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Animals that aren't Pokémon yet v3

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Animals that aren't Pokémon yet v3

Attention: If you're not going to read this whole post (it is rather long), at LEAST read the chart on the bottom of this thread!

So, do you know of any good ideas for animals that can maybe be turned into Pokémon?
Of course there are THOUSANDS of animals that have yet to be Pokémon, but obviously, there are many that probably can't viably be a good Pokémon.
List some that you think are good candidates! (Possibly in Generation 5?)
Tell some!

You can just follow the basic point of the thread, but if you want, you can even get creative! Why do you think they'd make a good Pokémon? What type can it be? Maybe it'll be similar to another Pokémon? Will it have any relation to another Pokémon? Those are examples of some things you can maybe include if you like.

Here's an example of a way you can get very creative with your ideas:
Personally, I think the Lion Fish could be a cool Pokémon. [Wikipedia Article] It looks pretty awesome, doesn't it? I saw one when I went to a pet store a while ago. It'd obviously be Water-Type, and it has all those venomous spines, so most likely it'd be Water- and Poison-Type. However, Maybe it's second type can be Dragon (it is also known as the Dragon Fish)? Maybe even Water- and Fire- type if they want. It kinda looks like they could pull that off if they painted it a fiery red. In those cases, they can just give it Poison Point to cover the poison aspect of it (kinda like Seadra). I think a Water/Poison is most likely though... Water/Dragon would really just be out of the blue, and would be rather forced. Water/Poison is a combination only used by Tentacool (and therefore Tentacruel,) along with Quilfish. Quilfish, is also a Drastically underused Pokémon. Tentacool/cruel and this Lion Fish have very different Forms and Appearances, possibly giving widely different move pools, although it might maybe have a Similar move pool to Quilfish...

Admittingly, that's a very very specific example, though...
Normally, you might not get THAT into it.

A more swift and commonplace version of that would be something like this:
How about the Lion Fish? It'd make a neat Water/Poison Type.

Simplicity. Yay!

Also, if you can, when it comes to species, get specific. Everyone knows there are already a bunch of existing Pokémon that are Fish. If you suggested just "Fish", you'd most obviously be told off. A lot. So don't do that. But try talking about some specific type of Fish, like I did in my example. However, if you said "Shark", which IS more specific than fish, it is still not quite specific enough- you will just be told that Sharpedo is a Shark. Perhaps say something like the "Spotted Wobbegong Shark [Wikipedia Article]", you'll get MUCH better response. In another example, try saying "Sea Slug", and you would be corrected, as Sea Slug is covered by Shellos and Gastrodon. However, there are many types of sea slugs! Try suggesting something more specific, like one of the exotic Sea Slugs you can find here. Again, you'll get better response. And remember, we're looking for creativity here! Try not to suggest something too similar to another Pokemon already...
Get it? Good!

Try and remember the levels of detail. Here's a brief example:
Turtle --> Sea Turtle --> Leatherback Sea Turtle
Something around the middle is fine, in most cases, though things in the third category are often more liked. Reach for that if you can.

Oh yeah, and don't worry if maybe "someone already posted an idea or not", we don't expect you to read through multiple pages to check. However checking back a page or two won't hurt anyone, right?

So, YOU name some animals that aren't Pokémon yet!

Oh, yeah, a notice... You CAN suggest plants, fungus, natural phenomenon, legends, and other things that aren't animals. However, please no suggesting things like a pencil or a chair or something. That's just annoying...
With the somewhat-recent addition of the new Rotom Forms, we know that apparently man-made machines like ovens can viably be Pokémon. Regardless, still, don't suggest these things, please... Besides, one of the whole quirks of Rotom is that it can posses machines. It's still a tiny little plasma bolt at the start. And, yes, I know we've had things like Magnemite & Porygon since the first generation... But please, try not to go too much at it... (Though I think those can actually be arguably classified under robots to some extent however, no?)

As was inferred before, keep one thing in mind; If you suggest something that either is already one, or is way too similar to another Pokemon, prepare for a response that will tell you so! And also, prepare for the possibility of a few debates between members arguing whether or not a Pokemon really is this creature or not. It will happen occasionally. However, this is not a debate topic. So keep it minimal.

BTW, some of you may remember the Animals that aren't Pokemon yet v2 thread. It survived for approximately 8 months, had 1,655 posts, and had 83 pages before some person decided to move it to Poképolls (who moves a thread that's been in an area that long anyway?), and the thread almost instantly died....
Though I've noticed Poképolls is a bit more active now. After seeing the old thread get bumped & locked... I decided to remake this thread.
So this is the next seed of Animals that aren't Pokémon yet.
Have fun!

An idea suggested by the user derkins, this is a small list of some of the commonly said candidates, that actually already are Pokémon. Keep in mind that this list is NOT saying that the Pokémon listed is 100% that animal. Some may in fact be, but most are just somewhat. Remember that not all Pokémon are marked if they are mixes, however, some Pokémon have "(partly)" after the name. Pokémon marked with this are just only slightly based on the animal, even less so that just a standard mix- and likely made up of MANY Pokémon.
  • Lion - Entei (partly), Shinx, Luxio, Luxray
  • Elephant - Phanpy, Donphan
  • Platypus - Psyduck, Golduck (They are most likely Platypus/Duck hybrids. STOP ARGUING ABOUT THIS, PEOPLE. =|)
  • Panda - Spinda
  • Kangaroo - Kangaskhan, Breloom
  • Orca / Killer Whale - Kyogre
  • Echidna - Cyndaquil
  • Tiger - Raikou (partly)
  • Badger - Typhlosion, Linoone (Partly)
More will be added as time goes on.
Please look over that list before posting...
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Palette Professor
has there been a lion pokemon yet? :O


Palette Professor
oooooh, you're right, that would be an awesome pokemon :D


How about the pangolin?


Sawfish are pretty b.a. themselves:


I can see either of these being combined with the Steel type. A Steel/Water sawfish Pokemon would be sweet.

Have they done any mountain goats? Those could lend themselves easily to Pokemon designs as well.


Palette Professor
have there been any normal goats? ._.

elite ralf

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a koala bear. :O
make it grass type too!

at first, I though shinx was a koala. but it was somethin' else.. o_O


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I know both Omanyte/Omastar and Magcargo are snails, but I still feel like more could be done with the creature. Does that count? Are we allowed to suggest creatures/things that are already pokémon but could still have some new ideas inspired by them?


Local psychopath
I know both Omanyte/Omastar and Magcargo are snails, but I still feel like more could be done with the creature. Does that count? Are we allowed to suggest creatures/things that are already pokémon but could still have some new ideas inspired by them?


For example, the Gastrodon line is really cool. However, check out this gallery of sea slugs from national geographic and you can see there is WAY more potential in the idea. It wouldn't be surprising if they did make a few more of them, even if we already have some other sea slugs, like Fione and Manaphy, which are also sea slugs (clione).


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i want an anteater pokemon!

it would be awesome i think =)


I'm back!
Yeah and like Porygon can be like a machine and stuff. Porygon should have a split level really!!!


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I don't think there are any tiger or leopard based pokemon yet... That would be really cool to me! Also, maybe a tasmanian devil? Those things are scary and I think it'd be the perfect dark type pokemon.


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oh well anyway
id like to see a wolf man pokemon an actual standing up wolf
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