrow
    Moon Ball Mantine
    Moon Ball Delibird
    Moon Ball Zubat
    Moon Ball Teddiursa
    Moon Ball Growlithe
    Moon Ball Shinx
    Moon Ball Clamperl
    Moon Ball Sneasel
    Moon Ball Dratini
    Moon Ball Hoothoot
    Moon Ball Larvitar
    Moon Ball Cleffa
    Moon Ball Seedot
    Moon Ball Swablu
    Moon Ball Zigzagoon
    Moon Ball Gligar
    Moon Ball Chimecho
    Moon Ball Numel
    Moon Ball Venonat
    Moon Ball Wingull
    Moon Ball Taillow
    Fast Ball Elekid
    Fast Ball Chatot
    Fast Ball Pichu
    Fast Ball Buizel
    Fast Ball Pidgey
    Fast Ball Aipom

    Safari Ball Girafarig
    Safari Ball Bagon
    Safari Ball Larvitar
    Safari Ball Hoppip
    Safari Ball Rhyhorn
    Safari Ball Doduo
    Safari Ball Seedot
    Safari Ball Stantler
    Safari Ball Trapinch
    Safari Ball Cubone
    Safari Ball Cacnea
    Safari Ball Carnivine
    Safari Ball Aron
    Safari Ball Spearow
    Safari Ball Sandshrew
    Safari Ball Ponyta
    Safari Ball Pidgey
    Safari Ball Bidoof
    Safari Ball Paras
    Safari Ball Marill
    Safari Ball Magikarp
    Safari Ball Magby
    Safari Ball Lotad
    Safari Ball Hippopotas
    Safari Ball Surskit
    Safari Ball Zangoose
    Safari Ball Zigzagoon
    Safari Ball Zubat
    Safari Ball Murkrow
    Safari Ball Lapras
    Safari Ball Tropius
    Safari Ball Snubbull
    Safari Ball Hoothoot
    Safari Ball Pikachu
    Safari Ball Wurmple
    Safari Ball Scyther
    Safari Ball Miltank
    Safari Ball Aipom
    Safari Ball Ledyba
    Safari Ball Phanpy

    Sport Ball Weedle
    Sport Ball Combee

    Nest Ball Chikorita
    Luxury Ball Chikorita
    Dive Ball Totodile
    Luxury Ball Cyndaquil

    Luxury Ball HA Shieldon
    Dive Ball HA Anorith
    Luxury Ball HA Aerodactyl
    Dusk Ball HA Aerodactyl
    Timer Ball HA Aerodactyl

    -Starf Berry
    -Enigma Berry
    -Salac Berry
    -Micle Berry
    -Custap Berry
    -Maranga Berry
    -Rowap Berry
    -Jaboca Berry
    -Ganlon Berry
    -Kee Berry (NEW!)
    -All the EV Reducing Berries
    Notes: Still updating stocks, I may not have them ready immediately. Give me a day or two and I should have them ready for you!

    None yet.

    Notes: Pokemon listed under this spoiler will stay in here for 1 month. They will be put in their appropriate spoiler after the next month starts.

    What I'm Looking For:

    Event Pokemon:



    -Rare Candies
    -Ability Capsules
    -Master Balls
    -1 Sun Stone

    Bank Balls & Miscellaneous:

    -Safari Ball Yanma
    -Dream Ball HA Wooper
    -Premier Ball Chikorita
    -Repeat Ball Cyndaquil
    -Heal Ball HA Aerodactyl
    -Foreign 5 IV+ Impostor Ditto
    -HG/SS Move Tutor Exclusive Moves on Pokemon
    -Any offers on 4 Egg Move Bred Pokemon

    Also open to Pokemon I already have in custom Poke Balls besides the ones I already have.

    Notes: Trade Ratios vary depending on the offer, therefore I am open as long as it's reasonable. You may let me know below if you are interested in anything I have to offer and have what I am looking for. Thank you and have a great day!

