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An N64 Game That Nobody Admits To Buying


Does anyone here remember a joke of a game (in my personal opinion anyway) named "Hey You, Pikachu!" for the N64?

I fell for thinking this was a great game and ended up buying it before I gave it a try. At first it was: “Hey this is cool, I can tell my Pikachu what to do” But I soon realized, to my dismay, that if you don’t raise your voice and practically yell into the microphone, Pikachu would fail to understand you. Also, the game wasn’t really what I figured it would be. I thought it’d be like the normal Pokemon games, where you travel around and battle, find, catch, train, and evolve Pokemon.

Anyway, I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s played this, what are your opinions on it Serebii.net users?

(Also, I wasn’t really sure where to put this, I did a search and found nothing about this game on the site, and I figured it was in the first gen era, so here it is!J)


Vintage much?
I played the demo once in 2000 in America for two minutes and I was confused. That's it really.


I bought along time ago. I remember nothing of it.


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I got that game.

The soundtrack is great & fits the mood of this game perfectly IMO.
As for the rest of the game though...
...Let's just say it took ALOT of frustration to finally get the ending...
Most ESPECIALLY because of the pinata party...


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I still have mine and I love the game! I didn't have a problem with it recognizing my words, which is odd because I have a lot of trouble with the Mario Party microphones.
I loved Hey You Pikachu! It took me a long time, but I eventually beat it. The pinata party game, and the island where you have look for treasure (I'm not to sure if that's how it went, I don't remember it all that well) were pretty annoying.

I always hoped for a sequel. It's the only reason I actually bought Pokemon Channel.


I suppose my microphone wasn't up to par, and of course it might've been just my luck. Some aspects, like the treasure hunting, were good IMO, but the rest just wasn't my thing. Other than that, I don't remember too much, except that it wasn't my kind of game :/
Ah this game, while I currently no longer have a N64 I still have the game.

I had a hard time beating it cause of Pikachu not hearing me correctly. I don't think I ever beat it. Then my bro's friend got a hold of it and started calling Pikachu retarded. It then thought he said carrot so it began to dance. It was actually pretty funny. XD

But I was younger then though so I kinda got upset when he said that about Pikachu. ^^;;


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me also played the game ,

i played it for only 5 min ,

but i didn't have any idea of its goal !!!

its really a confusing one ,

that's why man can't want to buy the game ..............................;476;


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This game was the biggest waste of money ever. 90 dollars for this piece of crap, really? It was so dumb.


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90 dollars for this piece of crap, really?

You overpaid by $10; it was $80 at launch. And to be fair, you didn't pay that much for the game, you paid for the game plus a $30 microphone peripheral.

As for your erudite assessment of the game, "This game was the biggest waste of money ever" is hyperbole of the highest order. No one forced you to buy the game and if you're going to claim the game was misrepresented to you, don't. As is the case with just about any Pokémon title of any ilk, the only way to be truly disappointed is to have expected too much in the first place.


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I'd love to play this game again, hehehe but I can't find the microphone (not to mention, the microphone wasn't working well) ~ To think I bought that game when it first came out but after a few months, the microphone was having issues
Ive played hey you Pikachu on my cousin n64 which he still has. but the microphone kinda screws up once in a while and doesn't pick up the sound. one time i blew into the mic and pikachu had a shocked look when he heard it xD Pokemon channel isn't as good as hey you pikachu in my opinion!
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I bought this game at a pawn shop and it came with the mic! lol, but I lost the mic :C


I didnt buy it because my friend had it and it was lame...

They sold a lot of people on that though. Lol it was probly one of the worst N64 games out there...

Pokemon Snap FTW