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Animal Crossing Club

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Morning Moon
*Approved by PsiUmbreon (Thanks Psi ^_^)*

Animal Crossing Club (ACC)

Hi! Welcome to the Animal Crossing Club! Here we talk about the Gamecube game that never ends Even when you stop playing it! Here we discuss anything about the Game(s). Like recent happenings, upcoming holidays, and events in the game. Also talk about hints, secrets, and easter eggs in the game as well. Also if you're trouble, or need help in the game feel free to ask any questions.

1. No Spamming
2. No Bashing
3. No Double Posts
4. No discussion of cheat codes
5. You must like AC to join lol
6. You must create a Game Profile to get promoted(See Below)
7. The Rules of the Forum apply (Of Course): http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=62956

Note: Game Profiles are not mandatory. You can join without creating a profile. However you must create a Game Profile in order to get Promotions, or to be in Contests...

Member List:

Sailor Cosmos (Club Leader)

Level Three:
Howling Cat
Silver Ryu
T3h 4nci3nt 1337 0n3

Level Two:
Hikari Blaze
Ice Tyranitar

Level One:
^.~ CrUsHeD ~.^
Rukario Wave-Rider
rokin raquaza
Catgirl Sarisa
Flygon Prince
The Pikamaster
legendary master Jose
Beautiful Butch

Why do you love Animal Crossing?

I love Animal Crossing because it is completly diffrent from most of the games out there. I love the innovation it has. I love that's its real time, and that there is holidays. I also became fond of the charecters in the game. It's also fun when you play with other people! I also love that you can customize nearly everything, from you're house, clothes, umbrella, signs, town song, etc. I love being creative!!

~Club Showcase~

Town Songs:
In AC you can create town songs. You can submit a town song you created and I'll put it over here. You can post Songs that other people created, however you must give them credit!

Custom Theme by: Forever Flygon

Fan Fiction Showcase:
Here I will showcase AC Fan Fiction work created by Club Members. However you need to upload you're fan fiction and give me it's link in order for it to apear here. A good place to submit it is: www.fanfiction.net

A New Life, New Friends, & A Wacky Adventure
By: Hikari Blaze
Rated: PG-13

Any AC Fansites created by the ACC Members can be showcased here. The site of course has to be about AC and has to be clean. Also if you want to submit you're Site you MUST DO IT THROUGH PM (Private Message).

ACC Community: (Donated by Hikari Blaze)

www.animalxing.com (Donated by Greenlink)

Club Banners.


Created by: Saffire Persian


Created by: T3h 4nci3nt 1337 0n3


Created by: Dooku


Animal Crossing News:

-DJ- Date: 9-8-2005 said:
News: Animal Crossing DS is now known as Animal Crossing: Wild World.

Game Profiles: To get promoted you must create a Game Profile.

Name(In the Game):
Town Name:
House Layout:
Bells: (If you don't remember then give an estimate)
Favorite Neighbor:
Favorite Set:
Favorite Clothes:
Favorite Item:
Favorite Holiday/Event:

~Game Profiles Section is currently Under Construction, however please continue to post you're Game Profiles...~

About Level Promotions: If you contribute you will recive a level promotion. Submitting a banner can get you a promotion. In order to get promotions you must create a game profile.

Also Coming Soon:
-Fan Art Show Case
-IRC Channel
-Offical Website
-Offical Forums
-Contests (With Prizes)
-An Rpg?
-and More!

Level Information:

Level 1- Beggining Level
Level 2- You can change the topic (However Must be a AC Topic)
Level 3- Undecided

Claimed Charecters:

Claim Charecters in the Animal Crossing Game!

Ben is claimed by Blueaquadog
Totakeke is claimed by SailorCosmos
Rosie is claimed by ForeverFlygon
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Morning Moon
Sure! However please fill in a Game Profile:

Name(In the Game):
Town Name:
House Layout:
Bells: (If you don't remember then give an estimate)
Favorite Neighbor:
Favorite Set:
Favorite Clothes:
Favorite Item:
Favorite Holiday/Event:

Here's mine as an example

Name: Selena
Town Name: Luna
House Layout: It has two floors, the first floor has a complete regal set while the second floor has a complete 8-bit mario set. The basement is mess though lol.
Bells: Too Much to remeber O_O like 500,000 or something?
Favorite Neighbor: Bangle
Favorite Set: Mario 8-bit
Favorite Clothes: None
Favorite Item: Balloon Fight Nes Game
Favorite Holiday/Event: New Year's Eve.

You're the first to join... So I'll promote you to level three once you finish the profile.


