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Animations programs..

Discussion in 'Technology Help' started by Eglice, Nov 8, 2005.

  1. Eglice

    Eglice Guest

    Is there any free program to make animations??? If not, wich is the easiest to use??
  2. an_idiot_

    an_idiot_ Guest

    i havent seen any good ones for the stuff i think your thinking about (like my sig) but i used adobe image ready to make the on in my sig which i got with adobe photoshop which the latest is about $600
  3. Reyzadren

    Reyzadren Arid trainer

    The easiest to use, free to animations?
    There is 1 product on the internet that can do that but it lacks many features that are in your head right now.
    Still, if you are desperate for one, try Unfreez then. Although I doubt it would be useful, but still can be used for simple animations.
  4. Fiery Blaziken

    Fiery Blaziken Well-Known Member

  5. Black Hayate

    Black Hayate Ablare en Español.

    Free? Ooh, damn, I have to think real hard.

    Jasc Animation Shop-- Its one of the best I've used, but its a trial of 30 days and then 60 days.

    Makmha (or something like that)-- No. Worst. Its horrible.

    Microsoft GIF Animator-- The one I'm using right now, It might be hard to understand, took me 3 months. And I'm only limited to small animations here, because I don't know how to use the ENTIRE program. I'm not such a fast learner. But its worth learning.

    Other ones have only been trials.
  6. Eileen

    Eileen Queen of Orudoran

    Adobe ImageReady. Has the power of photoshop and you can make animations. You can specify how many sec the frame will show before it goes onto the next one. Imageready only comes with photoshop, but Photoshop Elements should have the ability to make animations too.
  7. Eglice

    Eglice Guest

  8. ShiningClefairy

    ShiningClefairy Meteor Trainer

    You need to get all of the pictures onto one and click File -> Save As, then change it to GIF format.
  9. an_idiot_

    an_idiot_ Guest

    do you possibly want to take off the other pokemon before the one appearing?, im not sure about the programme your using, as ive never used it, but see if it has a layers sytem, if so , for each frame only let the layer of the new pokemon show, taking away the last one, and any before that.

    my one has about 10 layers, as its small, but has like 40 frames, which isnt that much considering that a tv shows about 50 frames per second...
  10. Eglice

    Eglice Guest

    Ok, Thx alot! =)

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