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Anime Character Battle: Round 1

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Sasuke. I have no clue who Allen Walker is. But if it we overall anime...OSAKA PWNS THEM ALL.(Osaka is from AzuManga Daioh)


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Allen walker, because I don't like Sasuke.


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Well at least it was close. Sasuke wins. We're also halfway to the end of Round 1! Next match.

Yuki Nagato vs. MegaMan.EXE

Ends Tuesday, September 2nd at 12:00AM EST.

For this round, remember that we're not talking Megaman in general, but rather the NT Warrior version.


I prefer old-school Megaman over Megaman.EXE, so I'll vote for Yuki.


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Yuki Nagato ftw
Never was fond on Megaman,never will.


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How can megaman ever even hope to near the greatness of Nagato, I have no idea.

Some people need to watch The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi.... badly.


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Megaman. I haven't seen Haruhi Suzumiya yet. >.>

Short Wing

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Megaman EXE! Hands down
He has the ability to change into many different forms at his dispossal, such as Style changes, Double soul, Chaos Unison, Soul Crosses and Beast out!

Plus he has the help of Lan to give him battle chips and the possibility to cross fuse and battle in the real world if that's were this would take place.


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^In all fairness, Yuki does most of those things without LAN chips.

You all have 4 more days. Also, double-posting does not count as 2 votes.


Yuki Nagato.

Because everyone that voted MegaMan.EXE suck at life anime. ]= Seriously, if Yuki loses, that's complete bullsh*t.
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