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An Egg Scramble (611)

Okay, TR reeeeeeaaaaaaallllllyyyyyy needs to lower their expectations. They actually thought that that egg, which was given away after no more than a battle with a Chikorita, was going to hatch into a legendary. Hello! If someone found an egg that they knew was going to hatch into a legendary, why the **** would they just give it away for anything shy of a thousand-trainer tournament?!?
Also, one thing that I hate that TR did: when one of them tripped and the egg started rolling away, Meowth looked in the direction it rolled and yelled "Our egg!" I can't stand that; somebody steals something and immediately declares that it is their property, even if they have not finished the job of stealing it yet.


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I liked Lyra and Cory, they're really nice characters and I'm glad they'll be with Ash & Co. for a little while. Glad to see Johto and some of it's native pokemon get some attention as well. Good episode.


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Well, this episode aired again here in Canada during the weekly timeslot.

And for my... what was it, 3rd/4th view, I actually noticed something that had never occurred to me until then: at Khoury's booth, if you look carefully enough on the table, there are Berry Pots there. You know, the ones that you get in HGSS that replace the random spots of soil throughout the region?

My god, I can't believe I just noticed those things now. Yeah, I know, a somewhat pointless observation, but it's one of the few items that you really don't pay attention to much, so I hadn't really thought much about it until now.

Dawn's egg was obviously a Cyndaquil.;155;
Typhlosion is my favorite fire type.;157;
Too bad Dawn likes Cyndaquil the way it is. It could be an awesome Typhlosion.
It should have the following moves:

Or at least Cyndaquil should learn a new move, it can't go on with only 3 moves.

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Team Rocket is always thinking that a legendary pokemon will hatch from every egg they set their sights on...


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This episode was ok... It was cool to see a Piplup vs Chikorita battle. It was great that Dawn won the Pokemon Egg! It was cool that the Egg hatched into a Cyndaquil in the same episode. Unlike Ash's Cyndaquil, Dawn's new Cyndaquil knows Flame Wheel. It was cool to see Lyra and and Cory for the 1st time. Lyra had the Chikorita, Cory had the Totodile. It was cool to see that Rock Climb now creates rocks. It was interesting that Piplup was jealous of Cyndaquill. It was funny how Cyndaquill's flames set Dawn on fire and messed up her hair.

Team Rocket actually thought there was a legendary Pokemon in the egg?

They're dumber than I thought. -_-
Sigguh- Is that the only reason you like this episode? XD


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The next couple of episodes I like alot. Seeing alot of Johto again was really refreshing. Seeing Chikorita again was cool. Seeing Lyra was interesting since she is the female protaganist in HG/SS. Seeing Dawn get a Pokemon egg and it hatching in the same episode was good. Due to all the Johtoness It was pretty clear it would of been a Cyndaquil since Lyra has Chikorita and Cory had Totodile.



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I love this episode, Lyra is a very good character. It was also awesome when Dawn won the Pokemon egg. It was nice to see the Johto starters again as well.


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I've always thought Cyndaquil was one of the cutest starters in the games and series, and Dawn's new Cyndaquil is certainly as cute as Ash's was. I like its hatching, when it appears on its back looking surprised. LOL

The episodes with Lyra and Korey (I think that's how his name was spelled) were kind of interesting, though I think the one with the gible a few episodes later was their best one. They make an interesting debut here, but in retrospect their episodes were more of a setup for the release of HeartGold and SoulSilver than anything else. I did like Lyra's comments about Brock and Ash during the arc, though. :)