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An Egg Scramble (611)


Well-Known Member
I thought Lyra was amazeballs because she was like a funnier take on Dawn. Her male buddy was the worst part of the episode and he was so clearly there only so that Totodile could be shown.


Alola Shill
I like this arc; love to see the HGSS promotion and even the little ads after the episode, feels like I suddenly woke up in 2009.

Lyra has one of if not my favorite protag design besides Hilda, and she’s fun to watch in the anime. Seeing everything about Johto was too, HGSS was just such a distinct remake that still feels like, idk? Fresh to this day. Also really like how Dawn got to battle her and win her Cyndaquil egg; I’ve always hated that after this no female companion or just companion period ever got a starter to promote a remake. The Serena/Mudkip dream was crushed, no one in JN got a Sinnoh starter. At least Dawn got hers and I quite like hers, so.