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An Ashy Christmas (Advship, PG)


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Anyone expecting a Pokemon: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut fic, get the fudge out.

My first "serious" work. Also the first pure ship fic. And the second fic I've ever made XD. Made this in about 5 days. I wanted to write, but didn't want to write Chapter 6 (for reasons you'll find out), so I made this. Basically, the Ketchum's and whatever May's last name is's are having Christmas together, and May's trying to get Ash to notice she likes him.

Rated PG for instances of gambling. Wow, the MPAA suck. If you live in America.

An Ashy Christmas

May had an idea formulating in her head. She had liked Ash for a while now, but felt too embarrassed to admit it to him. She wanted to tell him that she liked him, that she wanted to kiss him. This has been to no avail though, so with Christmas around, she comes up with a brilliant plan.

During the party at the Ketchum house, she would pull Ash out of the way to give him his present. She would deliberately go under the mistletoe, and get her chance. She relished this thought, as if she just ate a wonderful piece of cake. That would make her Christmas.

“May.” She wakes up from her trance. She sees her little brother, Max, looking at her. “What’s wrong with you? Why are you moaning?” May gasps and looks incredibly embarrassed. “Oh, nothing,” she says to her brother, “Just thinking about Ash…” Max eyes opened wide. May realized that and says, hurriedly, “Ash’s mom’s cooking.” Max looks at her, suspicious, but dismisses it and walks away.

“Guess I’d better help out,” May says, and looks around. The Ketchum household looked very festive. The walls are adorned with streamers of white, gold, and cerulean. There were wreaths, ornaments, and assorted decorations everywhere you look. In the corner of the living room is a humongous tree, with Christmas decorations and fake snow on it. At the top is a cute cloth Chimeco, with a real bell in it. Underneath it is a lot of presents, at least two for everyone.

May walks in the kitchen. Ash’s mom, Delia, is making Christmas dinner. May asks, “Excuse me Ms. Ketchum, do you need any help cooking?” Delia turns over to May and says, “No thanks, May. How about you go and help Ash?” May widens her eyes and blushes very slightly. “Uh,” she says, “sure. What is he doing?” Delia says, “I believe he’s making the centerpiece in his room.”

May utters thanks and heads towards the staircase. On the way, she ran into her brother again. He was rushing through the hallway with about 50 dollars. Wondering how his brother got his hands on 50 dollars, May ascends the stairs. She sees the light in Ash’s room on, and goes in. Ash is on the bed, pasting together pieces of old newspaper, making a paper-maché Pikachu, with Pikachu posing so Ash knows what he’s doing.

“Hey, May,” Ash says. May’s heart starts to race. “Uh, what are you doing here?” May starts to try to make words, but ends up groaning passionately, and blushes. “Well,” Ash says, “you can help me make this centerpiece.” May’s heart goes into overdrive, and she’s blushing like mad. “OK,” she manages to say, and they start working. Ash notices nothing, but Pikachu sighs and looks at Ash disapprovingly.

About an hour later, May and Ash are a mess. “Heh,” Ash says, “you might want to change.” May agrees, and leaves to the guest bedroom. She changes (sorry guys, this one’s clean) and comes out with a pink dress, sparkling, making her look like an actress in a famous play. Ash comes out of his room, wearing a tux and holding the centerpiece, an exact replica of the little animal next to him. May couldn’t help noticing how good he looked.

“You go downstairs Ash,” says May, “I got to do something.” Ash goes downstairs, and May goes to the door of Ash’s room. She finds what she’s looking for; a stray nail. She takes some mistletoe she had in her hand and hangs it.

She goes downstairs, and Ash’s mother, now in a black dress, is nearly done putting the food on the table. Ash is sitting down, as is her parents, who showed up so May could stay at the house. Norman was wearing a tweed suit with a tie, while Caroline was wearing a red dress, almost the same design as May’s. “We’ll match at parties!” her mother said while shopping for dresses. Max was on the couch, wearing a pair of black pants and a plaid shirt, looking satisfied.

“Well, that’s the last of it,” announces Delia, taking her seat, “dig in!” At that point, the doorbell rings. Max goes to answer it, and in the doorway is Brock and Misty. Brock was looking a bit depressed, Misty with a look of anger. Max questions, almost sarcastically, “What are you guys doing here?”

