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An Eevee's Journey (G)


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An Eevee's Journey

Several years ago, this was my first fanfiction, but it was called An Eevee's Tale, the Smallest of Eevees. Since it came to a screeching halt due to inexperience, I decided to restart it with better writing and a revamped plot. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing the chapters~


Dark clouds swirled in the sky overhead as the wind's pace quickened, causing the circling trees to sway over the two shrines that rested atop Unova's largest mountain. One was black and the other white, and both were engraved with beautiful and intricate markings that told a story of the past; the history behind the two valuable stones that lay at the center of either shrine.

Zekrom and Reshiram, the two legendary kings of Unova, once ruled the region fairly and without trouble. The Pokémon of the land adored them for their great works, as they retained order and harmony during their reign. Peace was not to last, however, as the brothers began to fight over which of them was better; who was more fit to reign over the region. Their bickering eventually escalated until they were not satisfied with ruling Unova together anymore, and each sought only to destroy the other.

The Pokémon that inhabited the region were afraid, how could they choose one king to rule their homeland? Countless times they tried to cease the brothers' fighting, and countless times the Pokémon of Unova were ignored--Zekrom and Reshiram were completely blinded by their newfound hatred for one another.

However, stories of their battling reached the ears of another legendary Pokémon, an old friend of the two brothers, Kyurem. Although he lived far away, Kyurem came to Unova to talk sense into his good friends, but even he was not enough to sway their minds from destruction and their constant fighting threatened to cause chaos if they were not stopped; for Zekrom and Reshiram were equally powerful and they would fight until there was nothing left of Unova before they realized this truth.

In one last attempt to stop them from destroying their own land, Kyurem sacrificed himself by using every ounce of his legendary power to seal Reshiram and Zekrom into two stones. The Pokémon of Unova built a shrine for each stone to remember the selflessness of Kyurem, vowing that they would keep order in the land from now on--without a king to rule them.

All was again peaceful and history slowly became legend as time went on, but history has a nasty habit of repeating itself, and danger approaches Unova once more...
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Chapter 1 - An Important Letter

The warm light of the evening sun filtered through the window as Senshin sat, cross-legged in the center of a beautifully detailed rug with a royal purple hue. The Alakazam was deep in meditation, putting his gift to use as he allowed the knowledge of the universe to reveal to him details of the future. "Ah yes," he breathed calmly, "it seems my old friend's birthday is approaching." a relaxed smile graced his elderly features at the thought, but as he continued meditating, his peaceful expression changed quickly to one of great concern; for his visions also revealed the disturbance of two particular relics, and nothing could have prepared the old Alakazam for the future he was about to witness. His eyes darted back and forth underneath of his eyelids as the scene unfolded before him, and he fought the urge to break his meditation in order to warn the others until the vision was over.

His eyes finally opened, a saddened and exhausted look on his face as he sluggishly heaved himself up off of the floor and made his way to a low table with parchment and ink, muttering to himself the possible words he could use as he readied a paper and quill.

Meanwhile, five friends raced through Pinwheel Forest as the fading sunlight shone down through the leaves overhead. Each one had a goofy grin on their face as they ran, trying to push ahead of the others and causing quite the disturbance with their shouting and laughing.

"I'm going to win if you don't start running faster!" Zeus called behind him, though he nearly ran into a tree as he turned his head to make sure no one was gaining on him.

Arika snickered, looking ahead again to be certain she didn't run into a tree herself, "Better look again!" she shouted, eyes fixed on the lake not far off—the finish was in sight.

"I wish my legs were longer...!" Emmett said to himself as he tried to pick up the pace. He didn't want to fall into last place, and he was dangerously close to being the loser this time.

Zalaph ran just behind the young silver Eevee, but despite his attempts to hide it, the Umbreon could have easily bolted ahead into at least third place—he merely chose to stay behind, not really wanting to compete with the others.

Ahead of Zalaph, Talia kept a steady pace. She wasn't one for races, but she wasn't going to let herself come in last. Although, she kept looking back to make sure the others were doing okay.

As Arika approached the calm waters with a feeling of satisfaction, Zeus came out of nowhere, speeding past her and into the lake with a large splash. She puffed out her cheeks in frustration as the water flew in her face and she slipped into the clear liquid, approaching the Jolteon. "How do you always do that? I call cheats!" she accused him, raising her finned tail and slapping it down in front of his face. She chuckled as he flinched, surprised that the prankster hadn't expected it.

"Hey!" he said with a grin, splashing water back at her.

"Zeus won, I take it?" Talia asked with a knowing smile, stopping at the water’s edge to wait for her brother to arrive. Sure enough, he turned up close behind Emmett, who came panting to the lake and let himself fall into the cool water.

