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An Unown Dimension

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Shaymin is cute!
5 people only.


No godmodding
follow the forum rules
be literate
no one liners
type 'splarff' in your entry form so I know the rules have been read
have fun!

A young boy is wandering through an old ruin, his father is an archeologist, and this boy has sneaked into the ruin. There are mysterious symbols all over the walls. The boy starts to hear a high, tuneless song, some of the words seem to be changing out of the corner of his eye...
The singing gets louder, the letters seem to be drifting off the walls.
Soon he is lost, and can't find his way out. The song now has words that can be heard 'Unownnnnn, Unownnnnn....'
The strange letter pokemon are floating all around him.
Then he faints...
When he wakes up he is in a world full of black space. There is a rainbow platform leading to a huge ball of ...water. Unowns are floating all around this orb. A voice emnates from within. 'You have something that belongs to us'
The boy, startled, finds he cannot speak.
'The small stone tablet, with the symbol on it'
The boy looks in recognition, he had indeed found a strange tiny rock tablet.
'Go and get it, I will take your essence so you will be forced to bring the item back'
A ghostly figure, the boy, emerges from... the boy. It looks at him, screaming silently, as it is pulled into the water ball.
'Hurry back'
The child woke up at the entrance to the ruin.
As soon as he approached the ruin he was warped back into the strange dimension. This time, there is a ball of fire in front of him. A fiery hand emrges, reaching for the tablet, the boy finds himself holding out the small piece of rock against his will. The fiery hand touches the tablet, then grabs the child's wrists and pulls him into the fire.
He wakes up in a tower, chained up....

An incredibly long story I know.
I will start when I have some members.

Sign up sheet-

Unown Letter (your character)-
personality (This is the Unowns' dimension, they can have feelings here)-
A little history (something that happened to you in the human world)-

My signup
Unown Letter- B
personality- adventurous, a born leader
A little history- was almost caught by Team Rocket in the Ruins of Alph but had a lucky escape

There we go, I hope you enjoy this RP, good luck in uncovering the mystery!

RaZoR LeAf

Night Terror
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