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Animal Crossing Series


Ace Trainer
Me. I will take the cat. My gates are open. Also my fc is in my signiture.
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So after TTing (yes, I'm ashamed), I found out the Tommy and Timmy home improvement center doesn't add much, except one piece of furniture, one hanging furniture I think, and a KK slider song.

That's right, we can buy KK slider songs from the store now.




hello, im back sorta
Scored a stained glass AND a lava lamp yesterday! Ordered an extra stained glass and now my LOZ exhibit in my museum is complete except for one more museum chair. Also, so close to completing the Classic and Minimalist collections. Anyways, scored a lucky frog, and bertha is moving out tmrw. The first person who was here at the beginning of my town is moving out! And the first person to move out at all! Ahh! oh well. ive had enough of bertha to be honest. I really want an octopus so yeah


Octopus villager, that is
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Strong Winds
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Basically what I did too but with an Agrias Butterfly that somehow got me 93 points.

Is it also cheating to dig holes around the participants so they don't move as well lol?

I was surprised to see Skye land in second place with a 91 point Birdwing. I had no idea they were competent enough to catch something that's actually worth that many points. I just used a Goliath beetle to win me the contest, because I'm not going to waste a 12,000 Bell bug just for a golden trophy.

Speaking of bugs, I finally managed to find and capture a Scorpion today. And I am far too amused by the fact that it fights with the Tarantula in the museum.

I think it's funny to see how they fight. I kinda liked the Scorpion alone, though, just staring at you and hissing(?) at you. The Golden Stag fighting the Horned Hercules is equally amusing, too. Though now the only thing I don't have that can be caught this month is the Gar, a river fish. I never remember it being rare in City Folk, so it's a little annoying.


1 more day ^^
I'm so happy that Paula is moving out on the 26th. he was the only ugly villager in Eclipse so hopefully a cute or cool villager will move in next.


The Count
I got the New Leaf game with my 3DS XL on Friday, still haven't opened it yet. (I wanted the Donkey Kong one but they were out.) I've got Wild World and always enjoyed that, got all the fish, bugs, fossils...


I can't Kominicate.
Picture Time:

Double rainbow? Oh god, yes.

In retrospect, having a gorilla in a town is a bad idea. Meep.

I'm courageous.


For God's sake, it's just a fire hydrant!

Sharks. Sharks everywhere.

Everything and its mother reminds you of your mother's nest.


Hecks Yeah.

Save and Continue is different than Save and Quit to him.

Venting it off at his club. Sucker.

But Tom Nook's reign on my house is over...

I'll make you all move out for watching me suffer!


Caught this while being so close to this other one.

'Cause my Mom says umbrellas aren't for men.

Now that's a nice consolation prize.


Exhibition A - Gyroid Deposit. Makes one go insane.

A lighthouse? Done.

She's right next to you. You don't even remember her.

Screw you, big sister.

I'd love to do that.

Ooh, secrets!


Sadly, K.K. music doesn't go to anyone else. But, you can order it!

'Cept it only has two delivery times each day.

Yet, there are methods to get music: myself!

The sad truth.


Bamboo for music. Sweet deal.

He gave me Perfect Apples, but then I learned the sad truth...

Looking for a good planting spot. It fails somewhat.

I'm pretty. Creepy.

Showing him my beautiful house.

Pikmin 3 in August 4th!

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XD Mewtwo

So Erik just told me Patty is moving out of town, and not Henry or Sally. She was a good friend, but she can move on to another town if she wants to. So now I need to find a replacement, she's Peppy, so I will have none, so the replacement must be peppy, Piper and Meow aren't in this game, I never noticed how few Peppy types I wouldn't mind having, so I got Tangy, Truffles, and Bella. I'm going to have Bob and Ankha eventually so I don't need Tangy. So I got Truffles and Bella to choose from, Truffles being an old Cat Town villager from my GameCube game, and Bella being someone new I've never had before, I've been wanting an old villager of mine to move in, but Bob has that covered at least, but not for Female villagers.

I talked to Patty and she never told me she was moving, but I'll see in a few days.


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Who wants a cat?
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Eh, ragazzo!
Who wants a cat?
I could take the cat if you can sign my in-game petition. FC in sig.

Edit: Anybody who has me on their friend list, can you help me sign this petition.

Edit 2: Actually, maybe animal villagers will work, so if I could go to one's town...
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Strong Winds
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I'll make you all move out for watching me suffer!

Funny, I was playing City Folk for nostalgia earlier, and this happened to me with a scorpion that got me at my own front door. Apparently they don't despawn right away, because as soon as I woke up again, I caught it then and there. Spawn-camping punk...


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Wow so last night I caught both a scorpion and a turantula. It's a big deal cuz that was the 1st time I caught them and the 1st time I saw a scorpion and 3rd time I saw a turantula.


So I got kid kat! I also got pears. Can I come over to somebody's shampoodle if it's still open?


Fire in the dark...
I had a Triforce tree stump. What do you do with it?

My shampoo does open if you want to come


bloody weather
i've been a bit busy lately but i've managed to complete at least one of each public works available to me atm just mainly working on house expansion now. also if anyone would be willing to help i need to get some signatures from another town


*pours beans down the waterslide*
So I've made my list for my perfect village characters so far. It needs touching out to make sure it would work out

Kid Cat

I have Kid-Cat and Beau already, so only 8 more to go :D

Anyone need certain fruits? Or Shampoodles?
Also, collecting Regal/Roccocococo/Lovely Furniture n_n