"You know you'll come in fourth now, right, Talia?" Zalaph pointed out, waiting for his sister to get into the lake before he did.

"Oh yeah...! I forgot." she replied, hopping in behind Emmett.

"You'd think she would remember the rules by now." Zeus commented, earning himself another faceful of water from Arika. She quietly giggled as he wiped his face off and shot a glare in the Vaporeon's direction, though he found himself soaked yet again—but this time the culprit was Emmett. "Oh, so that's how it is!" he said with a laugh as he made a large splash that covered all of the other four.

With that, it became an all-out war.

“Cheshire, are you ready yet?” a voice called from outside as a young Eevee hastily packed miscellaneous items into his bag.

“Hold on, dad, almost finished!” he yelled back, wrapping a small pastry inside of a cloth and cramming it into the already brimming satchel without really worrying about how misshapen it might be now that he had forced it inside.

Harland smiled, though a skeptical look appeared on his face as his son dashed out the front door, just about slamming it closed behind him in excitement. “That’s quite a bit you’ve packed in there for such a short trip,” he commented, “I’m not sure you’ll be able to fit any letters or packages in there.”

“Hmm… they’ll fit!” Cheshire said confidently with a large grin, causing his father to let out a chuckle. “Hey, what’s so funny?” the young Eevee asked in a curious tone.

“Oh, it’s nothing,” the tall Umbreon said before ruffling the fur on his son’s head. “We’d better get going, then.”

“Yes!” Cheshire replied, bouncing up and down as he followed Harland out of Transform Village and onto the forest path. The young Eevee began to sing a random song as the two walked, making up the lyrics as he saw things around them like twigs and leaves. Every once in a while when he got stuck on a word, his father would suggest one to keep it going. This continued until they reached their destination, a small town by the name of Sunnygrove. The settlement was located on the outskirts of Pinwheel Forest, which was not far from their home—but as Harland would always put it, “The town is a lot farther away when you have a heavy package to deliver”.

As the two stepped onto the tidy brick paths, they could feel the warmth that the bricks had trapped from the dying evening sunlight. Cheshire would have very much liked to curl up in the middle of one of the streets and enjoy their heat, but he wanted to accompany his father on his rounds more than that. As a courier in training, the young Eevee loved to see how it was done, and he was proud that his dad was the best around.

They exchanged waves as the Umbreon courier and his son passed by the friendly townsfolk—who consisted of mostly Budew and Roselia—as they watered flowers, and headed toward the house of one of Harland’s addressees. The two were stopped, however, as Sunnygrove’s elder exited his house and approached them immediately with a look of deep concern on his face and a letter in his hand.

“Senshin, what is the matter?” Harland asked, knowing it probably had to do with the correspondence that the Alakazam held.

“This message is of great importance, it must go to the elder of Transform Village at once—do you understand, my friend?” Senshin replied. His tone was much more serious than usual, making it more than evident that the contents of the letter weren’t to be taken lightly.

“I do.” The Umbreon replied with a nod. “I’ll have to put off my other deliveries, then,” he added with a grim look—he highly disliked having to put other letters and packages on hold.

“Um, can I deliver it? Please, please? Then you can finish your other deliveries!” Cheshire spoke up before his father could have a chance to take the letter from Senshin’s hand.

The question caught Harland off guard, and he was silent for a moment before letting out a sigh. “This isn’t just any package, Cheshire-“

“I’ll guard it with my life!” the young Eevee pleaded, interrupting the Umbreon’s sentence.

Harland was surprised at his son’s determination, and he shot an unsure look to the elder, as if asking for the Alakazam’s permission to allow it.

“I don’t see why not then, young courier.” Senshin said with a nod, a smile appearing on his face despite recent events—seeing the Eevee’s spirit made him happy. After handing the letter out to its new carrier, he looked over to Harland. “You’ve raised him well.”

“Thank you, but you know it wasn’t all me…” Harland replied pensively, mind wandering off to days past.

“I apologize, I didn’t mean to stir up painful memories,” the elder said thoughtfully, hoping he hadn’t dampened the courier’s mood. “I’ll be taking my leave, then.” he added before heading back into his home to rest his weary mind.

As the Alakazam left, Harland turned to his son. “Cheshire, good luck.” he said, knowing the young Eevee would complete his mission. “If you deliver the letter successfully, you’ll be an official courier.”

Cheshire’s face lit up with excitement, “Oh boy, really? You can count on me!” he exclaimed. The Eevee turned his head to stuff the letter in his bag, but thought better of it when he saw that there was no room, and with a sheepish grin, he took off into the forest with the message in his mouth.
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