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An Egg Scramble (611)


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Johto Festa! Chikorita and Totodile Appear!!

In the next town, Ash & Co. discover a Johto Festival is going on. This festival demonstrates the areas and Pokémon of Johto. There, they meet Kotone, a trainer from Johto whom is helping lead the festival. A battle ensues as part of the festival and Dawn wins a Pokémon Egg. However, Team Rocket appear and steal the egg. Can Ash & Co. with their new friends Kotone & Kazunari find Team Rocket and retrieve Dawn's Egg?

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ice age
just kotone-dawn match, piplup vs chikorita, dawns wins...the egg hatches at the end of the first episode...lol cyndaquil knows smokescreen....swift and flamewheel !

chimchar/ambipom mix

piplup is tremendously jealous of cyndaquil....they constantly fight

kotone is going after johto gym badges, she has plain and hive badge; kazunari wants to be a breeder like brock

kotone has a girafarig

rock climb animation now creates rocks like in the vs palmer episode
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uber gon

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Dawn's hair: the buttmonkey of the series.:p


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^Really? Cuz I had a feeling she'd get Cyndaquil. Either way, I'm very happy she did get it, Cyndaquil is so awesome. I also like the whole Piplup and Cyndaquil interaction stuff :p


Speak No Evil
All I have to say is...

It's about time Dawn finally got a new Pokemon! It was just that I didn't expect her to get Cyndaquil.

Yes, the squabbles that Cyndaquil and Piplup had were very funny! Poor Cyndaquil constantly getting dogged by that little penguin!


Its almost time
It's official: the Anime has 100% stumped me. Did NOT expect Dawn to get a Cyndaquil.

It's kinda been confirmed she was getting Cyndaquil for a week and a half.

I haven't seen this episode yet, the medium I often watch on hasn't gotten this yet. I really want to see it so I hope they do put it up soon.


Listenin' t'Dragons!
May I be the first to think that Dawn's Cyndaquil'll eventually have a personality de-railin', and then probably become another one of Dawn's pokémon with such potential in the beginning, that it dies later on for little reason? ;p

Imo, Kotone's nearly as funny as Barry. Hope she appears more often in the series than the however many eps she's in.


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Wow I was SURPRISED Dawn got a new pokemon in the first place. But ah... was NOT expecting cynda, but its so cute x3. I was thinking she'd get chikarita and Kotone woulda got cynda lol a switch. o.o I cant wait to see this episode now and how Kotone is like. Only thing I dont like is the piplup and cynda thing. Ima glad piplup got shocked afterwords by Pika. .....slapping poor cynda ....,jealous pippy?

I just hope Dawn uses it more often unlike how they did with the other 3-4 others before like poor pachi in sinnoh (now that they are in johto -I think.....-) Episode looks fun I'll share my comment after i see the whole thing later :) .
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It's official: the Anime has 100% stumped me. Did NOT expect Dawn to get a Cyndaquil.

Well her getting cyndaquil is a great way to advertise for HG and SS since the same thing happened to may and bulbasaur. I think piplup and cyndaquil will eventually get along but for now we can enjoy the cat fights they will have.
Why are people acting so surprised Dawn got a Cyndaquil?

Didn't we all think it was fairly obvious it would happen the moment HGSS were announced?


The Pokémon Explorer
Its appears that Dawn owned a Cyndaquil. A very unique one. Dawn's Cyndaquil proves to be a strong opponent.


Dawn & Cyndaquil? AWESOME! xD It's just like I predicted.
Hopefully it won't be as dull as Ash's Cyndaquil was :/
So far, it seems like it's doing well :D

uber gon

Accept Change
Well we got to see what a Cyndaquil egg looks like. Hopefully we'll get to see Ash's Cyndaquil at some point during the Sinnoh League.


The Pokémon Explorer
Dawn's Cyndaquil seems to be doing quite well. It priven to be a strong opponent to Grotle. But you must know that Ash's Cyndaquil is fast and experienced.