Name: Ryan
Town: A town. (I was young.)
Bells: I don't remember, but I think it was around 10,000.
Favorite neighbor: Anicotti
Favorite set: Haloween
Favorite clothes: My Rainbow plug pattern and the big bro shirt.
Favorite item: Coelcanth (Does that count as an item?)
Favorite holiday/ event: Christmas
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gee that's swell
ok I`d like to join.I`ll start giving info once I know I`m a member.I`ve alreay started a thread asking what charcters people have.


Morning Moon
Game Profile Accepted. Level 3 Promotion!

Oh and Torchic you're a member XD

I decided to put the Game Profiles as not mandatory instead. However making a Game Profile gets you promoted!


Nice, an AC club, I guess I'll join.
Name(In the Game): JDS
Town Name: Mystvile
House Layout: Basement has a model town and lockers. My first floor has Classic furniture and NES games. My top floor has the Mario theme.
Bells: (If you don't remember then give an estimate):5 million
Favorite Neighbor Jay
Favorite Set: Classic
Favorite Clothes: Kaffe's shirt
Favorite Item: NES games or House model.
Favorite Holiday/Event: This isn't really an event, but the igloos that pop up in winter.


Morning Moon
Cool! You're in!


Anyways I'm working on making a IRC Channel (A Moderated Chat Room) for the club!


News: Animal Crossing DS is now known as Animal Crossing: Wild World.


Oh yeah i'm joining (that is if i'm allowed) Well I lost my gamecube versipon of animal crossing I might buy a new one but just think of all the weeds that await me (shudders) I cant wait for animal crossing: Wild world that the main reason I bought a DS


Morning Moon
Hyde is in!

Also guys please anwser the topic ^_^;;;

Cool -Dj-

(Creates a News Section)

Howling Cat

Can I join
name: Frankie
layout: first floor: has arched window wallpaper, opunet or something like that carpet, a classic sofa a regal lamp,corn plant, glass top table,lilypad table,froggy chair, exotic chest and bench, kk tango music, country guitar, ranch bookcase, red vase, blue vase, computer, teacher chair,another plant,bonsai,three different types of gyroids second floor: cabana bookcase, lovly table, classic desk,ranch armchair, globe, tiger bobble head, tokyo tower, Mr flamingo, tea vase naomi figer, bango, 2 gyroids, cactus, and I think some kind of dresser.
fav neighbour: Hank the rooster and Bertha the hippo
fav iteams: fruit items
fav event: haven't experianced them all yet


Morning Moon
Howling Cat is in!


Ok from now on Profile Promotions will be only Level 2 promotions. Since the club already has a lot of Level 3 members. However Cat will be promoted to L.3


Elect./water master
Can I join?

Name(In the Game): David
Town Name: Dysinger
House Layout: On my top floor I have a cabin looking room with that pond thing in it. On my first floor is full of NES games and Models. The basement has everything else.
Bells: $25,000
Favorite Neighbor: Savanah or Olive
Favorite Set: Cabin
Favorite Clothes: My pikachu playing with blocks design
Favorite Item: My pond or Hamster
Favorite Holiday/Event: Thanksgiving (Easy to get the items!)
Pets; Hamster, two goldfish, and a Koi.
The last one I just put for fun.


Coconut Grunt (TM)
I'd like to join in. I was surprised this club was so new. Anyhow:

Name(In the Game): trad(yes with a minor t, I couldn't figure to get capital letter ^_^; )
Town Name: johto (same with the j, and yes, I'm that unoriginal)
House Layout: My house quite the mess except from the top floor, in which I have a Mosaic floor and a Bamboo Wall, together with a red sofa and red armchair, and a glass top table, along with a few plants, two beds, a kitschy clock and a wardrobe made ouy of wood. Yes, it does fit 0o
Bells: (If you don't remember then give an estimate): About 130,000. I have to carry some in bags.
Favorite Neighbour: Tanks. He moved to my brothers town, which later was deleted ;_;
Favorite Set: Cabin or Modern, can't decide.
Favorite Clothes: My "T" shirt (Mario fashion, stands for Trad ^_^; )
Favorite Item: The Master Sword?
Favorite Holiday/Event: Halloween.


Morning Moon
Both of you are in!! XD Anyways the Club IRC Channel #ACC will be set up on Saturday!!


Morning Moon
Yea, It had more features too!

Oh and since no one is anwsering the first topic ;_;

Here's a new one :)

Are you going to get Animal Crossing Wild World?

Yes! Espcesilly because of the online support. However, first I need to get a DS ^_^;;;;;;;

Btw, feel free to anwser the first topic!


Elect./water master
SailorCosmos said:
Are you going to get Animal Crossing Wild World?

Of course. It sounds awsome. I also need a DS.

Do you want to see pics of his house?
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