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An Egg-Sighting Adventure! (231)

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Master Quest' started by Serebii, Oct 23, 2004.

  1. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    An Egg-Sighting Adventure!

    While stopping off at the local Pokémon Center, Ash discovers that his new Pokémon egg has been stolen so they call in Officer Jenny to help find it. Will they be successful in getting Ash's egg back?

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  2. wobbanut

    wobbanut Team Awesome

    This has got to be one of the funniest episodes ever. I love the ditzy Officer Jenny that couldn't get a clue if it bit her on the butt. :D I know an episode review site where the person hates the Jennys, and I can't wait to read a review of THIS episode. LOL It's also pretty interesting when Team Rocket hit the floor face-first, and their impressions show up when jumpluff spreads its cotton spores.
  3. Togechic

    Togechic Guest

    Best. Officer. Jenny. Episode. Ever.
  4. WaterKrystal

    WaterKrystal Master Coordinator

    This Officer Jenny was way crazy, I mean blaming Brock 'cause he was 'lonely', then blaming Ash 'cause when they mentioned the theif might have a bayleaf, and turns out he has a Bayleaf was crazy. Sometimes I wonder if Brock and that Jenny would be perfect together the 2 of them are both crazy. I also loved how TR thought Brock had issues when they heard him dream about girls wanting him.
  5. lightspeed

    lightspeed Guest

    This episode was indeed quite funny and I enjoyed watching it and the part where officer Jenny said Ash was the thief was most funny, why would Ash steal his own Pokemon egg.
  6. LOL, this was was very funny :D
  7. dannyphantomhott

    dannyphantomhott Ash fan girl! Cute!

    One of the funniest Jhoto episodes indeed. Jenny blamming poor Ash def a hoot.
  8. (s.i.e)

    (s.i.e) ★skydragon★

    he he, this episode was very amusing i hope the next one i'll be watching will be as funny as that one.
  9. Battra

    Battra Well-Known Member

    Very funny episode Jenny was priceless in this episode and I love Ash's line to TR, "Don't you get tired of losing?".


    this had to be more of one of the better fillers. i liked this one a lot, it made me laugh... a lot...jennie is priceless, and brock with his sleep talking, and james saying that they should et the egg...lol i was on the floor laughing so hard, kinda...

    but it was a very funny episode, they just don't make them like they used to...
  11. Tadashi

    Tadashi kiss my greens

    I liked this officer Jenny XD Even though she was a ditz, she was still funny as h3ll. Like Ash would actually take an egg... fun episode, I quite enjoyed it ^_^
  12. Igottapoo

    Igottapoo In my nightmares

    Greatest Officer Jenny. Quite a good episode.
  13. Littlemyuu

    Littlemyuu Orig. Solar-Sceptile

    It was a good episode, it was nice they got the egg back
  14. Hibachi

    Hibachi Grass Pokemon Expert

    I really enjoyed seeing this episode. I thought that Officer Jenny was very amusing. I loved the part where Brock is dreaming and James says something about him having problems :) I am glad that Ash was able to recover the egg, he made a great catch too. Thankfully Kangaskhan picked up the egg or it could have easily been dmaged.
  15. BogleDominic Crazy Anime

    BogleDominic Crazy Anime I love Pokemon!

    This episode is quite funny. Nobody know it was togapi's metronome.
  16. Ash-kid

    Ash-kid Ash-kid

    Nice filler.

    Jenny was too suspicious, especially in Brock, it was funny...

    And i loved to see a Kangaskhan again.

  17. Willow's Tara

    Willow's Tara The Bewitched

    This episode was hilarious with that Officer Jenny. She actually reminds me of that child Officer Jenny in Luxray Vision who was also all like thats what I was going to say! Maybe those are are related directly lol
  18. G50

    G50 No longer posting

    This episode was ok... It was cool seeing Kangaskhan again. Officer Jenny was hilarious! She had no clue as to what she was doing. When she was thinking Ash was the thief I couldn't stop laughing.

  19. TheEpicGoomba

    TheEpicGoomba Me Gusta

    This episde wa perry good. Nice to see Kangaskhan again. Officer Jenny was a N00b. Glas to see Ash get his egg back.


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