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An Old Family Blend! (650)

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Diamond & Pearl: Sinnoh League Victors' started by Serebii, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. Hyuuga Neji

    Hyuuga Neji Blargh

    Nostalgia FTW.

    Man the opening to this League felt more epic than usual. It was sickingly adorable when Bayleef took the Pokeball from Ash just to be with him longer.
  2. Juputoru

    Juputoru M-m-m-m-onobear?!

    zzz...hrm? Wha? Something actually happens in this ep? I guess I should actually watch this one.

    -Ah, the typical Pokemon center with typical Pokemon like Makuhita, Probopass, Spoink, Bronzong, Heatran...wait, Heatran? And here I thought the writers would keep us guessing about the Legendary trainer until Ash actually had to face them.
    -Seriously, look at that guy. He's chilling with Heatran like it ain't no thang. I know Heatran's not one of the important legendaries, but come on!
    -Blah blah TR scheming blah blah for god's sake please don't steal the torch this time blah blah just go directly to selling concessions like you always do blah.
    -ALERT. ALERT. CONWAY DETECTED. INCREDIBLENESS OF EPISODE HAS INCREASED BY 300%. (even though I'm guessing that was the only 5 seconds he's getting this ep)
    -Oak sent Ash good luck flowers? ...oooookay then.
    -Oak nobody cares about your goddamn haiku. Shut up and send over Ash's Pokemon.
    -...you know, shouldn't places like the Pokemon Center for the Shinou League have security measures to make sure random thieves can't steal trainer's Pokemon with ease?
    -The Pokeballs blasted off along with Team Rocket. Way to go, Ash.
    -At least they were rounded up qui...they're empty? Seriously? How long is this going to drag out? And why is Piplup's D8 face so funny to me?
    -Corphish! Oh boy! *cue hordes of people speculating about it evolving/how it can't evolve because DARK TYPE OH NO*
    -Totodile! And its personality is as nonexistant as always, with the writers making it dance so people can pretend it's just quirky!
    -I'm loving the facial expressions this ep.
    -Totodile joins the head-biting club. Sigh.
    -That must be one hell of a counter to support the weight of a Snorlax.
    -Bulbasaur still hasn't gotten a restraining order against Heracross yet, I see.
    -Barry makes a boring entrance that involves crashing into absolutely nobody. I'm disappointed.
    -But he crashed into Bayleef earlier, so that makes up for it! Kinda.
    -Gotta love TR using a mecha against Cyndaquil when they could quite feasibly just beat it down using their own Pokemon.
    -Looks like today is a "TR electricity-proofed their robot" day. This couldn't possibly be a plot device so Cyndaquil can evolve. Nope nope.
    -And it evolved. You know, as much as I hate the newfangled effects for water attacks, I really love the newfangled effects for fire attacks. Too bad we see water attacks 50 times more often.
    -Cynthia makes history as the first League champion who gives enough of a damn to watch the League for her own region.
    -The League torch was lit without anybody stealing it. I'm...I'm stunned. Really, I am.

    Pretty decent for a "hey kids, these are Ash's old Pokemon that you've probably never seen before, and these are their wacky quirks! oh and one of them evolves" episode. Obviously the real fun starts next episode, and I didn't expect anything but fluff from this episode anyway.
  3. Kabuto

    Kabuto little punks!

    Very cool to see Cyndaquil evolve. I would love to see Totodile follow suit, but I'm not holding my breath, as water starters always get the shaft in this show.

    I for one don't mind seeing Ash's other Pokemon, Sceptile and Swellow had lots of screentime, meaning it's cool to see others get some more attention. Not that I wouldn't want to see them, but I'd rather see stuff like Quilava and Glalie. Hell, we should be happy Charizard isn't dominating the screentime of nostalgiamon for once.

    League entrance was beautifully animated. I know I might be losing it, but I actually have high hopes for this league. Looks million times better than the crappy Hoenn league.
  4. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    I'm surprised the rivals got such low-key intros. Paul didn't even speak.

    What was up with that? Conway has one brief scene, Nando/Barry are just kinda shoved in there.
  5. TrainerOfLegend

    TrainerOfLegend Well-Known Member

    Bah, this might serve as a Christmas present when it airs here on December. It's like, "Hey we've watched this series for a decade but you know if you wanna summarize it all just look at this episode and photoshop Misty into it!"

    No torch ceremony like in Hoenn/Johto/Kanto=I am disappoint. New stadium looks awesome though.

