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Animals that aren't Pokémon yet v3

Discussion in 'Poképolls' started by m190049, Nov 2, 2008.

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  1. Gliscor_111

    Gliscor_111 Well-Known Member

  2. Random Chaos

    Random Chaos my hands are bananas

    I would like to see a pumpkin Pokemon, that evolves into different types at different times of the day

    Grass (Day)> Grass/Fire
    (morning) > Grass/Ghost
    (night)> Grass/Dark
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2009
  3. m190049

    m190049 Local psychopath

    Ghost type during morning? o.o
  4. Random Chaos

    Random Chaos my hands are bananas

    Well that is the only time left, and Dark at night and Fire type during the day make sence.
  5. Pax O'Brien

    Pax O'Brien I Has a Pink Party!

    A pumpkin pokemon would be the best thing since sliced bread. (God, I hate that phrase.)
    --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---​
    Ah... what else is there... you can never have too many cats? xD

    What about a pokemon completely made of mud?
    Or a tree? (Er... Sudowoodo and Exeggutor. Cacturn? Are cacti trees?)
    Or a lion fish! Qwilfish's evolution!
    Or a platypus! ...I know what your thinking, Psyduck. But he doesn't have the [platypus/beaver] tail. A PLATYPUS POKEMON NEEDS THE [Bibarel-like] TAIL.

    A narwhal!!!!!! Oh, that would be splendid! Water/Ice and learns Horn Drill at a high level! It could be either of the following:
    a. It's own pokemon/line.
    b. An evolved form of Dewgong.
    c. An alternate evo of Seel.
    d. An alternate evo of Sealeo.
  6. halloweenghost

    halloweenghost Well-Known Member

    I've wanted a grass/fire typr jacko lantern pokemon forever.
  7. Random Chaos

    Random Chaos my hands are bananas

    You are not the only one jack

    How about a Cousin Itt Pokemon?
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2009
  8. m190049

    m190049 Local psychopath

    ...Is there a simple Grasshopper yet? o.o
  9. Rayquaza Master777

    Rayquaza Master777 #1 May Fanboy

    Kricketune slightly resembles one.
    How about a Dryad Pokemon?
  10. ebilly99

    ebilly99 Americanreigon champ

    A pillbug, a seamonkey(What we thought seamonkeys were not brimeshrimp)
  11. mew801

    mew801 Well-Known Member

    An ant. Lol imagine it. It would be like weaker than Majikarp lol ^_^
  12. m190049

    m190049 Local psychopath

    Magikarp isn't weak!!! FEAR THAT THAT IS BOUNCE MAGIKARP

    Does there be a Pokemon that is a Flea?
    That would be interesting...
  13. Tri hawk

    Tri hawk Say no to Poké-drugs

    The worm that the Pigdey ate early in the first season.
  14. ebilly99

    ebilly99 Americanreigon champ

    ant tarpinch
    flea nicada
  15. m190049

    m190049 Local psychopath


    Trapinch are Antlion larva. The Antlion is what Vibrava and Flygon are.
    Pictures of the Larva can be seen on the page.
    Also, it's Pokedex entry also shows that it almost exactly mimics the behavior of the Antlion Larva...

    ...And Nincada is a Cicada Nymph.
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2009
  16. Rayquaza Master777

    Rayquaza Master777 #1 May Fanboy

    Not as interesting as a tick. Ooh, I can see it now: Ash, Dawn, and Brock are walking through tall grass. Dawn feels something on her leg. They get out of the grass. Dawn looks at her leg. THERE'S A 2 FOOT LONG TICK WITH HUGE MADIBLES SITTING ON HER LEG, SUCKING HER BLOOD!!! >:)
    Also, a legless lizard would be neat.
  17. aaron-now

    aaron-now Well-Known Member

  18. Ilex

    Ilex Oddish plzkthnxbai

    I demand a Chinchilla Pokemon for next generation.
  19. Rayquaza Master777

    Rayquaza Master777 #1 May Fanboy

    Have I mentioned a vampire squid Pokemon? It could be Water/Dark or Water/Ghost, or maybe Water/Poison!
  20. Random Chaos

    Random Chaos my hands are bananas

    I think A Harpy Pokemon would be good Fighting Flying

    A Bigfoot Pokemon Ground Fighting

    A stegosaurus Rock Steel
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