    Last edited: Feb 1, 2016
  2. charizard25

    charizard25 Member

    Hi again I decided to check your Trade Shop and there are a few more BankBalls I'm interested in
    DreamBall Munna
    FriendBall Ralts
    MoonBall Shinx
    MoonBall Absol
    MoonBall Sneasel
    My offers are the same as before if u don't need anything from the list then I also have a JAP 5IV(-HP) Vulpix, 5IV(-Atk) Timid HA Snivy Lvl52( Leveled up in DayCare) JAP 5IV Charmander and JAP 5IV Skrelp
  3. AmphyLucky13

    AmphyLucky13 Purduuuu Says Amphy

    Hello again. :) I already have the Snivy, but can you tell me a little more about the Vulpix. Is it Male or Female, and if it's Female in a Pokeball besides the regular one, I will gladly include that with the trade. Also, can you include some more details about the Skrelp? :)
    Also I already have the Charmander, but thank you for offering it.
  4. charizard25

    charizard25 Member

    Vulpix is male Jap. Timid HA with HeatWave, Disable, PowerSwap, Hypnosis
    Skrelp is also male in DiveBall Modest Lvl.32
    Also have Female 5IV Modest Jap. Flabebe(Blue Flower) in GreatBall
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2015
  5. Sharingan

    Sharingan Well-Known Member

    Hi ... here what im looking for

    Female Heavy Ball Shuckle
    Female Dive Ball Totodile
    Female Nest Ball Chikorita
    Female DB HA Glameow

    i can offer any 2 items of your pick from your want list (your choice) for each pokemon
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2015
  6. Eclair~

    Eclair~ ES member Eclair

    Hello Lucky, it's been a while, good to see you again. Anyway, nice shop you got here, I would like to know if the female
    Nest Ball Chikorita
    Dive Ball Totodile
    have egg moves and 31 perfect Ivs and if so how many and what moves would they be?
    Depending on what they have, I can offer rare candies, a female Friend Ball Heracross, a female Heavy Ball Phanpy (with egg moves), a female Moon Ball Teddiursa and pretty much anything listed in my trade shop which while closed does still have a list of what I can trade to you. (Link in sig) Note the phanpy can have 5 IVs, and all apricorn ball mons can also be male if u wish. I can do any mon with adamant nature but besides that, it'd be a random nature.
  7. AmphyLucky13

    AmphyLucky13 Purduuuu Says Amphy

    Hi Eclair, happy to hear from you after awhile now too. :) My Chikorita comes with 5 IVs (the one missing 31 IVs will be random though) and the Egg Moves: Leech Seed, Grassy Terrain, Heal Pulse, and Counter; with an optional nature of either Modest or Calm. My Totodile comes with no IVs though, but has the Egg Moves: Crunch, Dragon Dance, Aqua Jet, and Ice Punch with an Adamant nature. Although I have not gotten to updating the wants, the Apricorn Ball Females you mentioned are in pending status. Your version of them stand out because yours come with IVs, therefore I will include your trade as well as theirs. :) If you don't mind breeding 5 IVs onto them. I realize my Totodile does not come with IVs. Is there another Bank Ball I have that you would want (will not include IVs though). And what kind of trade to trade ratio are we thinking of doing?
  8. AmphyLucky13

    AmphyLucky13 Purduuuu Says Amphy

    Alright. The Skrelp I am interested in. The others I'm afraid I'm not. Would you like to receive 3 Bank Ball Females (No IVs though and cannot garuntee the nature, but I will do my best for the one you want) for the Skrelp? :)
  9. Sharingan

    Sharingan Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the trade
  10. charizard25

    charizard25 Member

    Alright I might have a few PP Ups that I can give u can also get all BP Items except Ability Capsule
  11. AmphyLucky13

    AmphyLucky13 Purduuuu Says Amphy

    Alright, instead of the PP-Ups, would you be interested in trading a Sachet from the Battle Maison + the Skrelp for all the Bank Ball Females that you mentioned you want? :)
  12. Eclair~