    BTW, what episodes were these new water effects started? This one? I didn't notice a difference from the other earlier episodes I watched today...
  6. Lucario At Service

    Lucario At Service Calm Trainer

    One thing i am happy about this episode is that the writers atleast didn't make the Sinnoh League as low key as the Sinnoh Grand Festival was (compared to the GF of Hoenn & Kanto, the Sinnoh one was pretty low-key).

    I sort of like the new animation of "Eruption". The older one was kind of boring and was alot like the present animation of "Draco Meteor". But i wonder how it is going to use in a battle.

    Also i am kind of sad that Cyndaquil didn't get "Extrasensory" for its new attack, it could have gotten that instead of "Flame Wheel" (that move would have been used to promote the HGSS games more).
  7. Dax

    Dax R.I.P Dax

    They are going to get bigger roles when their respective battles with Ash and Paul happen. Didn't you read the title of the episode? It's about the reunion of Ash's old pokemon, not about the rivals having big introductions.

    Seriously, do you have to nitpick about every little thing?

    I for one love that we got to some of Ash's old pokemon. It was a great reminder of their personalities. I wished there was a bigger role for Glalie, Noctowl, Donphan and Torkoal but there were just too much pokemon and not a lot of time. They'll get their time once they battle.
  8. XanderCage

    XanderCage Loose Cannon Cop

    Did anyone catch what Ash was saying to Oak over the phone? I know that he wanted to bring his reserves in to train, but was there any other mention of why he was bringing in his reserves? Did he mention the rivals or anything as the reason?
  9. Mr.Munchlax

    Mr.Munchlax Pokeball Rank Trainer

    I just want to know where Ahs's Sinnoh Pokemon are now?
  10. Blazing Charmander

    Blazing Charmander Well-Known Member

    They're most likely resting at Oak's Lab while not on his roster. Ash seems to be doing a rotation match by match, so each time he switches out Pokemon they are Oaked. As of the next episode, all of his Sinnoh Pokemon bar Staraptor will be in Oak's care. It's like in this episode, where he initially bought over his Johto starters, Corphish and Snorlax, but later switched them out to train the likes of Muk, Torkoal, Glalie and Donphan.

    As for the episode itself, this was all a great nostalgia trip and I expected nothing more than that from it. It was nice having a break from the progression of Ash's journey in Sinnoh to stop here for a breather and see a load of his old reserves. I always loved the Johto team personality wise and I really enjoyed seeing all of their quirks - Bayleef in particular always bowls me over with her extravagant affection for Ash. <3 And although I agree with one certain person on here who is well known for putting down anything Johto in terms of the team being poorly handled way back, i'm over the moon that they look to be getting redemption here... beginning with Cyndaquil finally evolving! Can't wait to see Quilava kick butt and take names against Nando.
  11. Charizard Lord

    Charizard Lord Probably Napping

    They SHOULD be at Oak's Lab until Ash decides to call upon them for a battle, unless the writers have lifted the "six monsters with you at a time" rule for the League.

    Anyway, I enjoyed this episode. Seeing Ash's reserves again is something I've been looking forward to for a while. Though I'm glad the Johto Starters were the focus here (and, for some reason Corphish. Seriously, what's with all the Corphish love?) it disappoints me that many of them were merely glanced over. Muk, Noctowl, Torkoal, and Glalie deserved more screen time, in my opinion. Still, I'm VERY excied to see all of them in battle. Also, the league's stadium looks pretty epic. For once, I don't mind seeing some CG in the anime, as that fireworks display was a real visual treat.

    Oh yeah, and Cyndaquil evolved into Quilava, learning the uber powerful Eruption in the process. No big deal...
  12. Locormus

    Locormus Can we please get the old forum back?

    Hmm.. I kinda agree and disagree with the low-key'ness.. The stadium for the GF just didn't look as good as the one in Kanto. I really liked the short and sweet openingceremony, I mean this is like the first time that it went the way it was supposed to!

    As far as I could see there were four stadiums, which is less then what Hoenn had.. but I don't know.. the opening ceremony, no, the entire back end of the episode starting from the point of Cyndaquil's evolution was 10/10. Maybe they could've shown Noctowl using a move, instead of just flying, but you can't have anything when you have Donphan showing us it's bowling skills and showing us that Ash actually trained with all of them offscreen, prior to the league. So there isn't going to be as much DEM as he trained with them, rather then everything being surprising miracle wins.

    Funny to note that the stadiums lights were colored along the lines of the lake pixies.. Pink, blue and yellow.

    About Eruption, I figure that it would be the same as how Heatran used it in the Heatran episode. Except blasting it from it's mouth it will blast it out of the mohawk flames on it's head.. If it leans forward a bit it will go to it's front instead of up, just look at how Bulbasaur performs Solar Beam, same thing.

