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An Olden Pond! (429)

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Battle Frontier' started by Serebii, Nov 17, 2005.

  1. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    An Olden Pond!

    On their way to the Battle Dome, Ash & Co. come across a lake which is being ravished by a wild Crawdaunt. One of the residents nearby pleads Ash & Co. to help remove the Crawdaunt so that the area can be safe and peaceful once more. Will Ash & Co. be able to do it?

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  2. Addydo

    Addydo X-Men/Pokemon Fan!

    Can't wait to see the pictures! :D
  3. £añkaÑ

    £añkaÑ ~Thîrûttû R⚢âl~

    This should be intresting..as from what the plot is given...

    so...we do kno that Pikachu will be using Volt Tackle here :D...

    and Corpish makes some kinda scene..hope it is a battle :D...

    so..it maybe a 2-on-1 battle..or 1-on-1 battle..

    my guess is Corpish vs. Crawduant...and Pikachu use Volt Tackle on TR...:D
  4. JazzJazz

    JazzJazz Well-Known Member

    The main this I'm curious about is how dragonair comes into this episode...
  5. DKzM0mA

    DKzM0mA Bring it.

    Dragonair is probably the one to get rid of the crwdaunt in the end?
  6. Golden Darkness

    Golden Darkness Spikeshell Trainer

  7. Pokeballs

    Pokeballs Custom Torkoal 01

    Awesome Dustox is finally in an intro... i think this is the first time but why is Chimecho still there? =O

    DSRGBA Well-Known Member

    we havent seen the last of chimecho...maybe
  9. £añkaÑ

    £añkaÑ ~Thîrûttû R⚢âl~

    ok..those are real cool things to kno about :D...

    but what happens in the ep? I definetly kno that Dragonair is coming out of that dark...where it was showed in the preview...
  10. The Big Al

    The Big Al I just keeping Octo

    Well, Corphish didn't evolve (bummer). I'd still like to see what Dragonair has to do with any of this.
  11. Okay, I'm emailing 4Kids, those new scenes should have been in the Advanced Battle intro in the first place. Oh and in the new TR Dance, are they still suddenly scared by something?
  12. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    Please discuss the intro in a proper thread...this thread is just for this episode and not the intro's or endings
  13. But there is no thread about these changes...*prepares to start one*
  14. Gravy

    Gravy Contaminated KFC

    Judging by the pictures I've seen, it looks like Haruka's Squirtle uses Hydro Pump at some point to deflect an oncoming BubbleBeam attack.
    Its either that or a fancy combination of Water Gun/Rapid Spin. I believe Ash's Squirtle did that sort of thing a few times in the early days.
  15. vaporeon89

    vaporeon89 power of vapor

    Seen some pics in bulbagarden

    Did Squirtle use Hydro Pump? At least his Rapin Spin is confirmated

    Vaporeon used Quick Attack, Acis Armour and Bubble(?)!!!!

    From this pics I say that this is a great episode

    EDIT: Sorry Vaporeon didn't use Bubble , I confused its head with Squirtle's head

    EDIT2: I've seen the whole ep pics and Vaporeon didn't use Acid Amour, but it melted into water.
    It used Water Gun
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2005
  16. Lupin

    Lupin Legendary Pokémon Coordinator

    It had better be that.

    I will be extreamly p****d off with the writers if they let Mays Squirtle learn Hydro Pump so soon. Even with her record of her pokemon learning powerful moves really quickly.
  17. The Big Al

    The Big Al I just keeping Octo

    I could just picture Yamato-san getting ready to shoot himself if it is Hydro Pump. Still, the blasted terapin is as bad as that Paras way back when. One victory and suddenly it's a super hero.
  18. Pokeballs

    Pokeballs Custom Torkoal 01

    No I'm pretty sure it was just Rapid Spin, while being super propelled by Marshstomp's water gun and Corphish's Bubble Beam.
    Corphish seems to get a whipping from Crawdaunt and Vapereon, but after training is able to hold his own against Crawdaunt in a rematch
    Pikachu seemed to be training w/ Volt Tackle... can't tell if he was unable to use it or what...
  19. I have seen the pics. It wasn't hydro pump, just like pokeballs said. The mafia like man just wanted to use his crawdaunt to search the pool for dragonair which rescued him at a younger age. It appears at the end of the episode. There are cameos of remoraid, barboach, wooper,quagsire and poliwag as well
  20. MaskedManAbsolkid

    MaskedManAbsolkid Well-Known Member

    So it was basically a boring filler? I'll look at the episode pictures to see.

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