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Animals that aren't Pokémon yet v3

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tarantula. Ariados is the unholy offspring of a happy face and an ant mimic. still awesome, but not a tarantula.

now, i have to say. this isn't as hard as one may think, since there are millions (if not billions) of life forms that aren't accounted for in the world of pokemon. even when you exclude the species that look extremely similar to an untrained eye, there's still tens (maybe even hundreds) of thousands. one of the beauties of learning the art of spriting is that you can make pokemon of said animals, plants, fungi, protists and bacterias instead of sitting around and daydreaming.
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Hmm, how about a mosquito or an ocean sunfish or, better yet...

Chuck Norris...

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I sometimes think Kiwi but then I think Duduo.
I that if they grabbed some native animals from around the world or some mythological creatures and turned them into pokemon it could end up being very intersting.

Is there a panda yet?
Polar bear?
Alpine bird?
Narwhal would look cool?
Microscopic animal?
Ancient/Extinct animals?

Just some suggestions~


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I'd like to see a zebra or a horse. I can't recall if there are any or many, but I could very much be wrong.
Or what about a mermaid, sabre-tooth, clown?


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There's ponyta and rapidash for horses. I like the idea of a panda very much! :D


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lol it ended up being moved
anyway a polar bear would be pretty cool


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Isn't Spinda a panda?

I thought spinda looked more like a rabbit honestly. I may be wrong though! What about a sugar glider or flying squirrel? Is there any pokemon based off those?


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Garbage Bin FTW

How about a Koala, Giant Squid, A Grass Blade, A Weed Pokemon, Lightbulb and maybe Emu pokemon


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I would like a Cassowary as a Fighting/Flying

Peacock grass/flying

a gazelle...uhmmm...electric type?:D


Wolf[& no,Suicune it's not a wolf]

Flying Squirrel[maybe a Pachirisu evo:D]

Snow Leopard...very very cool

we don't have eagles...Staraptor is like a falcon,Pidgeot is an osprey & thats it'____',I want a giant eagle^^

Komodo dragon...Dragon/Poison

Leafy Sea Dragon,like a branch evo for Seadra...Kingdra being a Weedy sea dragon

arctic fox,a Ninetales counterpart:D


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I'd like to see a Koala, a Hermit Crab, a Scarecrow (see below), and a Corn-based Pokemon.

The Koala could be Grass-type (or Grass/Normal, just to mix things up), the Hermit Crab could be Water, or perhaps Water/Steel (for the protective shell), or Water/Ground (since they can survive on land), the Scarecrow could be pure Dark (to differentiate it from Cacturne), and the Corn-based Pokemon could be Grass.

I'd like to see some cornfields in the next generation games, if you couldn't tell. I think it'd be a cool idea. *shrugs*

Also...is there a plant that can survive in extremely hot climates/conditions, like near a volcano? I think a Fire/Grass type would be cool, but I don't know if there's a plant (or animal, I guess) that it could be based off of.


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Humuhumunukunukuapua'a isn't a Pokémon yet. It's a Hawaiian fish. It's on Wikipedia but I don't know how to make links. I'd like it to be Water/Psychic.


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Have we had a warthog pokémon yet?

Porygon could stand to have a few more alternate upgrade patches too (evolved from Porygon2, of course - perhaps something like Burmy -> Wormadam, thus keeping all the new upgrades called Porygon-Z).

Also, more fairy-like pokémon. I don't mean pink, vaguely round blobs like Clefairy (although I do like the species); I mean something more like Cherrim (sunny form). Sprite-like creatures.
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