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An Alola! in Kanto! Brock & Misty! (985)


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An Alola! in Kanto! Brock & Misty!

As part of an extra curricular class, the group travel to Kanto. When there, Ash meets up with his old friends Brock and Misty. Then, when takingthem through Oak's Laboratory to meet his old Pokémon, the group gets losts. To make matters worse, Team Rocket have also returned to Kanto briefly and have their eyes set on the Pokémon in the laboratory once again. Will they succeed?

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oh wow Kiawe actually kept that wig xD


Can we please get the older, old forum back?

Honestly, kind of disappointed in the amount of Ash's pokémon were shown.

Tauros, Muk, Bulbasaur and maybe Ash's Totodile while Misty and Lana were diving underwater? I also thought I saw the Squirtle Squad, but that does not make any sense.

I liked how that racing scene between Kiawe and Rapidash kind of invoked the original opening.
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What was that bewear!?!?!

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Had a real laugh with that Bewear Scene.

And was that a "Origins" reference when Rotomdex mentioned that it completed recording the Kanto Dex, and we see a Mew during that time.


Can we please get the older, old forum back?
I think Brock has a Marowak now, but I'm not sure as I don't know who the hell showcased Alolan Muk or Alolan Geodude for example..


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The only thing I'm surprised about is how Misty remodeled the Cerulean gym like that (or at least I think that's the Cerulean gym). I wonder if Daisy, Lillie, & Violet are still able to do their shows there


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Um...was that maybe Ash's Pidgeot in the montage....also we did technically see Corphish and Totodile even if Ash didn't lol.

I wish he would of seen more pokemon but I'm fine with what we got cuz we saw Brock and Misty and even Crobat and Staryu <3!!!


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You can never hide from Bewear, even in Kanto.

Next thing you know, it will somehow get itself in Ultra Space.

I mean if the anime gets around to having a villain plot.... Bewear smashing through into ultra space to save the day would be pretty hype.


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Well that answers my question about Bewear, I was thinking last week unless it somehow caught a flight to Kanto that team rocket would have an actual blast off.... Little did I know it actually caught a flight ! XD

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I think Brock has a Marowak now, but I'm not sure as I don't know who the hell showcased Alolan Muk or Alolan Geodude for example..

It seems that both Brock and Misty sort of acted as field trip instructors for the Alola group. And thats why they were also given some pokemons to showcase the different regional forms (even Ash's Muk was with them to showcase, along with the others), most likely by Prof.Oak and Prin.Oak.

Now, until we get some proper translations, we won't know for sure who the owner if Kantonian Marowak was really his or not.


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Great, great episode! Each and everybody had their moments, and it was pure nostalgia, past characters and more so, past gags coming back one after another. And Bewear....man is there anything that thing can't do??? Jigglypuff moment was great, and a real surprise to see a Mew! I don't have much to describe, just one thing: a perfect 10/10!!!
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