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Animals that aren't Pokémon yet v3

Discussion in 'Poképolls' started by m190049, Nov 2, 2008.

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  1. m190049

    m190049 Local psychopath

    Reminds me of Donphan a bit...
  2. Maruno

    Maruno Well-Known Member

    ...Except it's not an elephant.

    As a reference to MC Escher's creature, the pokémon based on it could live in the Torn World. There's lots of upside-left and back-to-down places in there, as I'm led to believe.
  3. m190049

    m190049 Local psychopath

    Well yeah, I know that... >.<
    But the concept reminds me of that.

    That would be interesting... Although one of the themes of the Torn World is that it's like, a wasteland where nothing can live...
    'Cept Giratina.
  4. Rayquaza Master777

    Rayquaza Master777 #1 May Fanboy

    I think it would make the most sense for Bug/Poison.
    How about a cowfish? Well, a bad pun on the term "cow fish", anyway.
  5. burninator59

    burninator59 Well-Known Member

    how about a pegagus? it could be another fire/flying
  6. Rayquaza Master777

    Rayquaza Master777 #1 May Fanboy

    That's been mentioned twice.
  7. Piki

    Piki i love ice/cold/snow

    what about a flamingo? or mongoose?
  8. treespyro

    treespyro Vintage much?

    A Rubbish Bin, Cigarette Pokemon, Lamp post

    It doesn't have to be an animal
  9. Freezeydakilla

    Freezeydakilla Hardcore Ice Lover!

    I was just about to post the same thing =]

    in that case I have a few ideas.

    1.) Dumpster (steel/ and another type) depending on wich items you have in i

    2.) jet plane(doesnt have to be huge just themed as one) Fly/Steel maybe?

    3.) Fire truck water hose.

    as for animals

    1.) Manitee

    2.) Anaconda

    3.) Polar bear.
  10. Truly Deceptive

    Truly Deceptive It is I: ME!

    erm, just so you know, shinx and its evos aren't lions, but lynxes, another wild feline. as for ideas, it could be something and evolve into something crazily different (like Trapinch is a bug found in sand like a beetle, but becomes a dragon, Flygon), but what about newts or, in cases where inanimate objects are living like geodude, a candy pokemon?
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2009
  11. m190049

    m190049 Local psychopath

    Read the First Post.

    It's okay if you suggest some inanimate objects, but they have to be things that appear naturally in the wild.
    For example, a rock appears naturally...
    Candy does not. =/

    ...Btw, Freezeydakilla, Latios, Latias, Togekiss, and Garchomp are all Jet-Like Pokemon.
  12. Randomkid23

    Randomkid23 Conber23

    I want a walrus pokemon, if they don't have one.
  13. Golden_Latias

    Golden_Latias #SlayQueenSlay

    Walrein just wet itself.
  14. Random Chaos

    Random Chaos my hands are bananas

    A St. Bernard
  15. bookist

    bookist Well-Known Member

    has a panther been done?
  16. Random Chaos

    Random Chaos my hands are bananas

    Spinda, a red panda but we do not have a giant panda
  17. m190049

    m190049 Local psychopath

    ....What? What does a panther have to do with Spinda? o.o
  18. Random Chaos

    Random Chaos my hands are bananas

    I miss read, I obviously thought he said "PANDA"
  19. m190049

    m190049 Local psychopath

    I saw some thing, called the Olm.

    "This unusual amphibian is blind, lives to 100, and goes ten years at a stretch without food. It lives in the subterranean waters of Italy, Croatia and Herzegovenia, where it skeeves out the locals with its strange, human-like skin. Its nickname, in fact, is the “human fish”. Unlike most amphibians, the olm lives in the water for its whole life. Another oddity of the olm: its neotenic (larval) gills."

  20. *Minun*

    *Minun* I like Minun ;)

    The pokemon world is seriously lacking in dolphins.
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