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Angelic Princess Banner Castle

Princess Raspberyl

~Shining One~
~Welcome to the Angelic Princess Banner Castle!~

Hello all, and welcome to the Angelic Princess Banner Castle. :) Whether you have Princess in your username (If so brownie points for yew :)) or not, come request here if you like my stuff. :) I will try to get to you as soon as humanly possible (My schedule is usually not that busy so I shall try my best to do it in the first day or two if I’m not swamped with requests, which I doubt will happen for a while) , so feel free to request away. :)

A few examples of my work so far:

Waiting List:
(no one at the moment.)


1. If you do request, and when I make the sig, please give me some small form of credit, it’d be nice. ^_^; Whether you state I made it, link the sig to my shop, give me credit in a spoiler, etc etc either way makes me happy. ^_^

2. Please do not be impatient. I shall try my best to get to all requests as soon as my life allows it, so please, don’t rush me. Patience is a virtue. ^_^

3. Please be as specific as possible with your requests, it’d really help this gal out. The form for the banner shall be after the rules section.

4. I’m gonna make a waiting list of 5 people at a time, so please be patient if you want to request and the list is full. ^_^; And if I somehow miss you on the waiting list please contact or PM me about it. ^_^;

5. Also, pretty please use the handy little banner form below the rules section. Otherwise, I’ll have to deny your request. ^_^;

6. Please wait a few days after requesting if you wanna request again. ^_^;

7. And most importantly...I hope you like the shop and the banners I make! ^_^

Banner form:

Front image:
Background image:
Mood: (Like do you want the banner to be cheerful, somber, depressing, dark, etc etc)
Text: (if not then please leave this blank)
If you want text, then do you want a specific font for it?:
Anything specific you want for it?:
Round (like the example images of my work) or square?

Thank you, and I hope you have a nice day and like the banners and profile pics when I make them! ^_^
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Princess Raspberyl

~Shining One~
@ Pachi
Your banner is finished! :)
Thanks for requesting, you is the first requester. :p

^There yew go :) ^_^
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