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Animal Cruelty. This is terrible.

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Discussion' started by Mrs Mime, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. Mrs Mime

    Mrs Mime a little haphazard

    Happy colours? I think that's putting human emotion on it. Doubt it would want attention. :p
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2011
  2. NimhShambler

    NimhShambler Fighting Type Prof.

    Chameleons turn colours depending on their mood more than anything.

    If he turns black, get away. He will bite

    Pale with black spots is fear

    Pastel greens are happy.

    Dark colours are depressed.

    Mating colours for males of his species is magenta and for females is robins' egg blue

    Yellow is excited.

    Lizards are capable of emotion, and Daedalus did love attention. Quite a bit.
  3. Mrs Mime

    Mrs Mime a little haphazard

    Ah okay I didn't know they would like attention.

    I agree they have emotion though to some degree. x
  4. metagrody6

    metagrody6 COMO UN JEFE

    I have a pet rat. If anybody tried to hurt her...
  5. SilentMemento

    SilentMemento Lone Wolf

    These are probably the animal abusers that I hate the most (yes, even more than the girl who was throwing puppies into a river, which is shocking since I believe that she's sick and needs to be locked in a padded cell while wearing a straitjacket for the rest of her life):

    The video is on the website.

    I wanted to personally shoot him and the buddy who filmed it for:

    a). Murdering a newborn puppy and laughing about it.

    b). Disgracing the United States military and everyone who has ever served or has had a member of their family serve (yeah, that includes me; I've had family that have served).

    c). Issuing half-hearted apologies that they didn't really mean.

    d). Being cruel, remorseless sociopaths.
  6. Battlestar

    Battlestar TRC Boss

    Its terrible hurting something so innocence. I am for hunting and exterminating pest. But not killing for no reason and with pain!
  7. MGOShockWave

    MGOShockWave Club Paradise

    I hate people who do this stuff I wanna kill them all when they hurt animals :/
  8. Victoria

    Victoria My my my...

    Acting cruel towards an animal should not be dismissed, and so I do think the law needs to be a lot stronger in dealing with this. As for the people, they're mentally messed up. There would be no other reason to take part in Animal abuse. It's atrocious and I think we need stronger punishments everywhere.
  9. Meowth City

    Meowth City ♥ Shipper ♥ Staff Member Moderator

    There is nothing I find more outrageous than people who abuse animals. I wish that all the evil scum who do this die as painfully as the animals they torture and kill. If I knew anyone who did this IRL especially to one of my pets, I can't even begin to explain what I would do to them - just know that they will pay for it in spades.

    There should definitely be greater punishment for those who abuse animals. I remember hearing about these criminals who stuck a spear through a dog and laughed as it spent the last minutes of his life in pain, and all these thugs got was a fine. If the MacDonald Triad (for all the psychology geeks) is anything to go by, when people torture and kill animals, it often lead to killing humans. For me, nothing short of the death penalty is what they deserve.
  10. Mrs Mime

    Mrs Mime a little haphazard

    What is your opinions on how to find abusers? I mean I just some of a horrific video with 2 boys who burned a poor dog alive after putting gasoline on it. I couldn't watch the entire video as it was heartbreaking so I won't post the video, but it made me wonder, even with the video as evidence, why do so many people get away with cruelty to animals?

    They obviously have problems mentally, so should more power should be put into finding them or the mental health sector before the abusers move on to harm people? I think the government lacks in these areas and something has to actually happen to the public before action is taken on the individual.
  11. OceanHero

    OceanHero Smile Smile Smile!

  12. OceanHero

    OceanHero Smile Smile Smile!

    *&&%$@#!!! Unbelievable Bull$#^@!
  13. firebolt

    firebolt Well-Known Member

    To me people do this because the punishments they get if caught are not very serious ones (meaning not being in jail for a long time). Although many people do not get caught unless, someone else sees it, youtube or cctv. I have a dog myself and even before i had one i was never happy about animal cruelty. To be honest i never even wanted a dog in the first place but i wont get into that lol.

    Sometimes it can be an accident like that case with the Police dog training Centre in Kent, where two German Sheperds were left in a car for hours and died as it was so hot (over 30 degrees). Although to me that is not an accident but plain stupid and wrong.
  14. alchimiste

    alchimiste Well-Known Member

    It can be argued that the death of those German shepherds was also partially caused by the fact that the punishment is not serious. I mean, what if instead of fido and spike the cops had forgotten mary sue and Billy bob. Then it would've been all over the news. Then again, human stupidity is astonishing. Like two weeks ago a three year old fell to her death here in NYC because her mother left her playing unattended on the fire escape...
  15. Mrs Mime

    Mrs Mime a little haphazard

    Yeah apparently the temperature had doubled in the car because it was in the sun... so around the 50-60 degree mark. Poor dogs. Did you hear the police dog handler who did that attempted suicide? He had previous cases where he had neglected other police dogs too. Why was he allowed to continue working with the animals?
  16. firebolt

    firebolt Well-Known Member

    So true why was he allowed to work with animals...-_-. Whoa I never heard that part about the suicide o_o but he did have previous cases, all he got was a 6month conditional discharge and a £2,500 fine for this recent one. He was about to get six months inside and a £20,000 fine. Well he got lucky but i thought i was suffering on the underground during that heatwave, as it was almost 40degrees but those poor dogs :mad:.

    To alchimiste exactly what i was thinking he knew he would not get punished badly and he didnt <.<. Really leaving a child unattended at a fire escape...atleast leave the child unattended somewhere safer, what is this world coming to. Nobody is perfect but really these things are common sense.
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2011
  17. Kipcha

    Kipcha Well-Known Member

    An animal hoarder will not take care of the animals, that's the thing. They get so many and they just cannot keep track of them and care for them properly. Personally, I think people should care less about the persons mental health until after the animals are seized, I hate watching cases where they are hesitant to remove the animals in fear of traumatising the people...

    I rescue tons of rabbits, you wouldn't believe the things people do to them. I guess people think they are just dumb animals but rabbits really are intelligent. All of mine are litter trained, I do agility with them, they can do tricks, they follow you around when they are roaming the house... Really, rabbits are extremely sweet and extremely undervalued. All they do is "eat and poop" so people just figure this is an excuse to do things to them, I suppose.

    Animal abuse is just disgusting as a whole.
  18. alchimiste

    alchimiste Well-Known Member

    The worst part is that she lived on the sixth floor. Seriously?! I wouldn't even let my kids, let alone my three year old, play in a room with an unguarded open window... And by unattended, I mean she left to go to work, not that she was in another room *sigh*... Yeah, leave your three year old on its own for 8-10 hours in your apartment... Oh, and while you're at it, leave the window open... And leave her outside to play... I wonder where she got her parenting skills...

    And not even a week after that happened, another kid fell from a 5th floor because her father left the window open while he was installing an AC..
  19. Shiny Mew2

    Shiny Mew2 Gunshow

    I kinda want this topic closed, because of how sad it is. On the other hand, it's interesting to read people's views.
  20. Sissel

    Sissel I am the Messiah.

    I used to know this lady who had a dog.
    She forced it to have two puppies.
    She slapped it on the head for every little thing.
    The dog would cringe if you tried to pet it.
    The lady got arrested.(Not for Animal abuse mind you.)
    We took the dog for a couple of years.
    It never got over it's fear.
    After that we gave her to my Grandmother.
    She treats the dog well.

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