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Angry because of the hatred.

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The Bassist
It's not people complaining about the designs that bothers me, it's people saying "ZOMG GF IS OUT OF IDEAS AN ICECREAM POKEMON IS SO UNCREATIVE".
This. My friends always make fun of my Chandelure for being a light fixture that floats... So they hate gen V. However my reply is, how is Geodude (a rock that floats) any more creative?


Internet Overlord
Wow. A lot of you replied in under a half-hour. You know I don't think I should have done this topic. It was either that or reply to people who hated the pokemon to be quiet or something and I think it's worse doing that and I don't want to do that. You guys are right. It is just their opinion. And I didn't know this was against the rules. I shouldn't make people like them. I'm sorry. Since there were topics about this then I'm fine with someone taking this down. Also I really don't know much about the Serebii Forums. I just registered not long ago...

I understand, people are always bashing on poor little Zubat.

You're entitled to you opinion, and it's okay to be angry. Acturally, your post was more mature than some of the anger posts I've seen. That said, everyone else is entitled to their opinions as well... but if they say it in a way that suggests you're inferior, then you should report them (The report button is the exclamation mark inside the triangle at the lower left corner of every post).
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