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Animals that aren't Pokémon yet v.4.0

Discussion in 'Poképolls' started by BCVM22, Nov 16, 2010.

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  1. DJ-Star-Knight

    DJ-Star-Knight Star Knight

    I think there needs to be a "Chicken" Pokemon... I'm serious.

    I once tried to make a 2 trainers on Pokemon:BR with Pokemon based on the Chinese Zodiac but there chicken Pokemon!
    Rat : Raticate
    Ox : Tauros
    Tiger : Raikou
    Rabbit : Lopunny
    Dragon : Dragonite
    Snake : Arboc
    Horse : Rapidash
    Ram : Ampharos
    Monkey : Primeape
    Rooster : ???
    Dog: Arcanine
    Pig: Grumpig

    The Closest to a chicken would be Ho-oh, Moltres, and Pidgy.
    It would be funny if the Chicken Pokemon was Flying/Fire.
  2. Porygandrew

    Porygandrew Well-Known Member

    Combusken/Blaziken fills that role.
  3. DJ-Star-Knight

    DJ-Star-Knight Star Knight

    Now I feel bad... I completely forgot Combusken because I was only thinking flying types but I don't think Blaziken looks like a chicken one bit.
  4. rocky505

    rocky505 Well-Known Member

    Yeah and that is where we get most of this info from. It counts as a caveman. Marowak and cubone might too since they carry clubs
  5. Kreis

    Kreis Still Dirrty

    Yeah, we do, but we can choose to believe them if they back up their information somewhat, which they mostly do. However, all that was mentioned was "exaggerated form of a cave man" without any sort of support. Bulbapedia is not an official source, so don't use it as one. When their information is backed up with supportive content, the logical conclusion is that they're right; however, this does not apply to all entries.
  6. You have just met the Chickenator!
  7. rocky505

    rocky505 Well-Known Member

    My god how insane the people at pokecommunity's version of this thread are. Someone said they wanted a sabertooh tiger. I told them Raikou was one. They say it's not a sabertooth tiger it's a dog! ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS! Do they not see those long fangs coming from it's mouth? And they still say gorebyss is a dolphin too.
  8. Flamle

    Flamle Every Weekend....

    Were there any Aardvarks yet? Maybe a lion? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't remember a Lion. However, my memory is a bit foggy, though.
  9. rocky505

    rocky505 Well-Known Member

    We have lions. Entei and Luxray. IDK if Heatmor counts for an aardvark or not.
  10. Endless

    Endless Sun God ☉

    IS it just me, or is everything with an Irish origin green?

    I hate that forum.
    I don't think Heatmor counts. I think an aardvark needs ears and that Heatmor is just based on an anteater and an ironworks.

    Anyway, new update!
    Changes - Bold

    New animal/pokemon
    Any kind of Terrier – Lilipup line
    Saint Bernard – Stoutland
    Cu Sith
    Huginn and Munnin - Lake trio (Debatable)
    Ceratosaurus – Rhydon (Debatable)

    Caveman - Tangrowth (Debatable)

    Gotten "Debatable" status
    Completely removed
    Link to full list: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showpost.php?p=12787975&postcount=1352
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2011
  11. XXD17

    XXD17 Draco rex

    torchic looks pretty chicken...

    despite being in completely different families with anteaters more closely related to armadillos, pangolins and sloths and aardvarks being more closely related to elephants and hyraxes, the two animals, especially the tamandua the species of anteater heatmor is based off of, look physically very similar...the only distinguishing difference is that aardvarks have very large ears while anteaters have very small ears...
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2011
  12. m190049

    m190049 Local psychopath

    Er... I think you misinterpreted that. He was saying that the duo's designed would be very similar between the two of them (as the two Ravens are nearly identical), but slightly different enough to make it interesting; Much like the Lake Trio.

    He wasn't sayig the Lake Trio are based on Huginn and Munnin..
  13. Endless

    Endless Sun God ☉

    Are you completely sure? Because the the ravens represents thought and memory. And the lake trio represents emotion, willpower and memory.
  14. Mr G W

    Mr G W Insect power

    Id like to see a cockroach...
  15. Yeah, he was right. What I was saying was that the ravens would represent thought and memory, which would make them similar to the lake Pokemon because they are representing aspects of the mind, but not similar enough to make the concept seem redundant. Now, both thought and memory could be seen as aspects being represented by Uxie because it's the being of Knowledge; neither Willpower or Emotion seem to fit the bill for thought or memory quite as well; but I think they are distinct enough to be represented individually.
  16. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    I would really like a Cu Sith/Cu Sidhe as the basis of the first mammalian Grass starter! It can evolve into a Grass/Ghost too!
  17. rocky505

    rocky505 Well-Known Member

    White Tiger
    Tiger Shark

    These are my main wants to be pokemon.
  18. Kansas_Rocks!

    Kansas_Rocks! Awesomeness Trainer

    A sasquatch would be awesome, would it not?
  19. Missingno.Fan

    Missingno.Fan Well-Known Member

    Also aardvarks have more of a pig nose and anteaters have a longer, skinnier snount. Also the latter has more hair.
  20. Bliz

    Bliz You can call me Bliz

    Or maybe a pumpkin
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