“Well, I was singing Christmas carols, for goodwill…” Brock starts, but Misty gives him an elbow to the stomach. “OK, OK, I was trying to get girls!” Misty says, “Do you mind if we stay? My sisters are still out and it’s lonely at the gym. Brock has nothing better to do.” Max says, “Sure,” and Misty pulls Brock in by the ear, Max on the other.

“Well, luckily, we have plenty of food,” says Delia, “so you can stay.” May took a good look at the table. A lot of food was on the table; mashed potatoes, corn, chicken legs, cranberry sauce, cheeses of assorted kinds, biscuits, soups, and what seemed like Pokemon berries. In the middle was a gigantic roasted duck. Surprisingly, May didn’t feel hungry at all. She just wanted to get at the task on hand.

Delia, Norman, and Caroline were eating and talking politely. Ash was, as usual, shoving as much food as possible down his throat. Misty, Brock, and Max were all in deep conversation, but May couldn’t hear them. So she decides that she should ask Ash now and get her chance. She walks up to Ash, and taps him.

“Hey, Ash,” she said, “do you mind if you come with me for a bit?” Ash looks puzzled, but agrees and puts down his food. May leads him up the stairs, towards his room. “Wait here,” she says, and goes to her room. She comes out with a small package. “Here you go.” She gives him the present, and he unwraps it. Inside was an Ultra Ball.

Ash looks in amazement. “You didn’t have to do that May,” he says. May puts her fingers to his lips, and says, “I have another gift. Look up.” Ash looks up, and sees the mistletoe. Ash eyes widen, and he looks down. All he sees is May’s face, her lips incredibly close to his. Before he can say anything, they kiss.

There they were, locked on the lips, Ash surprised, May just enjoying it. Eventually, Ash started catching on and joined in, holding May’s head. Eventually, May’s teeth unclenched and Ash put his tongue in her mouth, as did May soon later. Then came the worst thing ever.

Ash forgot to excuse himself from the table, as did May, so their parents were looking for them. Max, Misty, Pikachu, and Brock also went with them to help. Eventually they ascended the stairs and found them right outside Ash’s room, kissing. Their responses were different. All the parents looked very happy, Brock looked horrorstruck, Misty looked slightly satisfied, and Max looked as if he was about to throw up.

There they stood for about 5 minutes, Eventually, Ash and May pull out of the kiss and look happy. They look towards the staircase and see everyone there, and they blush. May looks and says, “You could of warned us you were there,” and went downstairs, but not after giving Ash a quick peck on the cheek.

Eventually all of the bystanders go to Ash to talk to him. Brock went up to him with a grimace and says, “I hoped to get a kiss before you!” and trudges down the stairs. Misty goes up to Ash and says, “You’ve finally matured,” and walks down as well. Max goes up next and says, “Sweet, I got $50 more bucks. Brock’s an easy target,” and walks down.

Next, all the parents went up. Delia just goes, “Nice going,” and goes downstairs. Norman and Caroline are all who’s left. Norman goes, “I don’t know what you did to make my daughter attracted to you…but I approve of you. You seem nice.” He lets out a hearty chuckle and leaves. Caroline whispers, “Just so you know, I believe she should like it if you hold her head and body at the same time. It might be genetic.” She then leaves as well, leaving Ash very confused.


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Nice one shotter there.
It's nice that it's clean...but too good to be true *looks around for un-cut version*
Yup, your clean, guess the holidays can change people, im glad you dont ALWAYS think of adult oriented stuff...expecially in a ship fic, you really held back there...


That was pretty nice. Very short and to the point, I liked it a lot. ^_^ Keep up the great work, I hope to see more writing from you in the future.


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Next up (no exact release date known):

"Humanoid Pikachu," AdvancedChushipping (AdvChuship), chapters, PG 13 for instances of sexuality. If you want to know, there's a joke in the beginning that links to this.

I'm planning a release after the first plot of Pokemon: BLU is done. I'll finish Huminoid Pikachu, then get working on Pokemon: BLU again.


Pretty good story Pikamaster. Lots of Advanceshipping in it, just the way I like it.


I liked, good description, nice grammar, BEAUTIFUL story and a slight comedy touch, a winning combination.


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Thanks guys! I'm glad we got nothing but good reviews!

Upcoming AAMayL fic: Island (Chapters, PG 13 for slight gore)