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Animals that aren't Pokémon yet v3

Discussion in 'Poképolls' started by m190049, Nov 2, 2008.

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  1. m190049

    m190049 Local psychopath

    Take away the ground, and you got a pretty good description of Mightyena.
  2. Random Chaos

    Random Chaos my hands are bananas

    How about a mermaid pokemon?
  3. trixie08

    trixie08 Speak No Evil

    I would like to see a flamingo Pokemon.
  4. blissful_rosemarie

    blissful_rosemarie Breeder/Coordinater

    if they do a mermaid it should be a manatee (its nicknamed natures mermaid), and it should be a water grass type, because its also known as the sea cow, and cows eat grass xD, and plus i dont think theres a water/grass type yet.

    and i said that the tazmanian devil should be dark/ground, the heyena should be a fighting type.

    maybe a moose pokemon, i know we have a deer pokemon already (stantler) maybe this could be an evovled form, and it becomes and it becomes part ice type seeing as Mooses are only found int cold climate areas (i.e. New Hampshire, Maine, Alaska,Washington State(i think) and Canada)

    and no they dont have orangutans yet
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2008
  5. m190049

    m190049 Local psychopath

    Lotad cries at your comment.
  6. BCVM22

    BCVM22 Well-Known Member

    I feel like there's just a slight discrepancy between the classical depiction of a mermaid and a large, gray, cow-like aquatic mammal.
  7. blissful_rosemarie

    blissful_rosemarie Breeder/Coordinater

    omg i totaly forgot about lotad T_T, and i think manatees a re beautiful animals thank you very much, they maybe be sea cows but they're graceful, and serene
  8. latsysrk0l

    latsysrk0l Member

    They don't have an ant Pokemon yet..
    or a hamster yet..
  9. m190049

    m190049 Local psychopath

    Isn't that thing SO BEAUTIFUL?
    It looks JUST LIKE a mermaid.

    Of course that's not a fat ugly sea thingy. It's A MERMAID!!!
  10. BCVM22

    BCVM22 Well-Known Member


    If that floats your boat, lovely. The point was simply that there's a wide gulf, conceptually and visually, between this and this.

    And before someone says anything about that second image, all of the classical depictions of mermaids Wikipedia had in stock were topless, so yeah.
  11. firelovindocker

    firelovindocker Well-Known Member

    how about a electric eel thats wifi team worthy
  12. absol attacker

    absol attacker go, my army!

    take it easy, man. just because you don't like manatees doesn't mean that no one has any right to. and no one said that it couldn't be stylized.

    back on track:

    water bear
    barnacle (a distinct one, not whatever the hell Shuckle is)
    silky anteater
    deep sea fish (Chinchou and Lanturn don't deserve to be called anglerfish because of how cute they are)
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2008
  13. Korobooshi Kojiro

    Korobooshi Kojiro Funnnngaaaaa

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but haven't they already used the whole manatee mistaken for a mermaid thing with Dewgong and Vaporeon?

    Although I think a Water/Grass Mermaid adorned with some aquatic plants would be a neat Pokemon.
  14. m190049

    m190049 Local psychopath

    Oh yeah, your right....

    Also, isn't Milotic somewhat stylized to look like a Mermaid?
    It has the hair and the "Mermaid Tail"
  15. Boomguy

    Boomguy Well-Known Member

    Fictional Animals like a Gargolye would be awesome.

    Were missing animals like Elephants
  16. BCVM22

    BCVM22 Well-Known Member

    Phanpy and Donphan glare at you with thinly-veiled disdain.
  17. Grei

    Grei not the color

    Trapinch...right? I always thought of that as one of those ants that become flying ants.

    Huntail is our electric eel.
  18. Kenpachi

    Kenpachi Flawless Technique

    There should be (and I'm really surprised there hasn't been) a Lion Pokemon.
    I can see it being the final evolution of a fire starter. Some other 'animals' I think
    would make cool Pokemon is a Hydra, Kappa, Cerberus, and a Chimera would be awesome.
  19. mr bubba8668

    mr bubba8668 Member

    porcupine would be really cool
    Oh heres a new one a bird we don't have any bird pokemon [he says it sarcastickly]
  20. Kenpachi

    Kenpachi Flawless Technique

    ^ How about a swan?
    Flaying/Water type, it could be the new Milotic.
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