    I thought it was really awesome how after it evolved it turned on it's what I'm going to call it's 'turbothrust burnengines' and then it's mohawkflames. Makes you wonder if it could use Eruption from it's rear flames to power up it's Flame Wheel or something like that! xD

    About the writers picking Flame Wheel over Extrasensory.. It was just due, since Flame Wheel has been around since Johto and was it's signature move (ingame) back then. So I always found it weird that it didn't know the move and if it did return at one point that it should have it. I don't think we should complain though, it basically got a major movepool overhaul. From:

    Old cyndaquil:

    Quick Attack

    To the new Quilava:

    Flame Wheel
    Aerial Ace

    Somehow Dawn's Cyndaquil knows the moves that Ash' forgot: Swift and Smokescreen. I see Aerial Ace as a power up for Quick Attack..

    I agree with you a full hundred percent.. We got so much of the preleague fluffing that it almost overflowed in awesomeness the last couple of minutes after Cyndaquil's evolution, and he still finds a point to argue..

    I agree that the showing of the rest of the reserves was minimal, but it's the thought of knowing that Ash actually brought them back for some pre-league training that makes up for that. That's more then we saw him doing during the Johto league when he brought others back. So I completely accept the episode as is.

    I have a funny feeling that this actually is going to be a sort of Johto repeat. In Johto there was always one Kanto starter involved in the group fase that stole the cake. Squirtle vs. Macey and Bulbasaur vs. Vincent. Now we see that Quilava is taking the cake vs. Nando.

    I kinda think that some people are having a reserve-high, thinking that they will fight most of the battles (even vs. Paul). And people like me, who have reserve-anxiety, as in thinking that they might take too much away from the Sinnoh pokemon at some points. Of course I'm not saying that a win for each isn't justified, just when they begin to take down every major last opponent I'll start to find it a bit scrupulous.

    But to be completely fair about complaint concerning the episode, Conway hadn't even made clear that he's a league competitor, so him having a bit more of a spotlight on him would've been good. But the reaction the crew gave to him was more then enough and in all honestly, it should've been made clear before this episode that Conway was doing leagues and we wouldn't even have had this small problem...
  13. Dax

    Dax R.I.P Dax

    That should totally be a new attack called Flame Fart. Awesomeness!
  14. uber gon

    uber gon Accept Change

    You'd think Ash would at least call in Charizard or Sceptile for the league. Maybe at a later point.
  15. raz1337

    raz1337 Miju Miju!

    Well, he now has Charizard, Sceptile, Infernape, Torterra, Snorlax, Kingler, Donphan, Noctowl, Swellow, Torkoal, Glalie, Heracross and Staraptor for fully evolved Pokemon. He'd win the league easily using a combination of all those. Snorlax, Charizard and Sceptile would likely wipe the floor with most teams.
  16. this episode was good but the only thing im mad about is that i didnt get to see his sceptile
  17. HoennMaster

    HoennMaster Well-Known Member

    Did anyone even watch this episode? "Where are his Sinnoh Pokémon?" Really, you have to ask that after 13 years? He holds up the pokéballs showing them to Oak and then goes to the transporter. Hmm....must be taking a vacation on a tropical island!

    It was a pretty good episode, but I was sad that Noctowl, Glailie and the others at the end only got quick little cameos. Cyndaquil evolving and learning Eruption was just awesome. Been waiting almost 10 years for it!

    I was glad they skipped the usual torch episode. Seriously, we don't need another. Sinnoh has a nice flashy opening though. Only 64 competitors is kind of nice since it shows that it is actually tough to get to the league.
  18. Blaziryu

    Blaziryu Well-Known Member

    I thought this episode was good. It was good seeing Ash's Johto & Hoenn PKMN again. It was about time Cyndaquil evolve into Quilava. Though we all know the real reason why it evolve. I hope Totodile also evolves.
  19. Yuppirox

    Yuppirox hello

    Ahh.. I think Pokemon Symphonic Medley 2 was the perfect song for the montage and opening ceremony. Really well done. ;w;
  20. randomspot555

    randomspot555 Well-Known Member

    Heracross owns.

    Does anyone have a translation of what Conway said? Most of Pokemon you can get by on just the visuals, but I think I need to understand everything Conway says.

    Was Corphish's cry always so annoying?

    Good episode, but I felt the animation was a bit off in scenes with a lot going on. Like they went overbudget for the League so they decided to be cheap on this episode.

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