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Animal Crossing: City Folk/Let's Go To The City Discussion Thread.

Topaz Archer

Ya I finally found out what that creepy bunny's name is, it's Chrissy. Found her pic but be warned, quite hideous and it's even worse in game.



I need that. Now.
Pekoe moved out. I was quite devastated. And Jambette refuses to move.


Local psychopath
(Ones that are bolded are ones that you shouldn't have yet-, assuming you got the game on release, and caught everything every month)
Also, I added times, and location data for you. Your welcome. =3

The new bugs in June are...
- Agrias butterfly ; 8am-5pm ; Near ocean [RARE]
- Birdwing ; 8am-4pm ; Near flowers [RARE]
- Centipede ; 4pm-11pm ; Under rocks (hit with shovel)
- Darner dragonfly ; 8am-5pm ; Airborne
- Emperor butterfly ; 7pm-8am ; Near flowers [RARE]
- Firefly ; 7pm-4am ; Airborne, near freshwater
- Goliath beetle ; 7pm-8am ; On coconut trees [RARE]
- Lantern fly ; 4pm-8am ; On trees
- Mosquito ; 4pm-4am ; Airborne
- Oak silk moth ; 7pm-4am ; On trees [RARE]
- Rainbow stag ; 7pm-8am ; On trees [RARE]
- Tarantula ; 7pm-4am ; On ground [RARE]
- Violin beetle ; 4am-7pm ; On tree stumps

The new fish in June are...
- Arowana ; 4pm-9am ; Rivers/Medium-Large [RARE]
- Dorado ; 4am-9pm ; Rivers/Large [RARE]
- Eel ; 4pm-9am ; Rivers/Long & Skinny
- Gar ; 4pm-9am ; Pond/Huge [RARE]
- Giant snakehead ; 9am-4pm ; Pond/Large [RARE]
- Hammerhead shark ; All Day ; Ocean/Huge with fin [RARE]
- Ocean sunfish ; 4am-9pm ; Ocean/Huge with fin [RARE]
- Piranha ; 9am-4pm ; Rivers/Small [ RARE]
- Shark ; 4pm-9am ; Ocean/Huge with fin [RARE]
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Topaz Archer

June is more of a money-maker than I am.
Look at all of those expensive fishies and bugs.
More designer clothes and furniture!
Okay, I got all the fish... as for the bugs, I got the lantern fly, rainbow stag, oak silk moth... and that's it. Why? IT WON'T STOP RAINING IN MY TOWN. XP!Maybe I should go catch coelacanths or someth- wait, that's obsolete now, seeing as how I caught more sharks than coelacanths looking for a hammerhead shark. Damn it, rain's useless this month. x_x
Oh crap... it stopped raining finally, and I caught a goliath beetle and emperor butterfly... and no, I didn't know you could catch goliath beetles this month, and I didn't see it was on that list posted. Still want my damn firefly. *Kept one in my AC:WW house*

Will-powered Spriter

Pokédex Complete!
Says you. Pretty sure it picked up one of my villagers by the shoulders and took him off to a nest somewhere. There's a reason you can't see on to the cliffs to either side of your town, y'know.

It's as large as your face, max. And if it's willing to kidnap villagers, how come it craps it's pants and runs the second a bird tweets in a 2km radius?

Has anyone caught a pirrahna yet? I have. If you go in the museum, it follows you around (in it's tank of course), and smashes into the tank, trying to eat you. You even here the *donk* noise as it's cranium bounces off the walls.


super noob
Hey guys, I'm back. More importantly I'm looking to sell things. I'll list what I have, or what I can remember of it, so either PM, VM, or post in this thread of interested, and we should be able to work out a deal.

Welcome to Crazy woot21's, in stock today we have:
Silver Ax x2
Gold Ax
Koopa Shell
Super Mushroom

1-Up Mushroom
Fire Flower
Bullet Bill Canon
Fire Bar

Triforce x2
Master Sword
Green Pipe

Please note I may have some other items in my storage area, but I am not 100% sure what they may be. Please drop us a line if you are interested in any of our craaaaaaaaazzzzy deals! Also, we charge less than Nook (maybe).

woot21 out dawgs
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the wizard of up

king of randomness
can i have the
Koopa Shell,
Super Mushroom,
Fire Flower,
and the Bullet Bill Canon?


Local psychopath
I have like, about 2-8 of each Mario item. =X
I need to get rid of those...

Whoot. I gotts moneys. Herez pics for you! =D




Also, I remembered, I never posted my pics from last week...


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the wizard of up

king of randomness
*sigh* i never seem to have luck with turnips....
they always rot...

by the way what is that hat that you are wearing? is it a flower or something?