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Anime Character Battle: Round 1

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Dragon Item Vendor
Team Rocket XD They blast off, yet still manage to win somehow.


Beans backing up...
Sora wins! You have all given me faith in Alt. Anime. Also, be aware of the deadlines. Next match then.

Konata Izumi vs. Mori Ai

Ends Saturday, August 16th, 12:00AM EST.


Neji and Tyki fan
I vote for Konata Izumi
She can use her pom poms of dooooooooooooom!!! XD

SonicSSJX the Hedgehog

Infinite power!
Mori Ai for my vote.

lol, wow, how did L beat Goku? Oh wait, it's a popularity contest. Besides, there's too many L Fangirls. T_T Saiyans = strongest and mightiest Anime characters ever. Weapons and Items have nothing on them. Just saying. xD


Postcount melting!
Konata would obviously pwn Mori into the dust


Well-Known Member
Konata-chan for ze win!


EpiC PhAiL
Well... Mori, because she can turn all of us into glasses-lovers. Then she can threaten us to break them if we don't vote for her.


Beans backing up...
Konata wins! And we roll on.

Allen Walker vs. Sasuke Uchiha

Ends Monday, August 25h, 12:00AM EST.

ATTENTION ALL SASUKE FANGIRLS: We vote on who we like most as a character. Not hotness or popularity. Got it?


I vote for Allen Walker because I lost my interest in Sasuke Uchiha after he:
killed his brother, Itachi, who was actually trying to protect him.


Neji and Tyki fan
Allen walker ftw
He just OWNS sasuke
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