    Eclair~ ES member Eclair

    Well, only the Phanpy comes with 5 IVs, the others may come with 1-3 IVs but doubtful they'd come with 5IVs. I can still part with rare candies though but seeing as you were only interested in the other mons I listed because of their IVs (which they don't have 5IVs and no guarantee they'll have more than 1IV) I guess I'll need you to tell me what you'd like that's listed in my shop? Again I can offer the Phanpy I listed with 5IVs and female but, any other mon won't have 5IVs odds are but if you list one that does have 5IVs, I'll let you know. I am still interested in both mons and hope we can work a trade out, oh but, if at all possible, can the totodile have a random nature besides Adamant and the chikorita have a calm nature? As for your two questions, I can only breed mons that already have 5IVs on them, but the list I have of said mons is confidential information ;) but I will tell you if you list one I can do with 5IVs. As for the trade to trade ratio, I still trade as fairly as possibly no matter where the trade occurs, so I believe 1 rare candy, plus the 5IV Heavy ball female adamant phanpy with egg moves ice shard, play rough, counter & head smash for the chikorita I/you listed is a fair trade. Normally I would say 2 rare candies is a fair trade but your chikorita doesn't have the best of egg moves so I believe given that it plays out fairly but that is your call to make, I will offer all that plus 2 rare candies if you don't feel that's a fair trade. As for the totodile, well, female plus bank ball plus 4 really good egg moves but no ivs means I'd be willing to trade more for her, but it just depends on what exactly you're wanting. So, list 3 mons you really want for the totodile and we'll go from there I guess. Note: even if you list 3 mons, that doesn't mean I'd trade 3 mons for her, it just depends on what you pick is all.
  13. AmphyLucky13

    AmphyLucky13 Purduuuu Says Amphy

    Alright I was wondering if you could breed 4 random egg moves on the Friend Ball Heracross? If this is do-able for you, what do you think of this trade to trade ratio below?:

    Dive Ball F Totodile with EMs: Crunch, Dragon Dance, Ice Punch, and Aqua Jet (No IVs, any nature besides Adamant) for Friend Ball F Heracross with 4 EMs.

    Nest Ball F Calm Chikorita with Counter, Leech Seed, Grassy Terrain, and Heal Pulse (5 IVs, missing IV is random) for Heavy Ball F Adamant Phanpy with EMs that you listed + 1 Rare Candy.
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2015
  14. Eclair~

    Eclair~ ES member Eclair

    I shall have to look into whether or not I can do that. I shall edit this post or if a new post has been posted before then, I shall make a new post to tell you if I can or can't do that. Also you left out 5 random 31 IVs on the Phanpy I'll be trading you but sounds/looks good to me. :) I'll get to checking on that Heracross egg move request now. :)

    EDIT: Bad news, I can't do a single egg move due to having no bug egg group mons with egg moves that Heracross could learn. I'm afraid to ask is there something else you'd like?
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2015
  15. AmphyLucky13

    AmphyLucky13 Purduuuu Says Amphy

    That's ok, thank you for looking into it though. I noticed in your trade shop, you have a Deep Sea Tooth. Maybe we can do Adamant Friend Ball Heracross with no EMs or IVs for the Totodile as said with the Deep Sea Tooth. How does that sound? + The existing trade as well. :)
  16. Eclair~

    Eclair~ ES member Eclair

    I would have to say if it's still on my list, then I should have it but I also feel that's not enough. So, is there another mon listed in my shop that you'd like?
  17. AmphyLucky13

    AmphyLucky13 Purduuuu Says Amphy

    Oh ok. I see this Treecko in your trade shop: "Bullet Seed, Endeavor, Crunch & Synthesis." I would be interested in that one. It's up to you if you want to include the Deep Sea Tooth along with the Treecko if you have it. :)
  18. Eclair~

    Eclair~ ES member Eclair

    Ok, then how does this sound,

    Dive Ball F Totodile with EMs: Crunch, Dragon Dance, Ice Punch, and Aqua Jet (No IVs, any nature besides Adamant) for Friend Ball F Heracross (0 ivs/em) & M 0IV Treecko Bullet Seed, Endeavor, Crunch & Synthesis. Note: though I say Hera/Tre will have 0IVs, they may have some IVs but no guarantees.

    Nest Ball F Calm Chikorita with Counter, Leech Seed, Grassy Terrain, and Heal Pulse (5 IVs, missing IV is random) for 5IV Heavy Ball F Adamant Phanpy ice shard, play rough, counter & head smash + 1 Rare Candy.

    If this is good to you then I will get started on breeding your mons right away.
  19. AmphyLucky13

    AmphyLucky13 Purduuuu Says Amphy

    Yeah, this looks great! I'll get started too.
  20. Eclair~

    Eclair~ ES member Eclair

    Just letting you know I finished breeding you your mons. The mons came out with 31 IVs and have thus been marked (Phanpy has 5IVs like I listed though) and Treecko in particular, has a 0IV in def sadly but I couldn't mark it, so remember that. Anyway, I'll be able to trade in 1 hour from now and if not today then I'll be available most of tomorrow (Sat) to trade. I'll let you contact me when you're ready, if 2 hours goes by from now, the trade will have to wait till tomorrow. (Sat)

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